Line6 Spider Valve HD100 Problems

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makesomebacon: Mine used to go straight to full vol anytime i changed channels. i went to pop it on the other day and it just made a powering down noise now no sound at all 

EvolDiesel: PN#50-02-9251 I was going to post a picture I took of this assembly but uTube won't let me (st00pid).

Bradlev: I have the same issue with my Amp. Did you figure out what the issue was? driving me crazy. you can't use the head. works fine for around 2 hours then starts cutting out and acting weird. Help please.

metalmusiqcrzy: ur valves ot tubes are burnt out i think cause it will make the power amp side shut on and off try unpluging while polaying when it will an fire back up it may reset its self

Ass Munch: I had this problem when I first bought the head, so I exchanged it later that day. Head worked fine for a couple months, but now sometimes when I use my FBV4, it freezes and I'm unable to switch channels. The head would be fantastic if it didn't have so many problems!

richeyrock: Mine was still under warranty. I took it to an authorized repair center. They said they had seen a lot of these come through for repairs. I don't know what they fixed, but the did fix it. The paperwork didn't detail any of the parts or anything like that so I don't know what they did.

gitchist: If you press the d button and hold it when the amp is off and turn the amp on while still holding the button down it will factory reset the amp . My amp has issues beyond this. First the pedals on the floor stopped working and now the head totally stopped working. I like the amps when they are working right but man what a POS


sweethouze28: Be careful!!! check for the PREAMP tubes !!! in my combo mkII one of the 2 pream was not seat correctly and IT MAKE my amp sound cut and buzz...reset...ect...check it out!!!

fuct001: just a thought mine did this twice and it was only cauze the power cable wasn't plugged all the way into the back. which happened after my bass player got a 15" hooked up to his stack so just make sure its the power cable is plugged in all the way if not it resolves this issue... also if the pedel tripps out then turn off the amp and hold down the D pedel and turn it back on and it fixes/resets the pedal (no u don't lose settings) just resets the pedal to amp connections

wtfwasthatt: @richeyrock Black Magic, of course.

David Pierson: @richeyrock its a weak relay in the signal chain or the firmware is sensitive to voltage

joshdrockss: Take it in a music store.

Ronald Kools: It's a heat problem on the DSP. See the video by Dave Muri (3 replies down).

richeyrock: I haven't been able to get a hold of my local Line6 authorized repair service, so I don't know why it's doing it yet. I will post when I find out.

Richard Duarte: one of my friends was having problems with his but it ended up being because the outlet he was plugging it into wasnt strong enough or something like that. dunno if it helps you or would fix it but id try it out in a couple different plugs

nanidansaren: all it might be is your tubes. that happened in my buddies amp and we both have the pider valve HD100.

Dave Muri: Here the same problem demonstrated in a Spider III. I show which part is the root of the problem. It's a very difficult job to replace the part itself which is only $20. The problems is, to replace the board Line 6 wants about $160! Search for the YouTube video "Demonstration of and solution to an intermittent problem with a Line 6 Spider III amplifier"

fine_djentleman: Mine just popped hella lod on me and now no sound is comin through And its definately the amp i tried every cord and guitar i own Help anyone? Please?

hullupesukarhu: @mant2000 Had the same problem. The guy told me he replaced the mainboard if that helps you.

LorenzStudios: I've got the same problem with my spider III... sometimes... and when it happens it does, when its on for a longer time or ive got my volume poti down, when i sit on my computer and dont want the sound of the guitar...

richeyrock: @mant2000 I wish I knew. They didn't tell me what they fixed and none of the paperwork detailed any parts.

oldboatclub: I work on amps for a living. If you buy one of their products, you must have the mindset that it is a throw-away product. WHY? Because they produce products that are failure prone, and they don't provide support for them past a couple of years. This means that if your amp is over 3 years old, replacement parts are NLA. Your amp will be worthless. If you want modeling - then buy a POD and hook it up to a reliable AMERICAN or BRITTISH amplifier.

Bertuosity: Does anyone else get an insane amount of buzz when they turn the master volume past 3 or 4? Its driving me crazy...It already went in for repairs once (for a different issue; the volume would randomly swell, suddenly getting extremely quiet or extremely loud, both of which were obviously undesirable). I have heard of others having similar problems, but has anyone figured out a solution yet? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks! Bert

thehardcoreguitarist: Wouldnt u know it. I have the same amp... Barely used. And it cuts out. Sucks. I had high hopes for such a "good" amp.

Pablo Calor: yes, this issue happens in low price models like spider 3, a lot of lights shining but no answer from the amp

EvolDiesel: For the next guy who goes looking for this, here's the answer... Problem: Malfunctioning DSP Board Solution: Replace malfunctioning DSP Board Cost: $209 (parts and labor) Who: Authorized Line 6 repair center Time: About a week

zxz757: I have the exact same amp and it's doing the same behavior after about an hour and a half to two hours. I found a cheap solution. Take of the grill in the back. Buy a small desk fan that has a clamp. Use the clamp option. After taking off the grill on my amp I clamped the fan on the back on the side where the power and standyby switches are blowing air from right to left right on to the tubes. Amp works fine now no more overheating.

EvolDiesel: To clarify further... The old PCBA PN#: 35-00-0250-2 Rev: A Date MFG: Jun 8 2007 ...was replaced with the latest PCBA PN#50-02-9251

Bradlev: Thanks Rich. I will bring mine in for service.

Line6 Spider Valve HD100 Problems 5 out of 5

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