Zenonia 5 Android Cheats

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Kestas Versickis: dosent work now. game crash wen u have in mobile any hack.

Ryan Tirta: thanks it's work!!

Nei Santana: My ZENONIA are acknowledging GameCIH and is shutting down, what do I do?

Guillaume Saulnier: Please Send zen my id is GizzPill

Reo Flandez: OMG!! It really works! I'm sorry if I didn't get this before but now I get your instructions ^^ If only I could like this 100 times :D

Bliblou dav': Can you give a valid like to download the cheat please ? Thank you

Bruce Wayne: can you send me some zen?? Id: naeunjjang

Matth Caluza: Can u please send me some send my I'D is Matcz19. Follow the step properly many but can't seem to get it work. Please I would appreciate it .

CJowNZy: Send zen Id: cjownzu. CJOWNZU

Lynne Brewer: zenoniahack.com tested and works

jkech21logy: never mind dude thanks and I rooted my phone peace .v..

S Hs: Then How to fix it if you got banned?

Carlos Eduardo: me give hack zenonia 5 for email carlose749@gmail.com

Deontae Chambliss: Can somebody please.tell me how to root!!

kalaad0225: No it works for any lvl

Alin Sima: Game is updated the new version ? thank you

Alin Sima: ZOMBIEPOX .. the Zenonia version is updated to new patch ? thank you

Rama Ardiana: thankss!!! it's awesome :D

jeongyerim0301: sir how can i open BHGplus.confg ?? i using galaxy y.. answer plss..

James Serrano: Survey -_- ? 1

februarycourts: How to mod zenonia 5? using samsung hp

ZOMB13P0X: I know it doesnt support tegra2/3 devices thats why i cant record on my tablet. U should check if ur phone/device is supported

JudgedByArceus: Please send max zen my way! Id: 250475

Tinny Boii: means you got banned.....like me >.>

Promethean Wizard: Try to do : World at arms

gaggaga gogoogo: Hey erm I was wondering if you could provide me or everyone with Zenonia 5 with the latest update cos after i downloaded the Zen5 with the cheat detection thingy, it asked me to update and it is impossible to update it because it it not from the store. So please please please provide Zen5 with the latest update! Thanks in advance!

alemancd: for some reason game killer will not work on my samsung galaxy tab yes iam rooted its just gamekiller closes when i open it meanwhile allowed it ill just use gamecih for now

Abraham Polanco: wont let me get on website

Kungmusic Dois: Great post man, thank you. 100% working for me

Har Tono: newest version was 1.0.4 can i still use it?

Promethean Wizard: Hey try to hack Big Win Basketball...

akanuza: sweeet got everything thnx mate :D

John Gerin: Got an error occured in your DropBox Account.. Cannot Download It!! Could you update your Link?

ITypicalI: What do i do when it says root privilege is needed ?

Chin Wei: for the ZEN 5 VERSION 1.0.3, how can the "zenonia5.conf" file is empty inside??

Dicky Krist: plaese give another link for modded zenonia 5. i cant download it

TheSmoothTurtle: Oh we got a Korean Boy

MercilessEndings: It took me to the url shortener what now?

Ezekiel Reyes: 2. Copy the 16 digit string into the "zenonia5.conf" file and save it. How can i perform this?

Harvey Osio: where can you download game killer?

Tanapong Sopatpon: I cant not i nee root


Ken Samaniego: Please send me a zen , did not work. Id: KenSam17

John Navarre: ok never mind that last one i have an updated version of zenonia which is version 1.0.2 and not 1.0.0 which you have provided if you can get into contact with i can give you the updated version so you can mod it other wise i am going to examine the work from your release and try to mod it myself

jin Mortem: It says "Update the game now with enhanced services" And when i update. it just returns to google playstore. cant play the game.

Jorge94387: How do you get the numbers? Please help

Idraki Faeez: @Coldmindable Zenonia5 is something wrong with it.After we killed a monster about 10 seconds they reappear again.That's way to fast to reappear.

xJagger Jack: Couldent get it to work even with root Send.Zen JaggerJackx plz

jaobwalker: How do you get that number thing up

ZOMB13P0X: Look at description thru ur browser whole url dont show on the youtube app

Zenonia 5 android cheats 4.2 out of 5

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