27 Piece Quick Weave Tutorial Using Milky Way Hair

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NapturallyCountry: This is beautiful! I have 4 boxes of 27pc hair and got on here looking for a new style. This is it!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

MsChocolate5000: This is beautiful and so natural looking!!! I love it!!!

gorgeousprincessdan: Thank you!!

PhoenixP: I have been looking for a look similar to Rihanna's short boy cut look this year, and this is exactly what Ive been looking for. I think I am going to try it thank you!

LadyTessfirstofhername: You make it look soooo easy!

Vonda S: can i use my wig head to do it on and than transfer to my head?

sweetesttaboo42: your hair looks very classy,not so much like a wig ,i love this im going to try it ,i love the natural look of it good job,!!!

suganspyyce: How do you apply the molding strips so they stick? I tried using them once and it was a disaster, lol.

ida kearney: oh my goodness,you did a good job. you gooooooo girl.

Dollbaby Nixon: dang, looks so real!!! beautiful!

Jackie Brown: Very nice! Looks natural!!! I'm going to try your version. I have a question....you stated that you used the Milky Way 27pc....did you only use the short and medium lengths in the pack? I didn't see where you placed any of the longer tracks . Thanks in advance!

MsOllie3: So, so nice! I am going to do my very 1st 27 piece this weekend.*Scared* I love the way yours lays in the back. I've seen many YouTubers lay the tracks really close together but it doesn't look like you do. I think I should lay the tracks 1/2 inch or a little less apart, right?

Ttaylor: omg this is sooooooo good girl .

ida kearney: yours is the best style thus far. keep up with alll those gorgeous styles.

Shaunkerra Donald: i love it did you only use small tracks

Ms Nitia: Hey, I think I went to Cosmetology school with you (bennett) ! If not still great video

Dia Duh: you did a good job! i do hair to! Only thing you need to do is put the pieces closer together! so you wont see the tracks you wont run outta hair 27 piece hair come with more then enuff hair lol other than that it looks great hun!

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27 piece quick weave tutorial using milky way hair 5 out of 5

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Autumn Short Hairstyle "27 Piece"
27 piece quick weave tutorial using milky way hair
27 piece quick weave tutorial using milky way hair
Quickweave MilkyWay 27 Pc & 10 Inch hair
Quickweave MilkyWay 27 Pc & 10 Inch hair
27 piece quickweave tutorial
27 piece quickweave tutorial
27 Piece Quickweave Tutorial
27 Piece Quickweave Tutorial

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