Wiper And Washer How To Fix On Chevy/GMC Full Size Trucks 1988 To 1998 DIY

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Rafael Hernandez: Whats the wrench

DatDudeDEE WiLL: I literally was able to fix my issue for $3.12 tax included $1.79 for solder gun and $1.09 for the solder had the Module in my cart said let me try this and it  fixed my problem in 10 minutes HahaThanks

Tim S: My washer fluid pump on the 2000 Yukon wasn’t working. Very little voltage at the plug. Pulled the board and noticed a slightly cracked solder joint. Resoldered all of the joints you mentioned. Got 12v at the plug afterwards! Had to replace the motor too, but this video did the trick thanks for the help!

Eric Schnidrig: It worked on my 1995 GMC Jimmy 4.3L Vortec, yet access is tighter because of the angle, wires and vacuum lines. Great Video! THANK YOU!!!

axegrinder0308: You are the man! Worked like a charm...saved us the money of a new motor thank you 😃

Lane Cramer: What solder do I use

Edward Nevil: Worked like a charm in 5 minutes, thanks for the video

Social Civil War: THANK YOU - only took a few minutes to fix - my washer squirts again!

Michael Isbell: does anybody know what wire is what on a wiper motor for a 84 c10 custom thanks

Stevo 1975: I got a 1997 Yukon with a wiper problem. They worked at first, then randomly and now almost always "park" part way up my windshield. Very annoying. The part is only 22 bucks, so I might just replace it.

tsgtammo2: Excellent video!  I took my 1997 Suburban's board out, and re-soldered it, and it fixed the problem immediately!Thank you very much for the information!

quailhillfarm: Thanks Turbo231 .. It worked ! .. Yee Haa !!

Tibearius1: A thousand kudos to Turbo231!  Don't buy a new board or replace pump before you try this! Wipers been behaving badly for some time. Intermittent stopping.  Would stop in odd places when turned off.  Then washer pump quit. Found this video and 10 minutes later wiper works like new.

Marcus Hudgins: thanks for the video. wash wouldn't work on my 99 Chevy. Wipers would come on, but wouldn't shut off. Followed your instructions and everything worked fine!

christian cruz: Worked like a charm. Thanks for the upload

Dr 1983: Thank you!!!!! Soooo much!!! Obviously you can probably tell this worked for me. Quick and easy. Saved me some money and time. Which are both not easy to come by. Thanks again

Bill Fitzpatrick: I figured pump and spent an hour getting to it to test. It wasn't. The resolider did the trick.

Gary Pavone: OK ... This is a GREAT VIDEO and the truck is exactly like mine only I'm a 97. I tried this and then reinstalled the board and nothing worked, wipers, sprayers .... so I re-soldered adding extra solder and put everything back. All worked except the passenger side sprayer ... I then put a straight pin in the hole and felt nothing ... but when I tried everything ... the wipers were working better and all sprayers worked fine after a couple tries ... Thanks you saved me money that took 30 minutes to fix at home ....

whitewulf1337: Awesome video, lots of info yet concise. I love that I know what, why, and how to fix my problem in under 4 minutes without the need to fast forward because I don't want to hear about the weather where you are at, or how much money you saved from the local parts store, your noisy neighbor, why the video is low res, or ... well you get the idea.This is why I don't make videos.

Managed to do this in about 5 minutes, likely would have been faster if my soldering iron would have heated up quicker, think it was because of the extension cord used. To speed the job up I soldered the board without even disconnecting it, My experience has been that the plastics on my electrical connectors are brittle and prone to breaking so I decided it would be faster and less aggravating that way.

big Gord Sampson: I replaced the bored an colum multi switch now just the washer works any idea

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Wiper and Washer How to Fix on Chevy/GMC full size trucks 1988 to 1998 DIY 5 out of 5

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Wiper and Washer How to Fix on Chevy/GMC full size trucks 1988 to 1998 DIY
Wiper and Washer How to Fix on Chevy/GMC full size trucks 1988 to 1998 DIY
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