3814: How I Did My Spring Twists/Nafy Collection Review

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Osunshine87: I have NOT found any stylists who actually cared about my hair enough to avoid unnecessary breakage. Let's do each other's hair! Lol...good luck in your search 👍🏾

dana williams: You lost me at vaseline

Chocolate: U did well each time u do it it gets easier and it last for weeks

Chocolate: I love this hair it blends well with my hair I divided once I like mine thicker I used kadi hair

Chocolate: Mine got frizzy to soon

Chocolate: I use kadi hair 1 pack

kathryn Williams: Loved your hair wish u can do mind can't do my own no more

MiMi MiiMii: I wish u were in my city im a licence cosmetologist and my thing is braiding been braiding for almost 19yrs but ur twist are really bomb I'm order I g this hair now

The Brown's family: Scalp was like brand new money 😂😂😂😂😂 beautiful style!

kimmy: i thinnk you should try to do the rubber band method it will make your hair look more neat

Natty Nia: beautiful

Carolyn L. Marshall: Hi,RallyGirl! Watch your video, very educational. Since I am not a braided, don't know the first thing about braiding, watching you made it simple to get started. I use your ad my "go-to video reminder ". Want to learn how do kinky twists.

Lisa Jones: Go check out Teeday6

Millie Tant: lol...without looking "disrespectful". hilarious. It's really cute.

Lisa J: Great Job....I like it and plan to get Spring Twists, but I don't think I'll be doing it myself.  Thanks for the tutorial though!  Great job.

im2pplkissinxoxo: Awesome tutorial! Great job. Did I hear you correctly when you said you only had to use less than 1 pack of here? How did you make it look so full. I'm sorry if you already said this but I just didn't remember hearing it lol Thanks :-)

Lipsosof33: Girl they are pretty!!

Bolashade: hey i really like your hair. What brand did you use? People say eon spring twist are similar would u agree?

Tricia Flynel:  go girl I am all for the Vaseline!  It looks nice and best of all it was done by you. I too purchased that hair and I pre-twisted the hair on a pole and then I crocheted them in.

Leeannjua Stevenson: UH-OHHHH...U did that girl!!! Awww, and thanks for the shout out chica, u are too sweet! I'm just glad I was able to help! U did A GREAT JOB!! Wish I was closer so I could hook you up when needed, but I'm sure you will find someone!

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3814: How I Did My Spring Twists/Nafy Collection Review 5 out of 5

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3814: How I Did My Spring Twists/Nafy Collection Review
3814: How I Did My Spring Twists/Nafy Collection Review
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