How To Dye And Lighten Hair Blonde Without Using Bleach

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HOney Baby: How to do with my black hair? I have troubles to do and when I use bleach I'm ruin my whole hairs and it's turn dry and broken. :-(
Thank you .
And fyi you are my Idol xoxo

TheBritishCat: Are the nice n easy colours permanent or fade and wash out

Jessica Arsenault: ugh, you're my hero! this video was so flippin' helpful! thank you :)

browneyedgirl1100: Hi:) Thank you for the fantastic video!!!:) I know that the L'oreal Blondissimes lightens more than the Clairol Nice N Easy (87 Natural Ultra Light Blonde) but which one leaves the hair in better condition? Is there a big difference in the amount of lightening?

LilyofTheWoods: Very professional video. Thank you!

Arezo 30gol: This video was so good but now I have dyed my hair dark red and I want to make my hair lighten, do you suggest any toner or color additive for my hair please?

MariaDaisy Yorong: Thanks for this video Simon, this is very helpful.

thehiltongirl: Thanks for the great video Simon. I've been using John Frieda as I wanted to go dark but it left my root regrowth gingerish. I used SB1 last week and its brought it a light blonde with a touch of red, so I'm going to re do it and then hopefully it will all be one color blonde again. Thanks for the good points Simon. x

f moeini: hi i took ur advice i tried to go blonde by only dying my hair with highlift dyes (i have a dark brown hair ) first time i dyed my hair it turned into light brown and second time it became gingery orang and the 3th time i dyed it it didnt change at all i want my hair colour to be like urs and i dont wanna use bleach cause before i did it destroyed my hair but right now im stuck with this ugly orange hair what should i do plsss help meĀ 

Angel-leigh Mckinney: I love nice and easy products. X

tammy bennet: think not thing stupid typos. Anyways point is any dye that makes your hair light has some bleach in it. And blondissimes actually has a high amount of bleach in it. not trying to be rude just an fyi

tammy bennet: what do you thing is in most of these products especially blondissimes. Bleach. What do you think makes your hair go orange when you use blondissimes..

Chantel Lopez: Hi, I really enjoyed your video, but Ive got one question. About 2 months ago I went from black to medium brown and now I really want to turn dark blonde. Have you got any ideas how I can achieve it? I dont want them to be too light. Thanks

Christopher Ghosttiger: Oddly enough I got Splat Blue dye and dyed my hair and it looks a mix between my natural color hair, dark brown, and white, blond and blue. When I take a shower my hair doesn't feel natural. For the past 4-6 days I've been washing my hair every day (don't know why) and it since I've dyed it 2 days ago, it feels very dry and I'm not to fond of it. I don't know if it is because of the fact that your not suppose to wash your hair every day so your hair can have its natural oil in it for it to grow and feel smooth or if it the fact that I used bleach on my hair. Any suggestions Simon? (I'd rather blonde dye and if recommended for any blonde dyes, please recommend any cheap hair dyed that you know that are really good on the hair and will make it feel smooth and I can keep my natural hair neutrients, preferably from Wall-Mart or someplace cheap.) Thank you again and your video is awesome.

turquoisepower: so, i decided to go blond from my dark brown cause I wanted to do the Niall horan thing...
so I bleachd them.. BRIGHTEST orange...
bought some black putted that on, then I bleached them again they arent as orange but still really yellow..
will the lightest ash (preference) take them out?

thanks mate!

LadyBludgeon: I totally agree with the idea that lighting can be done without bleach and it lessens the damage too. You forgot to mention L'Oreal Paris Excellence Blonde Supreme Creme Hair color, Extra Light Ash Blonde 01. That stuff is amazing!!! I used a whole tube of this hair color brand with just a pinch of Agebeautiful Bleach cream with a 40 vol of One n' Only Argan Oil Hair Color Developer. This mixture took my medium ash brown {which looks brown black under poor lighting} and it lightened it to a platinum silvery hair color without any of the nasty damages that an all bleach process does. Best part is it looks natural. ^^ I may try it again next month since this month I was only able to use what I had in the bathroom cupboard, which were Agebeautiful cream bleach mixed with Hi-Lift Ash Blonde hair color from One n' Only with the 40vol developer from One n' Only to lighten the roots. After lightening the roots, I then used John Friedas' foam color Light ash blonde with a pinch of Color Charms' violet cooling to silver bullet color my roots. I'm gonna use the remaining of the John Frieda that I saved separately to do the rest of my hair to see how it looks after coloring. So far I love how John Frieda with Color Charm gives me that light silver bullet color. Even shines under the light. Argan oil developer for the win!!! ^^ Anyways awesome video and thanks for the cool ideas you've inspired me to have. We hair color lovers need to share and spread the ideas and love to others. You are doing such amazing work. Thank you. Peace be and keep up finding great ideas for hair color. Love from South Floridians.

Jocelyn M.T Faletolu: i recently died my hair and it came out a bit ginger and orange. will those hair dyes still work if i were to dye my hair again?

Simon Thomas Beauty: Hi :) Hmm, not sure if your daughter would be able to go as light as platinum blonde with these dyes.. maybe try removing the black hair dye with a colour remover (such as Jo Baz or Scott Cornwall), and then (if the hair is in okay condition) use the L'Oreal Blondissimes shade 01 - this is the dye I find lightens the hair the most. I think, so long as your daughter has lightish blonde hair (not necesserily platinum), she could achieve pink or teal with that :) hope that helps.

Jennifer Quinn: Hi, my daughter is a natural bonde/dirty blonde and currently has black hair. she wants to go to platinum blonde so she can eventually go pink or teal. Would your steps in the video work to achieve the platinum blonde?

Simon Thomas Beauty: I would say wait at least another 2 days to let the natural oils build up in your hair :) x

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How to Dye and Lighten Hair Blonde Without Using Bleach 5 out of 5

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How to Dye and Lighten Hair Blonde Without Using Bleach
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