Tekkit | How To | Air Lock & Oxygen Collector

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Scythe For Life: This is really stupid you have no script your mic is terrible and you dont know what your doing

Deadhunter plays Minecraft: You guys have just earned another subscriber, I really needed help on this, thanks!

explodoboyv2: i know who made this mod

TheGamingDocumentary: make sure that there are enough leaves around the oxygen collector, because if theres not enough then it'll only make a small bubble, so make two oxygen collectors per one distributor, and try powering the collector and the the distributor with 2 engines each, this should help, if not leave a message and me and joe will get onto looking into it.

Nathan Anderson: XD

CgrpShephard w: Very bad guide in my opinion

Levi G: you say "as you can see..." a lot

TheGamingDocumentary: freak off kaj, you don't even have tekkit;)

Matt R.: I'm not sure, but it looks like dimensional doors I think

prescottme: how do i make the airlock doors work >..>

TheGamingDocumentary: Im sorry to say but he doesn't even play tekkit, he's simply just a friend having a joke.

TheOmegaborgstorm: Same thing happens with me.......

TheGamingDocumentary: you are welcome

Spurtlez: Hey ive got a tutorial if people didnt find this useful

SemiPotato: what r those red pipes

Gamerguy815: Would this also work for Voltz?

TheGamingDocumentary: By the way the texture pack is now in the description.

SemiPotato: Cheers

TheGamingDocumentary: excuse me?

Kaj Sparks: Didn't help me at all useless!!

Ian M: Helps a lot tnx

TheGamingDocumentary: You're welcome.

TheGamingDocumentary: Connecting to the oxygen collecter? wooden conductive pipe and stone conductive pipe. The wooden one absorbs the output, and the stone one is the input.

tim major: is there any way to make more than one space station? o.O?

Cranberry X (Old): How do you fill a room with air? For me, it still makes a bubble. Is there a certain design for a Station or something?

Infrared: Im having trouble with my oxygen bubble distrubuter not making big enough bubbles for my space station and i have like 3 hooked up to 3 different rooms... can you help?

Hells Knight: May i ask, what mod is that "portal like" thing behind the chests? 1:30

Arian Adam Ott: must generate oxygen in the airlock? when I don´t have oxygen mask in the airlock I dying

NLGamer236: Use an oxygen sealer, power it + connect to oxygen (collector) make sure that is powered too, then make sure your "house" is completely clised, for a door use an airlock frame, and now enable the seal, this should work (use latest version)

Farmeraap - Professional Dutchy: Not everyone can affort a good microphone..

Hunter Flake: In god mode can all hostale mobs attack u?

TheGamingDocumentary: Thankyou!

fiman champion: what kind of pipes did you use???

TheGamingDocumentary: Im sorry you feel that way.

TaikaJamppa: Enderman might roar but no-one, not players, not mobs, can hurt you.

radioactivated the gamer: "Reply" button

TheGamingDocumentary: Simply just get some sort of generator, or an engine. All you have to do is follow this tutorial.

JiggyRecords: What texture pack are you using? Can you post a link to it?

Ian M: U got another subscriber

Smith89696: if you press shift in the rocket while landing you actually speed up and i think it fixes that glitch

TheGamingDocumentary: Oxygen pipes, it does say somewhere in the video:)

RythmicDemond: So I can breath in the airlock

minecrafthero22: How do you make electricty in space?

TheNick540: Cn you guys post a video on what each block in galacticraft doesand how it works?

TheBig . Nig: Look guys its a baby Shpee :')

Hunter Flake: In god mode can holstale mobs kill u? Or are the mobs attack if u attack and can enderman attack u in god mode or do the enderman roar at u

russellhowardfans: no you cant unless you have the oxygen stuff that goes through the airlock

tim major: you dont freeze. it goes into a auto pilot like state its just so slow it looks like its frozen

Spurtlez: Hey ive got a tutorial if people didnt find this useful

TheGamingDocumentary: sure mate you need to get a pack an just put in the main file

Tekkit | How to | Air Lock & Oxygen Collector 4.2 out of 5

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