Hi-Point 40 Caliber Review And Evaluation

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Paul Kersey: hurry the freak up already! freak

Paul Hibbard: Your hitting low due to the hard trigger pull change trigger spring

Eric Mantz: 9mm carbine was used in the columbine shooting. Enough said.

Matthew Lizotte: Ty for marking a good gun review on the 40 cal hi point can't stand the haters I have owned my 40 cal hi point going on 14 years never had any issues with it besides normal ware and tear and hi point gives me free parts when I need to do repairs

iLLBiLLsRoastBeats: Paid $106 for a brand new one. I literally couldn’t pass it up

Madskilld james: you hurt a lot of people's feelings lol that gun is crap .

Cavalier 007: I have the 45 and 40 nothing wrong with them , never jammed, sites ok , trigger pull decent, low recoil . In defense situation..do you care if it's sexy?? I feel completely fine defending my home and family with either one . I have other more expensive firearms too this one works just as good. Nothing wrong with this weapon. Former marine...

Dan Kellett: This guy gave a n almost positive review about the gun and people are still whining about it.. What you want the guy to drool over if?? He said it wasn't a bad pistol and saw potential, what more do you want?!

Valdir Da Silva: Man you better learn how to aim and hit targets accurately.

coldturkey 1999: Trust me your freaking Barbie guns make me laugh with your ds guns that .40 would make me crap my self

Sean O.: Lets make a hi point in 50 AE

Kegan Kirby: As he says safety first with no ear protection lol to each their own

kelly shea: My first pistol was a Beretta 92FS. And im thinking of buying a couple of Hi-Points because they're cheap and American made

chefkeith99: i have shot thousands of rounds of tula thru my 9mm and my 45 hipoints. the problem is you. you are a gun snob and a hater

chefkeith99: i am watching you. you are "limp wristing"

Jordan IMP: Your just gay dude. The gun isn't that bad. Rack it like you don't have a vagina and it works fine.

Lenny Hernández: The se guns are bulletproof

Jose Reyes: I'll buy a Taurus before I buy a Hi point

Lawrence Withrow: I lost count of the rounds through my Hi Point .380 at over a thousand without a single malfunction. I never set much store by pretty in a hand gun. The guy on the other end isn't concerned with how it looks. Not for long anyway. I wanted a light pistol my wife could keep for self defense at home. No reason she would ever shoot it more than 20 feet. And she can do a whole clip in a six inch circle at that range. I've been looking at the forty. A bit much gun for her but I'd like it. I generally shoot whatever brass ammo is on sale. I handload it for the range and only keep really good stuff in it when it's in the nightstand.

THE INDOKING: rubber grip will help the feel

Hi-Point 40 Caliber Review and Evaluation 5 out of 5

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