Norinco Tokarev M-201C 9mm Pistol

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RElover22: isn't a revolver a pistol to did you mean a self loading pistol aka a automatic

RElover22: can it handle +p ammo?

rick marshall: @NLArmory hey, I have run over 2500 thru my m201c, I think those norinco guns are a hit and miss for sure, I recently had to send my 1911 model to be fixed by warranty after only 400 rounds. but that tokarev clone is a 9mm machine. definately the best 199 dollars i ever spent haha

Cj Childerz: I Ihave one my mother bought me for my twentieth Birthday, I love the gunit's always fired well, can have some recoil though when running rounds through quickly. Much more so than modern tactical pistol like a glock but I find that it doesn't matter as long as your practiced with it. And I don't see why people are giving you crap for your shooting grip. I find the more I talk guns the more know-it-all elitist assholes I run into.

Al Sooter: @TheJomogogo Working out well douche-bag. Thanks for asking.

fatoni698: Why shouldn't you dry fire? That doesn't seem that "obvious" to me unless its a rim fire gun.


druisteen2: norinco made again the copy of tokarev you know if they produc a copy of the type 68

Valiim: Is Norinco a reliable brand? They're so much cheaper

Al Sooter: Ok, thanks! I'll remember that.

xMKIVxVR6x: nope

slyder25: True, for the price of dinner and a night out, you could have one for half the price of a case of ammo to shoot in it. LOL

slyder25: Safety and handling were fine as far as can be seen in the video. It's only technique they are bitching about. Semi-auto shooters use a "standard" grip that has the left hand on the left side of the grip, with left fingers over right fingers, thumbs touching (depending on hand size). He is correct that if in the odd event that the gun misfires then another round is fired and it explodes the magazine could possible eject downwards with schrapnel force and you really don't want your hand there.

slyder25: Could be the ammo, could be the magazine, could be limp wristing, could be many things. I've shot this pistol and own one and several friends have as well and it's pretty damn good for the price. I bought one for $99, and it outshoots several American, Italian and a German brand name I own while coming with a chrome lined barrel and hammer forged metal parts. I can't imagine anything of that quality provided by Beretta, Ruger, Steyr, or Smith and Wesson for that price, or a fifth of it.

Maloney001: I have one of those, but watch out for the firing pins, all Norincos have problematic firing pins, so snap caps, or dry firing (obviously you shouldnt do that) and even basic shooting will make your firing pin break eventually.. Im still not sure if I can put a Yugoslavian firing pin in the TT33 'N17'

esy: AlabamaShooter you are holding your gun using your left hand under the mag when you should put your hand at same level than your right one.If the gun explode, the mag could eject and rip your hand. You put your left hand "under" only when using a revolver not a pistol.

Al Sooter: What was wrong with my handling and safety?

M. Arbab: A sincere advice: Before shooting a firearm next time, try concentrating on proper handling and safety first.A weapon is much more dangerous in hands of a n00b than in a hand of an expert,coz an expert can cause extreme damage to the one he wants,but a n00b can harm himself as well as to the ones whom he never thinks of.

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Norinco Tokarev M-201C 9mm Pistol 5 out of 5

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