PlayStation 4 Pro Review

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Brian Gibson: That PS4 Is the Best

priscilla ramirez: this thing looks like a big mac

priscilla ramirez: why would you want this its just a cash grab

The Xvengers: Why did I get a Xbox ad?

Roman Jew: Did the makers of Persona 5 make their game in 4K at 60fps?

HtS643KyS6555GxQ3edA: Great praises for the visual quality produced by the Shadow of Mordor software.

Nathan 12: Am I the only one to get a PS4 ad

SnowyyABanana: I got a PS4 pro ad

ryad ben: Normalement 10/10

Diamond 123: I have a idea for a game it's a Sao rpg for the PlayStation pro

Alex Weddington: Right now is the Golden Age of the PS4 like if you agree!

King T Animations: I don't have a ps4 or a 4k tv. should I get the pro? what makes it better than the ps4 to the point where I should drop the extra $100
also trying to take into account the possibility of the ps5 comming out soon

Alexander Grice: Basically it's a crap shoot... 8.5!!!!!!!! Really saying one thing and showing another, huh ign.


Darryl Dee: shill, shill, shill, yeah right

Blade The Daywalker: It's a nice added addition if you don't have a PS4, but if you just want an enhanced resolution it's not a must have. Don't think they've even released a game in 4k so we won't know how powerful and stable it really is until later. For now 2160p 60 fps will do, it's a lot sharper. 8/10

Adam Morrell: 8.5/10, Would of been a 10/10 If the PRO had a ultra blu ray player and audio CD player? Good system and £350 is a decent price.

adam ford: Now Sony and Microsoft are patching consoles as well.

Viktor Bakai: Hey guys! I want to know that the internet browser is that bad on the
ps4 pro as well? I have the ps4 slim. I realize that its outdated. I
just want to know one thing: Can I play youtube videos at 1080p
resolution on ps4 pro internet browser? I know there is youtube app but I
dont like it. Thanks. Sony never updates the internet browser??? Its a
very serious issue!

TheRadicalPug: I wish it was like ps3 backards compatible model so ican play ps2 ps3 and ps1

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PlayStation 4 Pro Review 5 out of 5

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