How To Install Replace Distributor Cap Rotor Dodge Dakota Durango RAM 92-03

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Shields of Faith Music: What size socket or screw driver do I need to get the bolts off that hold down the disturber cap?

Stephen Lee: So I assume the coil wire is simply the only one left after you label the rest?

Manuel Bou: ok to those who got confused by him marking the wires with numbers, its normal to get confused by how he showed you because he didnt show the order in which you would figure out the order off the distributor cap itself. so to help everyone out in a better and easier way is to:
write numbers on top of the end of each wire in a clockwise sequential numerical order, kind of like a watch. so during reassembly, you simply start putting back together no.1 at the top right and work your way down sequentially, clockwise. DONE!

John Edwards: Great How-to too go by. I could barely see the number's you had written, I want to get small numbered tape for both ends of my new wire's and also white mark the cap so I can get them back in the right spot. I just replaced the wires, (one at a time, with new plugs), I can not believe how quite my Durango runs. Onward and upward. Thanks!

Sean Word: is the cap and rotor only in the 5.9? I have a 2002 durango 4.7 and I can't seem to locate this part.

Jeramiah Weller: your videos alway help, i have a 95 jeep grand cherokee with 5.2 I'm told I need a new pickup coil besause of stalling, is that related to this or is it something else. in the ignition system

Dana Miller: The most helpful video I have ever seen!!! I will look for you from now on when I have an issue with repairing my truck. Even my broken brain can follow your step by step instructions. Haynes manuals be damned!!! A waste of $35. You are the best in the business!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!!

Kelly L: You would think that manufacturers could stamp the wires with numbers and have a number on the cap so it was easier to connect them correctly. 

demchevyboyz: Nice vid I just did a complete tune up on my rt Durango and was a lot of help

lazer pete: High Definition is nice. I replace out plugs and wires when the cap is done.
I would use a white paint pen and write on the top of the  plug wires not in black and on the cable ... but anyway thanks...

Russell Gibson: your videos are a very big help and the camera work is nice and clear thank you

Mallory Wilde: 96 Ram 6cly, lagging (especially up hill), losing power, hard to start and quits a couple times when you first get it going, sometimes sputters.... so gas pump going bad? But checked out the price and wondering should I check plugs, wires, dist cap etc first anyway? Don't want to put all that work and money into the pump and find it was something else even though I feel pretty confident that's what it is.

1Zekeb: Great video, clear, skip the obvious and boring aspects(turning a wrench), high def camera, and a steady hand on the camera. plus it helped me out with my repair.

Earl Guyton: Suggestion? Great job in the video! Except knowing which is number 1 cylinder or plug wire doesn't matter as far as changing a cap. You remember or mark your starting point on distributor and mark wires 1 through 8 , Other suggestion is take out the throttle body air cleaner bolt! You could slip and lose an eye!!!

1A Auto Parts: Thanks for watching. 888-844-3393

Shane Veinotte: Awesome man, you just really saved me a huge amount of cursing and swearing, your details and information is A++ and then some, firing order and plug to router set up was flawless, i am fixing up my 1991 Dodge Ram 150, with a 318 CI 5.2L, 2WD, fullsize street rod, but she keeps stalling, but after your tips, / SHE SCREAMS LIKE A BANSHEE!!!!!!!!! Thanks and all the best, and if any other parts come up, consider me a customer, Shane C.W. Veinotte

1A Auto Parts: You may want to check the coils to see if they need to be replaced. 888-844-3393

Jordan Jansen: My 99 ram 5.2 isn't firing on 6 and 8 it's got spark and fuel and the compression is around 90 so what's the problem ? Please help

Epic FlowX: Very Impressed by the Video! Nicely done And Helpful! Thanks

1A Auto Parts: If there happens to be a check engine light on you may want to pull the code to see what the issue might be. 888-844-3393

How To Install Replace Distributor Cap Rotor Dodge Dakota Durango RAM 92-03 5 out of 5

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