PlayStation 4 Pro Review

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Georgie Boy: I sold my Xbox X and bought the white ps4 pro 👌🏼.

McKyale McClarty: irrelevant to this video but I think PlayStation should have kept the colors when you power on the PS4
Like the PS3 had. Tired of seeing bright Blue everytime.

KingDonnie19: I had the original PS4 but don’t have a 4K TV, so do y’all think I should go with a slim or Pro?

YT StarDiabolik: I cant go online

lex-gg: It's been a year since this potato came out lmfao

Bo Huggabee: basically. because the ps4 pro doesnt offer much, they decided to compromise the old system with updates that degrade its quality. you are being manipulated.

Jerry Cee: 8.5 really !! U can’t review

bLu: What is it that the PlayStation pro does that the PlayStation 3 can't can you download from SD cards and download & copy like you can in the PlayStation 3 & why the pro doesn't have Blu-ray .........

Chris Torres: I disliked this video

GAMER DUMB: Ps4? More like play station scam

GameStar Nick: All we want is a ps4 with stable 60FPS, I dont really care about visual improvements!

Beau Damiani: Are you saying the PS4 pro hasn’t shown its full potential ? Are we going to have to wait for 2018 or 2019 games?

RDMusic: Just got mine today!

Joseph Lopez: I have one it's nice

C. M.: The ps4 pro is a overclocked ps4 in other words, a scam and money grab.

Alex0408 [GD]: que wea a la switch ke diero 7.0 y a esta 8.5 ka wea chanta weones ql

James Reville: i found this video to be very informative, it had information that allowed me to make me decision on should i update to the playstation pro from my playstation 4, it gave me information about the specs and the performance of the playstation pro.

Adam Plays: What is the different of Ps4 and ps4 pro?

Ps4:just have a two slices
Ps4 pro:have a three slices

Will W: Wow the review didn't sound like a 8.5, I was expecting them to give it a 5 of 6

EditPSGamer: At least WWII will run at 4K HDR 60 FPS.

PlayStation 4 Pro Review 5 out of 5

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