How To Install Replace Distributor Cap Rotor Dodge Dakota Durango RAM 92-03

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barfyspitz: I ran my old charger last night and it was running like a champ. I washed and waxed it and when I fired it up, it started backfiring really badly. I figured moisture got into the ignition but the wires and cap look dry. What do you think I should check. Cap and rotor are 7 years old but look brand new Cuz I rarely drive it. wires same. Plugs are new. I appreciate any help you could give me.

jcgomez glez: Excelent and i had a problem and doing some research, found that rams are kind of sensible to water or heavy rain life mine didn't turn on after rainy day and used a heater Gun pointing to dist. And cables under wind shield wipers

1A Auto Parts: @instabad83 It was getting in the way. I just pulled it out to make a little more room.

Earl Guyton: Suggestion? Great job in the video! Except knowing which is number 1 cylinder or plug wire doesn't matter as far as changing a cap. You remember or mark your starting point on distributor and mark wires 1 through 8 , Other suggestion is take out the throttle body air cleaner bolt! You could slip and lose an eye!!!

jcgomez glez: And the rubber under hood and engine was off and looks like water went trough, and no spark to turn on but thanks to internet and people out there for share bought my heat gun and stared after minutes of drying it!

1A Auto Parts: @LafreniereJ could be that.You may also want to check for a bad plug wire.

Calvert453: Hi I have 98 dodge dakota 5.2 318. I had 3 pods miss firing so I decided to change all the plugs, wires and the distributor and rotor button. Now my truck will not run. I have checked and followed the correct wiring and firing order . I have checked the top dead center with the rotor button and the timing doesn't seems to be off. It's getting spark and fuel. I have no idea what happened. Any ideas?

barfyspitz: Thank you...I appreciate your help. I think I may have some serious problems though. This morning the oil was cloudy white.

Kyle Stacey: @MrMetalxxx999 Wire 1 is labelled on the distributor so you know where to put that, the coil wire always goes into the middle. 7 left. He said that 8 goes next to 1. 6 left. Now, a helpful tip: all odd-numbered plugs (1,3,5,7) face the opposite side then the even-numbered ones (2,4,6,8). It really is just memory for the other 6, or 4 if its a v6. Just mark the wires and follow them down. I know its been 4 months, but hey! here ya go!

1A Auto Parts: Thanks for watching. 888-844-3393

Maxwell Juvet: Would this be the same on my zj limited 1995? also has the 318.

1A Auto Parts: Pretty much every few years. You should inspect them when you change the spark plugs.

fancyangel21: Thank you so much for your video! It was dead on about everything. As a girl, its awsome to now say that I can change a cap/rotor on a truck now.... Thanks again. Wonderful video!

LafreniereJ: My 98 Dakota 3.9L Like's to start rough. the idle is very low, sounds like it is struggling to catch. Dis Cap problem maybe?

B4NDiT: i followed these instructions, but it has a random misfire now. it idles smoothly but at cruising speeds, it misfires very little.

1A Auto Parts: @Prank6767 You may want to check the cap, and plug wires to see if one they are bad. You could start the truck and spray them with water from a spray bottle to see if anything is arcing out. If that all checks out fine, you may want to check the plugs.Hope this helps.

Jordan Jansen: My 99 ram 5.2 isn't firing on 6 and 8 it's got spark and fuel and the compression is around 90 so what's the problem ? Please help

Jah El: Very Impressed by the Video! Nicely done And Helpful! Thanks

christopher donelow: can you seal the cap with silacon to get a bit of water proofing/

1A Auto Parts: You may want to check the coils to see if they need to be replaced. 888-844-3393

1A Auto Parts: @dougfoor I replaced the rotor as well.

1A Auto Parts: If the gas has been in it for a long time, you may want to put some fresh gas in it to see if that helps. 888-844-3393

1A Auto Parts: Hey, thanks for watching. Hope it helped you out.

1A Auto Parts: @Dodge2500Ram It may. You may want to have the dealer run your vin number to see if they were the same between vehicles.

B4NDiT: @1aauto thats the thing,i changed plugs, wires, cap, rotor.

spelunkerd: Nice job, thanks Mike!

1A Auto Parts: @crumbuntas No, you should be able to just place the cap back on right over the rotor.Check to make sure that the rotor is seated correctly.

Thomas Smith: A1: The 1999 Dakota 5.2 I have is my first Dodge so I was a little apprehensive about tackling the distributor cap/rotor replacement. Your video made it easy as 1 2 3 for me, Took me about 30 minutes from start to finish.... thanks!

1A Auto Parts: Normally you will want to label them as well as the old housing if you do not have a repair manual available.

The Shadow: How do you know where the rest of the cables besides '1' go on the distributor cap once installed?

1A Auto Parts: HI Maxwell, If it's the 4.0 the distributor should be near the front on your vehicle. There should only be a couple of clips that secure the cap to the distributor.

crumbuntas: i have a 1998 dodge ram 1500 and im replacing the distributor cap and all wires. i changed out the cap and the wires and also the rotor. does the engine have to be in top dead center before putting the cap on? i cant seem to get the cap back on without the rotor hitting it.

William Forsyth: Te felicito, es muy claro y explicito tu video, lo haces de manera grafica y comprencible, Muchas gracias, Me ayudo con mi proyecto, Gracias de nuevo. Tu amigo Willy

1A Auto Parts: You may want to look for a vacuum leak somewhere in the engine compartment.

Oscar Alvarez Sanchez: Thank bro u save me alot of money

Nick030390: i did a tune up on my 2000 v6 and now i have a hissing sound coming from the drivers side of my engine do you know what that could be? i was thinking maybe i broke a hose or something when pulling the wires out any ideas?

1A Auto Parts: @cjdMobile66 I wouldn't recommend it. They're usually pretty water resistant they way that they are designed.

Shane Veinotte: Awesome man, you just really saved me a huge amount of cursing and swearing, your details and information is A++ and then some, firing order and plug to router set up was flawless, i am fixing up my 1991 Dodge Ram 150, with a 318 CI 5.2L, 2WD, fullsize street rod, but she keeps stalling, but after your tips, / SHE SCREAMS LIKE A BANSHEE!!!!!!!!! Thanks and all the best, and if any other parts come up, consider me a customer, Shane C.W. Veinotte

Dblade981: When should you change your Distributor Cap and rotor?

Nick030390: It was a hose that was dry rotted and when i did the tune up it broke so all i had to do was buy a new one

1A Auto Parts: Hola Willy, gracias por visitarnos en YouTube. 888-844-3393

Josh Blodgett: hey i need to change out the cap and rotor on my '95 dodge 1500 318, i have a brand new cap and rotor that i bought for my last truck but never installed them, it was a '98 dodge 2500 360, will they fit on my new truck? Thanks.

Arianna Kitching: I have a 1998 Dodge Dakota 5.2L. when it rains it will not start. turns over with no trouble and can smell gas. took hair drier to the distributor for about 5 minutes then tried to start and it started. So i am changing the distributor thanks to your video it should be very straight forward.

1A Auto Parts: If there happens to be a check engine light on you may want to pull the code to see what the issue might be. 888-844-3393

van halen: how did he know where to put all the wires back on the distributor cap since he pulled the all off and all the cap tells you where to put 1 wire?sorry but im new to all this and want to learn thanks.

Nicholas Daw: why is the dipstick pulled out?

How To Install Replace Distributor Cap Rotor Dodge Dakota Durango RAM 92-03 4.4 out of 5

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