Full Auto With A Saiga 12

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Mike Davidson: Always loved this video! What is crazy is I had my original double stack prototype in the ammo can. The day this video was taken was the only time that prototype ever failed but it’s because the makeshift spring I had scotch taped together finally came apart. It was a tape failure, not a double stack failure, lol. I really should have had them commercially available in 2010 sometime. Mossberg is just now releasing double stacks under a licensing agreement on my patent for them. Crazy...

felix baumgartner: perecite

Captain Deadpool: could you hunt with that being a class 3? i know you could need a limited 2 or 3 round mag depending on your state for deer but down south i dont think there is any restrictions for shooting hogs.

Jeremy Bennett: the first shooter has good control of it on full auto, impressive

shadowrundas: hes said on a video i believe that a vast majority of the guns he uses (especially full autos) are borrowed

jckulewsky: Not true. It just requires certain permits. Look at FPS russia. He legally obtained post 1986 fully automatic AA-12s and dual wielded them online. He happens to be from Georgia. He has also gotten brand new full auto weapons as well as MINIGUNS!!! XD I won't pretend to understand the bureaucracy of it all but I do know that it is possible.

jckulewsky: False my good sir. You can buy any weapon in the US with the correct permit. Supressors too! How hard or easy that permit may be to obtain is a whole seperate story.

dmitry sergeev: Very cool!Please tell me where I can buy a parts of the full automatic version of Saiga 12?

Los Tha Jackal The Real: Kick lite stock! It takes away all the recoil. That thing would be outrageous!

Agent Smith: that's because they aren't ilegal clown

Ha Dang: Auto Shotgun=Rifle(or Machine Gun)+Shotgun

jgzev1: God I wish this was legal in CA. I have a semi-auto. Still totally worth the money.

sriley100: Great video, do you think it is wort the money???

sriley100: Great video,do you think it is worth the money??

RIA1911a1: What ever happened to Mike Davidson? Seems like he fell off the face of the Earth.

TomCat686: death squad right there.

Thunkful2: Now for the price of one AA-12, how many Saigas can you buy?

armedandready72: Guy in the white shirt is Mike from MD Arms. He is the maker of those drum mags they're using. They are high quality bad ass! I know because I own a couple.

Nik Schulkins: And besides, this one has more punch ;3 Russian hardware for life <3

Kamboジミー: 0.45 One hand like ah Boss

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Full Auto with a Saiga 12 5 out of 5

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