ETS2 Scania V8 Sound Mod (W.I.P) By JCV

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duviday: ffs another sound mod video WITHOUT interior. 

timo_crazy: this is the best v8 Sound mod ever

GamingFreak733: Das einzigst geile ist das Pfeifen von turbo aber mehr auch nicht! ^^

Miguel Ángel: hola que guejo es ese me gustaria tenerlo donde lo puedo adquirir o alguien me puede regalar el link para descargarlo gracias

John514: File na eisai kala! Exei proxorisei katholou to project???

bistakos1: Can you make a tutorial about HOW TO MAKE A SOUND MOD?

J. Schwantz: thanks!

55Weixiang: so how can I make the mod work? thank for information.

JCV: Yes, it says that the 3D sourse (the game) requires the sound to be mono! (1 channel) and it says that the source file is stereo (2 channels) at 44.1KHz, and at 16bits..

55Weixiang: 00:02:32.455 : [ds8] Buffer size: 720528 [0x80070057] 00:02:32.455 : [ds8] 3D sources require mono sound data! [0x80070057] 00:02:32.456 : [ds8] Error creating sound buffer [0x80070057] 00:02:32.456 : [ds8] Source data format: 2 channels, 16 bits, 44100 Hz does anyone know what these messags mean?

husqvarnastyler: hei Geile truck

Wessel Ploeg: were can i download this mod it is a nice sound

Ronnie Nielsen: Hi Kronosg13, i have downloaded ur mod all i can say is thanks man :) keep it up

JCV: It works for all versions, but it is still under work, and needs improvements..

Zbynek Jerabek: for what version it works

SkyTyphon: Good sound, I think, ... a bit too loud

Seros1995: file vgale ama exis allo mod me ixo kai jana valto mesa sto mod tha prepei na doylevi meta ;)

DutchGamer21: I can't edit it :( everytime I do my game crashes after loading :(

JCV: Did I miss something?? Its work in progress..please be patient I know what is wrong with the mod..Its not as easy as it looks.. You can modify it yourself to make it better if you can! Farewell! ;)

DutchGamer21: I really like this mod, but the interior sound is too loud. I can't even hear the blinker and wipers anymore which makes it a bit less realistic. If you fix it it will be perfect :)

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ETS2 Scania V8 Sound Mod (W.I.P) by JCV 5 out of 5

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ETS2 Scania V8 Sound Mod (W.I.P) by JCV
ETS2 Scania V8 Sound Mod (W.I.P) by JCV
Euro Truck Simulator 2  Scania V8 sound
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Scania V8 sound
Euro Truck Simulator
Euro Truck Simulator " 2 " ( ETS2 ) Air Brake Sound Mod by JCV
Scania V8 Sound MOD ETS 2
Scania V8 Sound MOD ETS 2

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