5.7x28mm Versus 22 Magnum- (FiveSeven 5' Pistol Versus 24' Rifle) Five-seven

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Joseph Chapman: Why does no one seem to realize that 5.7 can only penetrate body armor when using armor piercing ammunition?

Taurus/Hipoint Enthusiast: unless you are punching through  30 inches of phone book......I fail to see the comparison......"5.7 is a Hopped up .22 mag round" 5.7 better .22 magnum better....I have shot both and consider the 5.7 a .22 mag +p   5.7  I have owned one sold one... I just fail to see why the argument of the obvious...... Penetration is over sold....The round passes through the attacker hits no vitals striking and maiming someone not involved...Shooter gets sued loses what he was protecting.....

reed scott: Gawd! You Tubers a such a bunch of whiny bitches. I'm researching this round and this gun. Your video told me a lot. Thank you. Keep up the good work and don't let the pussies get you down.

tlwolff: About the least informative video I've seen on here. Loose the music and explain what is happening.

Razorback30001: Or a 5.7 vs 17 hmr..!!!

Razorback30001: 44 mag vs a 5-7.?? Put that to the test..!!!

Stu Pidazo: Good review dude, but please no music, especially whatever the hell that was, it sounded like rock without the testicles.

g-sus carballo: Kill the music next time

Snake Assault: The 5.7 pierces armor better, as it should. This comes at a high price though. For plinking, there is no way I would choose the FN Five-seveN. For self defence, I doubt they would be wearing body armor, so I probably wouldn't go with it there either. In a combat situation though, Five-seveN all the way.

the4armedmonk: YOU MEAN 24 INCH BARREL VS 3.8 INCHES OF RIFLING ON THE FIVE SEVN :p oh crap caps

markdam: on the flip side i can have "almost" the performance of the 5.7 with my old trusty cheaper .22mag for less money.....although im really likin the 5.7

Valhalla: The point is: you have a most powerful gun with a smaller size. The 5.7x28 is better ammunition that .22 Magnum.

mntofdk66: @newhuskytwenty you ever hear about the Ft Hood shooting. Alot of people died at the hands of an insane murderer with a 5.7. So im pretty sure it could "deal" with a "home breaker"!

Idontplaymmos: @GunnyStilgar

Idontplaymmos: @ronin223 five seven is combat proven.

ObtainedReality: bad vid, bad comparison, horrible music. Disliked.

JKCDLT: the 5.7 is a shaved down .223

newhuskytwenty: FN57, funny hole driller, but has the stopping power to "deal" with a home breaker? I doubt it

cl223: stupid video and comparison. 22WMR out of a rifle. 5.7 out of a pistol. Should have done a rifle to rifle comparison.

Jim Condes: Sour grapes! this video is about 5.7 & 22WMR not the music....FN57 is not an IDEAL weapon due to high costs of unit & ammo.. I'd rather stick to my SAM Elite Cal45.. nice info!

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5.7x28mm versus 22 Magnum- (FiveSeven 5" pistol versus 24" rifle) Five-seven 5 out of 5

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