3D Wolverine Claws

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Killgonic: what's the song?

Aftereffectsmad: nice brill job on the dots look to hard for me to atempt

Max57699: The Tracking is really Good but the claws modeling needs improve.

Ian Macrae: do you no if theres a full tutorial for this its awsum

Mathew Kelly: thanks, yep, kinda tedious on the dots

dobre0nony: holy crap the effect is super awesome the claws are pretty badass tracked on your hand

cottonproductions: Very very cool tracking!!! I love that.. I still SO want to do this effect.. it looks like you probably made those claws yourself? They were a LITTLE CGI looking maybe a little more compositing might help them blend better but all and all very cool!!!

Gruwelijkproductions: ITS A GOOD SICK *KUCH* :P

CATB0XFILMS: i like pro scores

cottonproductions: Yea thats alot of work! I did see the reflection which was a really cool touch.. thats what I meant originally.. I think maybe a little color correction is all it needs.. me personally.. I would darken it up some... I have been looks for some free claws that look realistic.. there are some really good ones that cost a little.. like $25 or so.

Mathew Kelly: yep, i made them myself of coarse, i can later make real good shaped ones, but on the compositing, i added the background as the reflection, so if you look close, you can see my reflection on the top of the claws to make it look like they were really part of the scene, maybe just a quick color correction to help blend it all to give that real effect, but i was happy with it, wanted to do cooler claws, just burnt out after the dot removing. :-/

Mathew Kelly: Using after fx, and also the tracking data from the 3d track data from syntheyes, and applying it to the dots on my hand and using an area of the skin next to it to cover them up with the same track data.

TD0615VFX: i agreee thats a great track but the claws neeed improvement its to arched, off color adn i dont really see any material on it

Mathew Kelly: Just wanted to finish this shot off and remove the track dits and of coarse do a better 3d track to them, it was fun messing around with syntheyes for this, very exciting to watch how the 3d objects follow the tracked subject after you put all the work into tracking the dots, its always worth the work in the end I think, just sux doing the tedious tracking on the dots sometimes depending how good of track you get without tweaking them.

jordanMJK: did not know wolverine was a buck fan

epicspart: Silly me for thinking that the claws came out of your skin :3

MondoOlografico: Great Job!!!

Gruwelijkproductions: SICK

Mathew Kelly: Hope a good SICK??? LOL

Mathew Kelly: Claws pretty easy to make, i might go ahead and design ones after watching him in the real movie to get an idea what they need to look like, i havent seen xmen in awhile, lol

FireWorksStudios: that an excelent sound, but i have now a designer sound ffx, yo have also that?, whats the name of this end sound, that noise sound, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii as like that, because, that sound or noise is the best because that are used to the mos famous series of tv!!

spark21ful: if is adobe after affects cs3 can you make a tutorial ?nice job

3D Wolverine Claws 3.1 out of 5

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