Double Horse 9116 4 Channel Helicopter Review

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Kyle's Loft: Well i chareged it and it was full charge i tried it it wont even
Ift up and just turns of dont know whats the problem with it

Heli Fan Ensenada: Very complete review, indeed it is one of the best Helis I've flown.
It was my second 4ch FP helicopter, and even now when I fly 6ch cp Helis and Multirotors, I still enjoy going back to the 9116.
It is TOUGH and sturdy.
I am using it to teach my 3,5 year old son to fly. It can withstand a beating...
What can I say, I love it.

george casey: have you done a revew on the syma 3ch f1 rc heli

Sam Johnson: my saves the trims

K V: Thank you for a fantastic and indepth review!

riverstrat: ...cont... The unavoidable climb while moving forward is a disaster as well as just not being able to 'fixed spot hover' . In defense of the s301 though , it is hella fun and has been fairly reliable and indestructible given the abuse I've put it through. Any recomedations appreciated, I'd like to keep within a budget of under $150... Again , need about 26" , 2.4 ghz (just not 27mhz) ,3 or 4 channel, still easy to fly , one that does exceedingly well at FIXED POINT HOVER. Thanks...☺☺

riverstrat: I have the syma s301g , getting ready for an upgrade to 2.4ghz and need one about 20% + - larger. I do like the coax bladed copters but not dead set on that feature. Problem with mine: I mainly need a super stable hover and a slightly better payload capacity. Mine will stay in one spot fairly well (indoors) but will not maintain elevation, there is not sweet spot on the main rotor rpm to get it to maintain. Also when moving forward it wants to also increase main rotor and climb ...cont...

Kyle's Loft: I dont like when they say they are knd of cccrrraaappp

sara maharjan: I read most of the feedback however I think that it's a great youtube video. My sibling just wishes to get excellent with chicks. He came to understand a freak load from a web page called Master Attraction. (Google it.) The help about seducing women through clubs in those emails via that website helped get got him his first freaks in around 4 long yrs. I got annoyed though due to the fact I heard them all. Horrible.

Lazy Gamer: Don´t you see a button in the remote control. If you are inexperiente in this subject ask someone to help you . Just don´t break the helicopter! :)Portugal , I sell 90 cm helicopters for 85 dollars .Bye

ghouse khasim: your voice is like Microsoft sam computer

mrbanana779: Hi, I just bought this helicopter a few days ago. It flies amazing out of the box. The only problem that I had with mine, is that one of the trim-buttons did not work, I wasn't able to trim the side 2 side movement of the helicopter and it flew just a little bit to the right. I am going to return this helicopter tomorrow, and see if I can get one with a working transmitter. But this helicopter is alot of fun to fly, even with a broken transmitter :D

David Obeid: Not very good advising to add weight on the nose for faster flight. A heli must be balanced at the main rotor head, adding weight at the front would make it track all over the place. It will affect your swash plate. If you want a more more heavy model at least "shift " weight, do not add. Move the battery forward or other components. It can be done regardless what heli.

TheMrTape: I just realized from another video that the canopy was damaged by the balance bar, it also made a little bump in the tail boom. Great design!

TheMrTape: The canopy isn't sturdy at all. Mine broke on first crash(due to range loss), I bought it because I thought the canopy was tough; it's not.

joseico90: apparently the trim settings CAN be saved using the SUBTRIM function on the menu. :)

Htownrule: I think its too big and bulky it doesn't fly as good as the 9116

Will G: Now I saw the 9117, new model. even better

Will G: check the 9117, Newest model. very nice

Htownrule: @will G yea its better than 9100

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Double Horse 9116 4 channel helicopter review 5 out of 5

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Double Horse 9116 4 channel helicopter review
Double Horse 9116 4 channel helicopter review
Double Horse 9116 rc helicopter
Double Horse 9116 rc helicopter
RH75 - Double Horse 9116 4channel 2.4GHz RC Helicopter
RH75 - Double Horse 9116 4channel 2.4GHz RC Helicopter
9116 Double Horse Helicopter review
9116 Double Horse Helicopter review
Double Horse 9117 & 9116 RC Helicopter Setup
Double Horse 9117 & 9116 RC Helicopter Setup

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