Replace Stuck Moen Shower Faucet Cartridge

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Isaac Tupua: Thanks, the No. 6 easy out did for me. I thought I would have to call a real plumber. Spent only $10 on the easy out

Fernando Alcantar: Great video!! Thank you!!!
Camera man sucks!

Billson Gilberts: Luckies. Mine is more stuck than any YouTube vid I've seen. I'm afraid I'm going to bust my pipes open.

Stephanie Mccoy: I had to go buy the Easy Out #6 but it worked amazing! I think the plastic might work if you do it before you pull the stem. But, thank you.

Joe Welk: This was a great help....thx u

Aaron Demiri: UPDATE, just did my moen 1200 cartridge. The house was built in 1949 and this was never changed in both the tub and shower area shower bodies. Both did not work, completely rusted. I tried the moen puller abs it worked on one. Make sure you first try to turn the cartridge right and left 90°. Then pull out by the stem, i yanked mine and it worked. The other one i had no success with. I used the pulled and it just pulled the middle stem. What i did next to get this thing out was heat the middle with a torch. Allowed it to cool off for 15 min, then sprayed it with wd40 every 15 min 3x heavily. Then i used a ez out aka screw extractor size #6 and turned it counter clockwise ass I applied pressure to the back. Once it grabbed and turned the cartridge i pulled it out. Some ppl used a 1" and a half metal dowel round rod which works great once the extractor grabs on. Goodluck it will work.

Dee Quintessence: Thanks for making this video!

Dan Jones: Thanks for making this video! I used the 1/2" NC Tap with a 1 1/2 inch length of 3/8" dia. wood dowel rod. It worked fantastic. Now my shower control works better than ever. Once again, thanks for the video. It's been greatly appreciated!

Drek taton: thanks for posting this man no other video showed the middle popping out but not the casing i couldn't figure out wtf was wrong with my piece i thought it was different but u helped me so much and saved me around 150 dollars for a plumber

chris p: you are the man sir!!!! nice job this worked perfectly for me also!!! Thanks!!!!

retroeddie: I had this problem with a stuck cartridge yesterday (before going to youtube)...went to my Dad and told him what happened.  He went out to the shed and got this easy out thing I've never used before...he told me to do exactly what you did.  He's not a plumber, but I swear that old guy knows EVERYTHING!  LOL!

Daydragon1234: For mine it looks like someone put a layer of glue between the stem area. And we haven't used this shower for quite a few years. So I'll see if I can remove it. Because I've been trying to twist and jiggle pull it out but no luck till I noticed with a flash light that there's a light layer of clear stuff over the sides of it.

Adimer Ortiz: thanks

Rob Plotts: Man i know this is an old vid but thank you! the easy out work like a champ.i was about to go buy a new mixer valve .saved me time and money big time thanks again 👍👍👍

William Micheal: You will never find that puller, and if you do still easier to just replace the whole thing.

Jarrett Blain: I had the same issue today with the cartridge staying stuck so what I used was a pair of channel locks and you just stick one noses of the plier in there and you could wedged in there just enough so you could start to turn it while you're applying pressure in wards all the while turning counterclockwise and you're still pushing down on the plier and it will work itself out

Andy: Simple solution to remove the stuck cartridge is the HDX150 tool, you can google search the tool and find it before you attempt to repair
the Moen valve.

Manuel Yi Donoy: Good advice but very poor lighting and camera work. You get seasick with all the movement!

Anthony Carr: BEST video about the "what if" pieces. All the other videos didn't take the -uh oh, the cylindar didn't come out, now what do I do - question into account! Now - back the hardware store, Robin!

Joshua Wilson: .

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Replace Stuck Moen Shower Faucet Cartridge 5 out of 5

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