Forearm Forklift Review

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Jimmy: 1:48 - [deleted scene] the guy on the right steps on the golf ball and falls violently backwards crashing his head into the fridge while he is still looking at the camera. The way his foot met the golf ball caused it to be kicked up into the air and it nails the camera lens causing a giant spiderweb of broken glass on the video frame. His legs are now pinned under the couch while he lies on the floor motionless. The other guy freaks out and urinates himself at the sight of all the blood and he too passes out due to a heart attack. Even though the fridge is unplugged, the force of the impact of his head causes ice to spill out of the dispenser onto the injured man's face. This is posted on youtube 4 years later as found footage since neither man was able to get up and call for help. Moral of the story - don't leave your toys laying around on the floor.

YourLittleistFan: You might want to read the instructions on the product you're reviewing. I'm just glad you don't do gun reviews!

Balaji M: Use shoudler dolly,, thats nice and keeps away from legs to easy move and all weight is over shoulder which is stringer than arms..

petra Loggie: they dont work with sofas. you normally take off the feet to get thru the doors and you normally have to tilt the sofa 45 degrees to get thru the door. everything else is great. sofas not so good.

returnedfavor: should be a video going up and down stairs.....

ibrahim abdullahi: Raped MY LEFT EAR

GodsMan500: @StarReviewsDotCom Because is takes just a split second for an accident to occur. One slip, one person stumbles, and serious injury can occur. Steel-toed shoes or at least workboots are the only footwear that is appropriate here. Why take a chance on permanent injury?

MRdjDICKEY: hey i think that ur hands sholdnt be on the side of the fridge it shold be in front of you when going through door ways if u dont want to f up ur hands

j ea: useless item.,

dedzone: @StarReviewsDotCom Ignore him or delete his comment. He's just being a jack ass.

dedzone: @StarReviewsDotCom Ignore him, he's just being a jack ass.

wingerrrrrrrrr: Would have been able to move it with even more ease if you positioned the straps closer to your elbows. By putting it closer to the crook of the arm, it's allowing the arms to suspend the weight from the shoulders, requiring very little muscle power. Then just place your hands on the fridge directly in front of you, instead of the sides, so the weight actually helps apply steadying pressure on the object without any additional effort. Moved a gun safe with it, much heavier than a fridge..

MasterHasbar25: lol, im guessing he was joking. Great Review!

That Guy: I work for a home delivery company and we swear by these things. Moving Friges Old Floor model TV's and just heavy products is much easer and safer with these. Makes me wish i would have thought of them, be living on easy street my whole life and so would the rest of my family from here on! Buy from amazon, prices are freaking amazing!

snipertenten: at 1:57 ping pong ball in the bottom right corner of the screen

gir1258: He's actually right, when I listen with headphones, the sound is offset to the left. It is the video.

Vail DeWan: whats up with the ping-pong ball at 1:50 ?

jujainlapet: how come when i only watch ur videos i get sound from only one of my speakers??

Jiddy12345: Love your work

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Forearm Forklift Review 5 out of 5

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