Diamond Camo Snipers In Black Ops 2 (DSR-50 And Ballista)

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BlackScar 99009: diamond is stupid it looks like my sister bedazzled my gun i hate it but love gold 

matthew nicholas: i will engage my girlfriend with this beautiful piece

Extrax: i just need xpr gold the svu was easy

Font Reqx 2 Second Channel: Lol

Charlie Smock: I love how you ended the video lol

Þórir Gísli Sigurðsson: demonnnnnddadaf

Þórir Gísli Sigurðsson: lllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllll

GLOBOYOTF: Ill give u 1500 microsofts points if u get me te dsr 50 diamond

DAPREDATORS1: For anyone trying to get all snipers gold it is very difficult and you have to be very competitive online to for-fill it!

Zachary Wolk: The ending to the video is epic.

BlackHawk1070: any tips for getting the skull camo? all i need is 3 more blood thirsties, but i cant seem to do it at all, so any help?

hiimacrazyguy: Diamond i mean...

hiimacrazyguy: And i got svu gold today in 7 hours. My fastest gold gun yet, only need dsr 50 for gold :')

hiimacrazyguy: Why you guys hate the svu? Its a kick ass gun with extended mag and ballistic cpu, it outguns many stuff, hate on the xpr xP

Morgie DeStevens: yah i agree with you joey i hate the svu-as

Susan Hoem: dsr-50

Moonlight: i know so many hitmarkers

campingquit: it pisses me off

ThatFlame 62: I know, I've been working on trying to get diamond with the svu and it's just so difficult, you mainly have to go for headshots in core if you want one shot kills, but of course the little squeakers and try hards are always sprinting away from you and you're just like "STOP MOVING!!!!!!!" Lmao but it's worth it in the end

V17GT: /watch?v=rl_e8fSCmiM watch for my diamond dsr quickscoping! I hit two spawn wallbangs in this game you guys should watch!

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Diamond Camo Snipers in Black Ops 2 (DSR-50 and Ballista) 5 out of 5

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