Hi-Point 40 Caliber Review And Evaluation

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Cavalier 007: I have the 45 and 40 nothing wrong with them , never jammed, sites ok , trigger pull decent, low recoil . In defense situation..do you care if it's sexy?? I feel completely fine defending my home and family with either one . I have other more expensive firearms too this one works just as good. Nothing wrong with this weapon. Former marine...

Dan Kellett: This guy gave a n almost positive review about the gun and people are still whining about it.. What you want the guy to drool over if?? He said it wasn't a bad pistol and saw potential, what more do you want?!

Valdir Da Silva: Man you better learn how to aim and hit targets accurately.

coldturkey 1999: Trust me your freaking Barbie guns make me laugh with your ds guns that .40 would make me crap my self

Sean O.: Lets make a hi point in 50 AE

Kegan Kirby: As he says safety first with no ear protection lol to each their own

kelly shea: My first pistol was a Beretta 92FS. And im thinking of buying a couple of Hi-Points because they're cheap and American made

chefkeith99: i have shot thousands of rounds of tula thru my 9mm and my 45 hipoints. the problem is you. you are a gun snob and a hater

chefkeith99: i am watching you. you are "limp wristing"

Jordan IMP: Your just gay dude. The gun isn't that bad. Rack it like you don't have a vagina and it works fine.

Lenny Hernández: The se guns are bulletproof

Jose Reyes: I'll buy a Taurus before I buy a Hi point

Lawrence Withrow: I lost count of the rounds through my Hi Point .380 at over a thousand without a single malfunction. I never set much store by pretty in a hand gun. The guy on the other end isn't concerned with how it looks. Not for long anyway. I wanted a light pistol my wife could keep for self defense at home. No reason she would ever shoot it more than 20 feet. And she can do a whole clip in a six inch circle at that range. I've been looking at the forty. A bit much gun for her but I'd like it. I generally shoot whatever brass ammo is on sale. I handload it for the range and only keep really good stuff in it when it's in the nightstand.

THE INDOKING: rubber grip will help the feel

Benjamin Larson: tula and hi points are like mixing oil and water hi points like brass or aluminum case

Mike Ortiz: Everyone seems to feel the need to justify them purchasing a high point it's a good firearm and performs well.

Tammy Brown: mine fails to feed at least once every 2 clips federal hst and american eagle fmj

Francis Allen: My Uncle owns a shooting range and he also rent's out guns at the range and yes he evens rents out Hi Point pistols also Lol, but out of all the guns he rents out like Beretta Colt Glock S&W Sig the Hi Point has less malfunctions and jams then all of those guns he rents out he had a Hi Point that shot close to 9,000 rounds with out a single malfunction and yes people don't like them because they are cheap in price heavy big but they are build like a tank

Karl Jones: I have the Hi Point C9 and love it! Don't understand your "Purchase" Issue. Mine fits like a glove. And Jam? Well, mine has never jammed unlike my $700 Sig. Hi Point stayed and the Sig had to go By By. I have owned and shot a lot of firearms and this one is a keeper.

Kevin Bost: just put on layaway a 40. got mine for 150. had a Jennings 9mm. can't be worse than that paper weight.

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Hi-Point 40 Caliber Review and Evaluation 5 out of 5

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