Box Braids Using Hair Extensions, Using Coconut Oil For Eczema

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Rosie Breeding: Can u do hair like that

KinkyStyles1980: @ejai2011 # 1 i just did lol #2 No it's not heavy lol I know it looks heavy but it's not heavy at all. When I wash it, it feels a little heavy but I'm in bed at that point so it's not pulling and by morning time it's dry. Great question ;-)

chris laborn: Sorry, my mom wants to know if you used human hair?

KinkyStyles1980: Eucerin don't work for my kids, I tried everything lol. Derma Smooth works the best and now we pay only $15 with our insurance ;-)

KinkyStyles1980: It's ok questions are always welcome. No it's not human hair, Kanekalon hair

Naturally Kat: wow your hair has grown so much since this video, very good!!!;)

KinkyStyles1980: @mrsjustkiara lol since I became natural I decided not to braid my edges with hair extensions to prevent breakage, it works for me;-)

KinkyStyles1980: about 8-10 hours

LaNeikqua Youson: Do you leave your edges in a flat twist the whole time? I have the same problems with my edges.

Kandice: Eucerin is good for eczema 2 and not as expensive


Ash- Lynn: Thank you. That came out nice

KinkyStyles1980: @mochamama90 I wash my braids weekly so then I redo my edges, but if you feel messing with it weekly is too often try ever other week. The less you have to pull on your edges the better chance of them growing back ;-)

KinkyStyles1980: Thanks for watching, This is the easiest tech for beginners, part your hair in a box shape, take the weave and fold it into two sections like an upside down u or n. Now place your hair in the middle. Now you have three pieces of hair. Take one side of the weave and wrap it around once, then start braiding with all three pieces. Let me know if this helps ;-)

JGreatesetLove: Hi I came across your channel and I love the way you do you hair. I really want to do my hair in braids to grow my hair out, but I can't seem to attach my hair tightly. If you could give me some pointers that would be great :) thank you!

NADINE DENISE: thank you for the tip about coconut oil. my daughter was recently diagnose eczema with & we didn't know what to use. we already use coconut oil on our hair. thanks again. i will be doing these braids on my hair soon!!!

Amber Darby: I know this is an old video, but I was wondering throughout the duration of braids do you redo any of them during that 2 month period?

iloveannabutler: this is in my bday:) and how long didd it take ?

iAmJayAnnn: I always feel like im the only one who has exzema ! I never thought of using coconut oil on my skin to help with moisturizing but it really works on my dry scalp . I love it . And your hair! Somehow when i do my hair, I always end up back at your videos lol . Love em !

KinkyStyles1980: @MsBeasley0783 I will be posting a update next month, my hair is an a protective style right now ;-)

MsBeasley0783: how long is your hair, now?

KhloéMuschett: thank god the uk have free health care i cant believe you have to pay for that and its for your kid !

KinkyStyles1980: Happy Birthday ;-)

KinkyStyles1980: This video is really old, I say about 10 packs

Advaita Lapides: To completely get rid of your eczema, it is best to get rid of the root cause your condition. Take a look at the following blog for additional information:


luvsbuffgurls: @KinkyStyles1980 i just watched the end result and wow, totally gorgeous and super sexy in red and so shapely!

stilstanding2: How many pks are u useing

KinkyStyles1980: I have convert my braids to another style

SongstressGrace: This style looks great on you! I've been wanting to do box braids on myself for a while and I was wondering if you had any problems with any braids falling out? I know there are many techniques to attach the extension, and this is the easiest I've seen!

mrsjustkiara: @KinkyStyles1980 o okay i see welp that helps me out alot as well ill take that tip into consideration

Eugene Loftly: really quick #1 when you gone sub to my page lol #2 love the video but dont u worry about the braids pulling out your hair from being so heavy ?

KinkyStyles1980: no problems at all, I started braiding my own hair at age 14

luvsbuffgurls: i just noticed coconut oil at CVS pharmacy when I was buying tea tree oil and some olive oil based conditioner. I bought the tea tree oil before and it helps in the winter with dry scalp and dry skin in general.

Kazumi Yoshida: Now I know how you put fake hairs.. Can you do one with yarns because my friends hair is fake and it's a yarn..

KinkyStyles1980: @TheNoleboo Glad you enjoyed the video, thanks so much for subbing ;-)

KinkyStyles1980: @luvsbuffgurls cool ;-)

Bee Thompson: i love my freaking Derma-Soothe!

KinkyStyles1980: @MsEaddy80 Thank u, will do ;-)

Nothingbutthebest: I am so glad I found you, I love the flat twist for the fine hairs in the front, they looked like a headband at first.And I am going to attempt a braid extension later to day. Thanks for the tutorial.

KinkyStyles1980: Yes all ten ;-)

KinkyStyles1980: Happy Birthday ;-)

TeeZB23: Hey, Did you use all ten bags?

Eugene Loftly: man should have done a video response

KinkyStyles1980: no problems at all, I started braiding my own hair at age 14

kaydian gentles: Thank you sooo much for this video! A friend directed me to it. Well done. Subbed.

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Box Braids using hair extensions, Using Coconut Oil for Eczema 4.8 out of 5

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