HTC One X: How To Flash Custom ROMs - Cursed4Eva

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Belhadj Amine: thnks...

Javed B: am gettng lots of pop ups generating omn my htc one x + do i have to flash custom rom itself

azmeer azim: after pressing recovery in the bootloader, there is only a phone icon with red exclamation mark on it. why does this happen?

Official Jazii: Could you tell me how to get those ROMs on my SD card ? :)

SkreltNL: explained verywell, cheers

Robert Hovhannisyan: Can this flashing fix camera issue?

joy gayen: bro i didnt put my zip file into my sd card and had flashed the phone and my sd card is empty fully without any backup..and the cwm isnt showing mount usb storage i cant mount my phone to the computer....what to do..please help me out..

ashish sharma: Can i install the rom of htc one x on my htc one x plus???

Utkarsh Srivastava: i have relocked my htc one x and not able to install the ruu and hence my os is not booting. tell me how can i unlock it again?

Martin Thomson: i have the twrp recovery on my phone.but han=ve not decided on which rom to put on it yet. what rom would you reccomend? especially for increased battery life?

kamen traikov: I want to buy this phone. Can you tell me is it good. Thanks

Dylan Berglund: do you need s off to install a custom rom

Seedubya Tech: will this process be exactly the same with maximushd 21? Please advise!

Guri Brar: Nyccc

fuad zeqiri: so i did install this version of clockworkmod but touch is not working and tried three of other cwm's versions with touch none worked also tried the twrp none worked .. :/ help @cursed4eva

imran khan: Can u do a review of one x receiving 4.2.2 update with latest features thanks

Aman Kasnia: ONE QUESTION : does any of the custom rom of one x provide 3g video call facility ?

westboi1250: Do I still need clockwork mod recovery if I already have twrp 2.5.0?

OhMyGameplays houtsma: my htc one x will not startup... do you have any options?

HavoC KLM: I have a out dated rom on my One x which is the Maximus v3.0 i want to update it to the latest version of the rom. By doing this will I lose all my apps or is there anyway which I can do it without loosing my apps?

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HTC One X: How to Flash Custom ROMs - Cursed4Eva 5 out of 5

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