Which Is Better: An HTML Site Map Or XML Sitemap?

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Haneef Ibn Ahmad: Where can I submit a HTML version of my sitemap? just like we can submit XML sitemap on Google Search Console.


Smart Solution Online: Your Sitemap appears to be an HTML page. Please use a supported sitemap format instead. (I am getting this error) please help.

ameen jeb: Hi people,
Is this still up to date (2015),  I've been told that this became a spam factor !?.... Thanks

gabriolinari: and at the same time is easy to do a HTML one

gabriolinari: I personally think that having both is the safest way for better performance, especially if the site architecture is not easy to browse for the spider.

Chris Hay: awesome, u made me really lol

Jack Sarlo: You need both ideally, one for google to tell them about all your website pages, and the other a neat directory which can be useful for your visitors if you have a big site.

joshkeatley: Thanks very helpful!

md khatib ahmed: thank u very much for sharing such valuable information. i was trying xml sitemaps

BasicWebSolutions: That;s pretty bad information they should do a follow up video telling people they do not accept HTML sitemaps any more.

Arafath Hashmi: Guys this video made in 2009, and now the situations have changed. Don't blame Matt for this..

Adriana Szentgyörgyi Ceausescu: For indexability = use sitemaps.xml, .txt for yahoo, bing,google webmaster tools submitting. For usability - use sitemap.html

Haralan Dobrev: HTML Sitemaps are not supported by Google Webmasters Tools indeed. It will be great if Matt Cuts show us how to submit a html sitemap to Google crawler.

Kyle Brown: Follow up question: I have over 100,000 pages on one of my sites. How many internal links should be on a single page? Does formatting mater for html? Thank you Kyle Brown Good Time Entertainment Bakersfield, Ca

Rajasekharan N.: Thanks Matt for picking up that question and answering it.

A Who Dat?: Agreed. Matt would be a great guy to have a beer with. I think he gets pretty crazy when drunk tho...looks like the type :o)

John Greer: People pointing guns at webmasters' heads and forcing them to pick between HTML and XML sitemaps is actually a growing problem - I'm glad Matt has the courage to address this issue.

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Which is better: an HTML site map or XML Sitemap? 5 out of 5

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