Hi-Point 40 Caliber Review And Evaluation

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Juggernaut MediaLlc: Hi-Point 40 Caliber evaluation.

Lee Schmedthorst: I have the .45 and the carbine and the only ammo it has a problem is with tula. that is even with the carbine ammo in the pistol. however my ak loves tula

greenspiraldragon: The barrel is removable with a punch pin it is not actually part of the frame.

joey p: For $150 you can't go wrong!!! 

Dennis Bats: You have to be High to buy a Hi point!

stix4Him: Picked up a TS995 as well. Love it!

Gj23jk2: 6:58 - *fumbles for slide release that doesn't exist* Oh, there's no slide release... You dern Glock owners and your fancified "features". You should be thankful you get a magazine release button. In my day, we had to pry the magazine out with a screwdriver! XD

Thomas Payton: this is a fine inexpensive weapon for home defense.

Joe Tommy: I have never own a semi auto pistol . I'm a old school mountain man I like my revolvers . I just got me high point 9mm an glock 40 to keep in my bag when I not at my cabin . I only had 1 failure to feed in my high point . After the failure to feed I bent the feed lips polished it up inside the slide and triger and feed ramp . Now I have put 790 rounds through this high point not another problem but that one failure to feed . How ever tho my glock has had 3 stove pipes and the clip spring gave me trouble for a while . But I have to say high point for the money is good gun . I hit n fbi targets at 38 yards in a group of about size of a paper plate . I have to let y'all know I agree high points are big heavy ugly guns but they work . And it's built like a tank . I was amazed by the service from the factory and the warranty . But I remember when flocks first came out people us to say they blocky feel like toy look like a toy . I think high points the new cheaper glock but that's my opinion. I know plenty of cops who agree for the money they are good . I know 2 cops who when off duty carry a high point 40 as there carry . I have had a lot of luck with federal ammo in my high point seems to love that brand she them up spit them where I aim . I also love the ghost ring sights . Don't get me wrong I love my me glock but for the money you can't go wrong with a high point . Just like a glock there the newer guns a lot people hate n on . But I bet in few years not people will agree high points are ok guns I u can get past the heaviness and ugly block. 

garnertgcg: No wonder you can't hit anything your holding that gun like an idiot. primary hand takes up whole grip, cup around the bottom with second hand. How do you not know how to hold a gun???

TEAMMVT: freak mom n pop. paid 100 buck to much

Lawrence Glazer: I have the 45 and it is great at the range! I have small hands and it works well for me. Hardly any recoil. No jamming.

SNAKEDOCTOR99GT: learn how to grip a gun before you make another video

daniel rice: Hi-points do not like crappy ammo and brass 124g

Bob R: I don't feel " its an ugly gun " is a deal breaker, if this gun is for personal protection I have never heard of a bad guy not being deterred because the gun was ugly.

TheGbeecher: It uses a polymer frame (Zytel maybe?), but so do 80% of all modern handguns. 'Cheap' Tula ammo killed a lot of Germans and Nazis in WWI and WWII. I've shot plenty of Tula, Wolf, Novisibirsk and Bear ammo from Russia in my C9 and Mosin rifle and not had a single problem. My eldest son has the JCP40 and neither of us have any issue with the grip - get a grip! Yeah, 'it'll do', and for someone who can't afford another $100-200 dollars, it may save one or more lives..

web440she: I've had Tula cause feed problems in my P-95. I think it's overall length is just a little longer than others. Never had an issue with it otherwise.

Thomas Payton: just remember that with the police these days if you have to use it for home defense and its a nice kimber the police will 'Confiscate' it and you wont get it back because it will wind up in their private collection.

stix4Him: Every HP I have had in the past has been 100% reliable and accurate. Heavy? You betcha! Ugly? Ummm you could say that. Junk? In my experience... Nope. Picking up a HP 4095TS next week. Made 100% in America with no foreign made components!?!? Me Likey!

Lawrence Glazer: I bought and switched to great beautiful grips from eBay.

daniel rice: it likes brass 124g i use remmington

jlh505050: I've got a Hi-Point .40 and my wife has the Hi-Point .380. We've shot about 1000 rounds through each pistol. They both operate as well as our Rugers and Tauruses. The cost of BOTH of our Hi-Points was less than ONE of the others. We wish we'd bought the Hi-Points first. And, for any Hi-Point haters out there, you're welcome to stand in front of my wife and I as we empty our Hi-Point pistol magazines. Just sign a release of liability first...

carchaos: I have one hydro dipped on camo and rebel flags never had it kam or nothing sweet guna

Kevin McMahon: I was never impressed with any of their pistols.

deweyvonslayer: a friend of mine once said guns are like girls, especially in reference to hi point. the sexy ones are picky, high maintenance, and arent always in the mood. the not so sexy ones are surprisingly the opposite, and usually very good at it.........if I offended anyone, i apologize. i understood exactly what he meant.

