Hi-Point 40 Caliber Review And Evaluation

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TeamHiPoint: my hp does not like sellier and bellot; jamfest.

butler 75: Why buy a gun that you have to polish the feed ramp and tune the mags when, for a few dollars more get a much better gun. The hi point is big hunk of crap

John Dotter: I have 2  of these they are fun to shoot, didn't buy them for looking pretty, they have been fun shooting both of them at the same time Boondock's Saints Style!!  Think I hit my target about three times, but I always wanted to shoot it that way.

Jimmie Harris: I pick them up for $100 used around here. Clean them up good. Call HP and get New springs and parts to rebuild them. They will never let me buy the parts. They thank me for buying their guns and say"No charge". Really good guns for the money and the best customer service of any gun company.

Jimmie Harris: Grab it and just shoot the Damn thing. My 100 lb.wife shoots my 45 high point just fine. You look like a monkey trying to fk. A football fumbling with that 40.

infowarguy: Slide and barrel support is 'ZAMC white metal' not steel.
Action is straight blow back, heavy recoil spring and slide weight keeps action closed long enough. Caution> It is possible to chamber a round without roostering the firing pin.
Slide guide rail is the round firing pin slot.
High Point pistols are inexpensive and work. Great 'Truck gun'.

Devilz DandruFF: A pig of a gun!? Walmart toy aisle? Grip is slick is it? Weird mags? How dare you!

Frank Mccracken: Your a freaking bad shot. One where u were aiming? Not the gun pal, sorry

Frank Mccracken: You got to many issues, you yourself. Quit running your freaking mouth and shoot it. Talking is not helping, we got it, the price, it's cheap.

Paul Kersey: hurry the freak up already! freak

Paul Hibbard: Your hitting low due to the hard trigger pull change trigger spring

eric mantz: 9mm carbine was used in the columbine shooting. Enough said.

Matthew Lizotte: Ty for marking a good gun review on the 40 cal hi point can't stand the haters I have owned my 40 cal hi point going on 14 years never had any issues with it besides normal ware and tear and hi point gives me free parts when I need to do repairs

iLLBiLLsRoastBeats: Paid $106 for a brand new one. I literally couldn’t pass it up

Madskilld james: you hurt a lot of people's feelings lol that gun is crap .

Cavalier 007: I have the 45 and 40 nothing wrong with them , never jammed, sites ok , trigger pull decent, low recoil . In defense situation..do you care if it's sexy?? I feel completely fine defending my home and family with either one . I have other more expensive firearms too this one works just as good. Nothing wrong with this weapon. Former marine...

Dan Kellett: This guy gave a n almost positive review about the gun and people are still whining about it.. What you want the guy to drool over if?? He said it wasn't a bad pistol and saw potential, what more do you want?!

Valdir Da Silva: Man you better learn how to aim and hit targets accurately.

coldturkey 1999: Trust me your freaking Barbie guns make me laugh with your ds guns that .40 would make me crap my self

Sean O.: Lets make a hi point in 50 AE

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Hi-Point 40 Caliber Review and Evaluation 5 out of 5

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