PlayStation 4 Pro Review

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sridhar: Right now i dont have 4k tv , do i need ps4 pro or slim i need a simple answer , i won't care about graphics and performance but only thing im always concerned about is future proof.

TheHoon57: I've had my PS4 for about 4-5 years now. Does anyone feel like I should upgrade to a Pro, even though I don't have a 4K TV? I've been thinking about it for a while now, but would like some opinions.

Sarim Waqas: I have

Khalid willam: Can someone plz inform me......Y do I own an xbox

Slade Wilson: Xbox has always been and will always be a better console.

The King in the North: I just got a 4K TV and was thinking about an upgrade to Pro if I could find one, but the fact that it cant play 4K Blu Rays is a easy decision for me to pass and wait for PS5, I doubt the quality is that big of a difference anyway.

Cheyenne Cobain: I wish I could afford a PS4 that would be amazing

cola619: Did they plagiarise this review as well?

Kenjr Suzuky: So do we need a 4k hdr TV to play on a ps4 or we can just use a regular tv

coco bean: Should I buy the xbox one x or the ps4 pro I can't decide

TBE 50—0: I liked the OG Xbox and Xbox 360 over Sony's consoles, but this generation belongs to the PS4 PRO. I'm glad that I didn't buy an Xbox One or vanilla PS4

RobloxGamer231: I would buy the Xbox one S if I got it with warranty in India :(

2 Pointwinner: What is that banana doing next to a ps4

ZangThao 咏春: I don't like the pro that much and it kinda heavy it very hard to carry.

BADWOLF 1874: So have i just wasted a load of money buying the pro and a 4k tv????

arash yadegary: what was the banana doing?😂😂😂

PokemonAssociate: I've got it for my early b day also got the 4K but it shouldn't really have that because it's unfair for other players tho

Space Asteroid: Looks best on Xbox one X

Look athatdingo: If I have PT can I move it to a ps4 pro via external storage?

Connor Moore: what game is the one shown where the guy is running with the kid?

PlayStation 4 Pro Review 5 out of 5

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