Mule TeamSixtySix: good vid please keep them coming...love the numas

Troy Belnavis: It's not a ugly gun I like big guns

king kefius: i just bought a hi-point 45 jhp, took it to the range yesterday the gun is great had no issues with very accurate, your shoots were off, i dont know for certain it may have been a combination of your ammo and the distance of your target, as far as ammo i used winchester and federal 45 auto dont use that cheap crap, oerall the hi-point is a good gun for the price, i like the gun.

eosphorus904: any ftf yet? i hear this alot from hi point was planning on getting a couple for Christmas in .40 or .45

Nicholas Florindi: Ok, here's some feedback. For one you start the entire video by saying you want to really test the gun and dispel if some of the "haters" are just about form over function. Then you go on for five minutes about the looks... Next, the thumb switch. I have one sitting in my lap. It's extremely easy to reach, and I see you move it very quickly... more BS. And then I see you complain about the slide not being able to stay back. With a mag in, the slide won't go forward empty. crap video.

Juggernaut MediaLlc: How about a little more feedback rather than just being a hater. Tell us what you dont like about it to see if we can use it to be better.

Juggernaut MediaLlc: Hey it went bang everytime we pulled the trigger...with decent ammo in it. I dont shoot it often, but its in the safe!

alleycat864: I own one of these and I love it. It's a dinosaur but it serves its purpose. People hate on it but compared to having no gun at all in your house, I'd rather have something so why not go with a gun that's inexpensive and will stop a home intruder.

dandanfuckingdan: Hoppe's 9 lubricating oil works wonders ! You will love it !

cramsa: You're better of with a CZ83, or some other service type piece.. much better made and will last longer because the frame and slide are proper firearm grade metals.

Juggernaut MediaLlc: Sorry I just saw this post...the target was approx. 25 feet down range...which is pushing it a lot compared to where most cqb situations occur...it is a huge hunk of a gun...like you I dont think any small hands could handle this, but that is true with most Glocks due to double stack etc.

Bowtech2: Also leave your mags loaded for a few weeks and the not wanting to load the 1st round will go away.

Gary Fikes: When I first got hi point in a trade I took it to the gun range and shot 100 rounds myself with no mishaps what so ever. It shot all over like yours though, I will go back and try harder to sight it in next time.

theDiPietroCODE: it is what it is right! I personally wouldn't buy one of these things. It will either work or not like anything mechanical. If someone really wanted a "cheap" pistol for protection or range fun, hey go for it and I support you. I say just save 100 bucks or so more and buy one of many sweet firearms in the low 300 to 400? price range! unless your really pushing your budget at 200 bucks then get it, if you can save 1 or 200 more, don't get it, isn't worth it, not hating at all, many better options

F35ize: i have one that is just as accurate as a glock .40 cal, 25 m is a long shot, 2/t3 on the target is decent, you have 10 rounds to fire with.

MasterAceman123456: Buds Gunshop, for $240ish, .40 or .45 with a laser included :)

MasterAceman123456: Learn to shoot rightie, no problems with the release then.

JY42000: Love my hi point 45.

Eagleguts: $ 240 ? try $149-$169

high5en: 240 dollars? You seriously got screwed. It is a 140 dollar gun. . .

cowkillyums: I have a Hi point 40 cal and I havent had any problems out of mine.The tula ammo is junk my sks wont even function with it.

cramsa: I have seen tula work on many guns...

VonSpyder: Ive never had a problem with the tula...did you clean the mag before using it? You need to make sure you hit the interior of the mag with some oil.

Joe Hernandez: I own two Hi Point .40 and in my own experience the problem is not the pistol and rather it is the magazine. I use Federal ammo because I had bad experiences with Tula ammo. BTW, you have a subscriber.

Rustee50: I really like what you said about supporting American business. Hey, $240.00. You can always get more money, but respect, kindness, you cannot buy. Great video.

Hi-Point 40 Caliber Review and Evaluation 4.5 out of 5

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