Smith And Wesson New Model No 3 Single Action

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spinxtercell: I thought for a second this was Gorge Lucas

mike kemp: think it is one of the most beautiful pistols ever made

Miss O.P.: can a model 3 revolver spin like for Russian Roulette? writing a book.

Lone Eagle: 2:25 just curious; why shouldn't it be used for cowboy action or just shot rarely?

Drake: The best single action, I don't think so, colt single action Army hands down, case closed.

Ryan Rosenblum: I would love to have a replica of one of these in 44 special

dan marva: 36 cal?

Drezin86: Another question: why'd the Russians want that trigger guard spur, anyways?

Drezin86: So, theoretically, since the top brake levers are on the side with this gun, could you fan the hammer? I've just always wondered this.

John Saia: Could that enlarged firing pin hole be tig welded and re-drilled?

Big Loaf: Nevermind I looked it up. The schofield was a different model 3 :P

Big Loaf: Is this the revolver which is often referred to as a 'Schofield' Revolver?

duelist1954: Try Vintage Gun Grips. Google it. They have hard rubber grips for your gun. I would only shoot black powder cartridges in these guns.

Joe Sun: Mike, I have 2 questions, 1) Where would I got about getting a new set of grips for my S&W No. 3? The The one I am getting has a crack on it and has been sanded down at some point :( 2) Are the 44 Russian sold in the market now safe to shoot on an old S&W let the New Model No 3? or should I reload, and if you have any recommendations for reloading it. Thanks

duelist1954: It does not take the .44 Spl, which is too long, and it does not take the .44 S&W American, which has a .45 caliber, heel-based bullet.

darkbrisco: why is there a very big part of my soul that hopes and prays he dresses like that in public?

jsm666: What is it with the single action? Why does it exude such magic? It's not as if self-roostering or even double action revolvers (e.g. the British Beaumont-Adams) weren't possible back then, and I know which I'd prefer in combat (if only for fear of being so terrified I'd forget to rooster the bloody thing).

Seth Tyrssen: Well shucks ... judging by the opening and closing scenes, ya must go through a lot of camera operators ...>grin!<

BushcraftBritannia: No it isn't, he uses a British made Webley and a swing loading pistol that may be the Colt Police Positive, but I'm not sure.

72darkf: I kind of like topbreaks. Strange that they never really hold theyr ground with theyr advantage during reloading. Never had a chance to try one yet, alas. How reliable is the ejection with expanded mouths on cases? Smith topbreaks, Enfields? Wondering if any new design with modern technology by any major manufactor would come out one day. The simplicity of it would be a selling point, I think.

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Smith and Wesson New Model No 3 Single Action 5 out of 5

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