Bell UH-1C Iroquois (1/6 Scale Model RC Helicopter At IRCHA)

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TruthOverFear: A thing that can chop heads can be very scary, i would use it 2 scare ppl while they have sex

k lee: how much is it ? and where can i order one?

jonathan roquim: talkin bout its so fake ha ha ha ha

Unlim ited: yout got high vibration - not good , check it , your gyro gain on the tail is prolly too high , nice fuselage though

Kristian Halvorsen: Every time i see that chopper it reminds me of vietnam

christy mackimmie: that thing can decapate some one

Quandilotor: they moved really fast so fast it looks like they are going slow

jameszx7: Any info of the rc fuselage manufacturer? This is one of the best scale UH-1C I've seen.

jplumber100: Where is that hovering in the begining of the vid vietnam lol.

Michael Difani: Well, I thought I was talented in army flight ops in W Germany in the early 60s until I made it through preflight and primary at Ft Rucker, Ala. but at seven months I washed out at 22 in late '64. Great repro of the UH-1 as I still keep up with rotary wing aviation.

mcdus78: The rotor blades are just for show.

MrSpitfireMustang: it's to do with the frame rate and the rotor blade spin rate

MrBhargab123: you are an american, am i right? we think every american is rich. So you are also rich , so why don't you buy this one for you.I am not able to buy this. I am not lucky as you.

williamcp1981: All I have to say is Run Charlie !!!

Zach Forman: theyre spinning so fast they look like theyre spinning slow.

RODNEY L.: That "Bell UH-1C" was so freekin awesome! The only thing that actually sets it apart from lookin like the real thing was the stabilization paddles on the rotor head! Way freakin cool! How did ya git the video to look like the rotor blades were turnin in slow motion?

mastermalpass: All this video needs now is 'Fortunate Son' - Creedance Clearwater revival. =3

PainKiller1773: is there an actual turbind blowing the bird up or is the wings actually honder her in the sky??

MrSpitfireMustang: bit of imbalance there hence the vibration

MrBozda: Those vibrations ruins it all. I would get rid of them before you loose your precious heli!

wayne slater-watts: wow thats an amazing bit of kit. i would like to eventually fly this size helicopter one day but only just starting out but again thats one of the best detailed helis i have seen for a loong time

misteroriginal: @MrBhargab123 I'm just an epileptic cameraman. They let me push the record button, but no one will let me fly. I LOVE aviation, though. Let's see your three helicopters!

samivwow: you fired some rockets havent you xD

Erv1399: Top Video!!!

Arvydas Burba: @samivwow

MrBhargab123: ohh this is not your helicopter. Do u have any? I have three.

IIproductionsII: @PrownToOwn ......

GlockShotGaming: Whats with this Slow-mo crap.....

Worstname evar: the camera cant capture those many frames per second, so it looks like its turning slowly but they are actualy turn at normal speed. if you watch some military helment cams you will this phenomenon in action :D

Randy Rushing: Great Helicopter.Nice flying.

Maverick Rosales: dear santa

David Duncan: you got some great shots of this thing! Almost looks like the real deal and not just an RC

Chris Monopoli: it just looks like they are turning slow something to do with digital cameras don't know the details to why I just know that is why

Turboflyer Jeams: do a roll, do a flip, do a loop and do a crash hahahaahahha

Turboflyer Jeams: @Vulcanaxx You are stupid. that is the turbo speed.

docskyhook2: Could this be the same chopper that was in the January 2009 Model Airplane News Magazine?

Chris Monopoli: check out my channel I have some more video's of this same Model The owners name is Bill Pirschel he's from not to far from me he had an insident where the flybar came out in flight but he is currently working on repairing it

PrownToOwn: I gotta say it. CHOPPER GUNNER INBOUND!! Nah im jokin im not a cod freak

dermie75: How much did this bad boy set you back? Looks sweet as!!

misteroriginal: @samivwow I would like to do something like that eventually, but I'd have to have cooperation from the pilots and would have to do it in a safe area. Would hate to accidentally take out the farm house and barn!

sebze835: NICE heli!

shajahan ali: GET TO THE CHOPPER!!!

MrBhargab123: @gijose95 India, still struggling to be rich, are you happy in America?

Majorsushifan: This was his first scale model and popular flybarless systems were just starting to come on the scene when he built it. I believe he built it because he wanted to fly a turbine helicopter and thought they were best suited for scale.

giladist: its for sale?

jsilence418: Almost too cool, and thanks for not playing ' Ride of the valkyrie' over top !

maximillion0925: Its because of the speed of the camera recording. FPS (frames per second). Only a high speed camera will eliminate this, this picture quality isn't bad though.

nomax64th: @ 0.55 Charlie don't Surf.!! Nice!

x0druid0x: its due to the cameras frame rate

YTLyricsMaker: @LGTheOneFreeMan yeah. thats what i was wondering. because sometimes RC models do rotate their blades quite slow. so i just wanted to make sure that it was the usual camera and frames topic which was making the blades look so slow. thanks for clearing this out btw. ....wait a sec, what do you mean by "and many a dipcrap on YouTube has tried to get more views using this little "reality glitch?!" if u mean me, i asked for my own interest. i never comment to get more views :l

Bell UH-1C Iroquois (1/6 scale model RC Helicopter at IRCHA) 4.8 out of 5

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