Getting Started With Digital Art 2012

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Linn Isabel Eielsen: I got one today! :D Intuos pro! I love it. I just don't know what program to use :(

HotchiwawaChronicles: Hello,
What is the tablet at 0:36 ?

Leanne Gibson: I'm getting this for Christmas from my family! :D

Argeo Saco: you wont waste paper anymore...

Tracks Darren: This April

TheWhiteProtector: not really, even with an old Pentium 4 computer, still not an excuse for not being creative! old version of photoshop will be sufficient.

BriEva13: Hi I'm new to using a tablet for art and would like to know which tablet is the best to purchase and is good for Photoshop CS5. Which model is the most effective? I came here because I heard Wacom is the best for digital art but should i spend money on the tablet itself or get a pen and use it on my Kindle?

Johannes Koeberle: the wacom is simple to use, the program you us it for is the problem (Photoshop, zBrush etc.)

vanoty: It didn't seem so much like spitting on the traditional medium as much as offering points on why digital might work better for some. Both mediums have their advantages which is why it's up to the consumer to choose what's going to work for them in the end.

asgiov: I'm not sure how they were "spitting" on traditional... What they say is true... They are just making a case for choosing digital media over traditional. And I totally agree... setup and cleanup can be really time consuming for most people.. and the prices for good paints is ridiculous... Of course there are pluses to traditional as well.. but why would they make the argument to go buy someone else's product instead of their own? O_o;

Robert Toombs: is there a limit on which desk top pc it will hook up to ?

Dave Simkus: These promotional videos are getting annoying.

zxcvbnm: Don't spit on traditional methods to promote your own, both are amazing enough for themselfs.

DeesignsCo: where is the best place in the SF Bay Area to learn to use the Wacoms?

Lokken: This video is misleading a little. While there's a learning curve with traditional art, there's also a major learning curve to digital art. Fundamentals should be transferred. So keep those Wacom tutorials coming.

phatcartoon: Thanks for sharing. I use a 12wx at work and I love it. Not to go without saying there are some flaws to it. The color levels could be better, the pen/cursor alignment gets off near the edges of the screen, and like you said, the price is a bit steep My job paid for it though, so I can't complain. I still prefer it over my Intous 3. I'm sure a new 12" will be out soon, I almost bought a 21ux, but decide to hold off, and then the 22HD came out. I'm Glad I waited. Just be patient and keep drawing.

Axus: Cheap cintiq with 2048 lvls check it

Thesian the sign: ive used the cintiq 12wx for three years its a great tablet

Dalton Smith: Wish I was a good artist so I could have a reason to buy a tablet. lol

mrzack888: sorry ,can't help u there. on screen tablets u gotta pay good money.

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Getting Started With Digital Art 2012 5 out of 5

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