Does Ultrasound Fat Cavitation Work?

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Alana Robertson: Stress will definitely cause you to gain weight, if not for stress eating but also due to your body producing more of the stress hormone called cortisol. When you produce more of cortisol the amount of the muscle building hormone - testosterone - produced by the body is less so your muscle mass decreases and you burn less calories and cortisol also encourages your body to store more fat.

Visha Brown: Did you eat well

Su Grenman: Hi everyone. I'm a therapist who does absolutely LOADS of these Cavitation treatments per week in my salon in the UK, combined with Radio Frequency after to tighten up the skin. I would never do cavitation on it's own or you will be left with loose skin. I just wanted to say that if you have a Thyroid condition it will not work. These are the ONLY clients it doesn't work on. I must be nearing 100+ clients now so I think that's a fair trial of how effective it is. Also, worth noting that an 'Apple shape' is usually sown to the over-production of Cortisol and Adrenalin being over secreted into the body due to high stress-levels. You did say you were stressed. How we manage stress can be more genetic rather than the actual body shape therefore you see similarities in your family blood-line. Another factor could have been a cheap Chinese made machine bought online stopping you from getting the results, or could also be the bad technique of the Therapist. I can 100% vouch for this treatment. For larger ladies I recommend around 8 sessions. My best result to date is 8 inches in 4 sessions around the abdomen. My average client gets around 2 inches of loss per session. Weirdly people don't loose weight on the scales but there is a massive change to measurements and before & after photos. Hope this helps peeps!

Natas Louis: Thanks for your honesty

Corinne Klomparens: Why do we need a video of you discussing your dissatisfaction, That could be done in a comment - What would be beneficial in a video is for people to actually show before and after photos of the changes - otherwise truthfully your video provides no real information.

Miss Elizabeth Fernandez: Have you tried Reiki?

peakmagnum: I understand where your coming from. I bought plenty of machines and tools to reduce belly fat nothing worked. I heard that scientist already found a way to reduce fat or eliminate fat through pills or meds unfortunately they will not release to the public until 2022 or even more. As far as i know that will work is gloxi from shop japan. Just too very expensive. Since natural way of getting growth hormone is the main way to loose fat and obesity. As we grow older our growth hormone stops thats why kids even though how much carbs and fat they eat, they never get fat due to growth hormone. Cant wait for the new med to earlier than 2022.

Giselle B: Cavitation is effective. You also need to help your self and proper diet. Don't just rely on using machines

Doris K.: Did you ever try an elimination diet to check for food allergies? This difference in bloat between evening and morning sounds unusual to me.

MeM fisto: Stop complaining like a wimp ,workout and dont eat junk fatass! we workout everyday for this, not like money will get you a nice body.

Around the Corner: You have pretty bright eyes and very nice teeth. I would like to run my tongue all over your teeth. Matter of fact I would like to run my tongue all over you. Relax. Feel good about yourself.

Jamey Jenkins: Bloating or Genetics..... You are just fat. Call a bird a bird! It worked great for me but I'm naturally slim not due to genetics just due to hard work.

NYAngel: Why do you look like Nicole Kidman? Is your accent Australian? Good luck with your finance and weight loss journey.

Jazzcelyn Loleng: thank you for info.

Kate Edwards: Sounds like you have food allergies/intolerance - your tummy shouldn't bloat like that. Get your diet right - as in right for you, not necessarily 'healthy' or 'a diet' - and you may find your tummy disappears.

player2030: it does not work on over weight people. with all due respect you seem to be one. they should have told you that before taking your money.

snowboardgirlygirl: I am 10-15lbs overweight and it works FANTASTIC on me. You must do your research and be sure the equipment being used is legit and the correct frequency. The radio frequency must be at least 40 MHz and for 20 minutes on the area. Adding diodes helps boost the treatment. I've been to two different places and I now own a home machine. I was as skeptical as everyone else but it's worth a try and works great for some.

Ivi K: It doesn't work on overweight women

carla smith: hey the gym works better with it the lipo cavation is not a weight lost machine

R1PPZ ZONE: try eating healthy anyone who eats fillet chicken broccli and has nomore than 800 calories a day and drinks only water no carbs for 4 weeks or forever you can eat better food and you will 100% lose atleast a 1 stone in the first 9 days

Does Ultrasound Fat Cavitation Work? 5 out of 5

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