How To Create And Restore An IMEI Number On Your Galaxy S3 Running Touchwiz (US Varients, Not I9000)

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clau dia: Hi moonfire!

do you have an updated location of the NV reader/writer? seems to be offline.

Is this NV reader/writer ONLY for the SG3?

Is there also a version for the note 2 GT-N7100 ?


Sajeev N: Could you please send me the link to download the SGS3 IMEI NVITEM Generator application. Its not active at this time.

Sergiu Valentin Aman: I don.t find the driver man.. . Help me ???

Sergiu Valentin Aman: I don.t find the driver man.. . Help me ???

Lucas Luppi: I have a Int Galaxy S2 (I9100, exynos processor), when I type *#7284#, it goes to PhoneUtil, but I only have two options: UART (I can select Modem or PDA) and USB (I can select Modem or PDA here too). Is there a way of doint it in I9100? Thank you very much!

Tantagoi Adrian: Hi I need some help please. I treid to download the programs from the link you gave us but is not working : The file you are trying to access is no longer available publicly. Can you help me please?

Mustafa Seçilmiş: [SOLVED] You know what I love you buddy! I have been trying this method since one year by different time periods, especially when I encounter with efs or imei problems. But I wasn't able to finish it properly. Somehow I have managed to fix it with your video today. Many many thanks man.
Here are the tips I have followed. 
-->Before applying the instructions in this video I have installed the latest Samsung USB drivers properly and Kies 3 as well. 
Phone Settings - Developers mode- USB Debug (Tick it)active,
->Dial pad *#7284# UART ( * ) Modem ( ) PDA, USB( ) Modem ( * ) PDA -> 'Qualcomm USB Settings' choose 'RNDIS + DM + MODEM' go back Save and Reset.
-> Computer - Properties- Device Manager - Ports - (Check the active port number that your phone is connected)
If there is no active port then download QPST install go to QPST Configurations- Ports - Add port- Untick "Show Serial Usb and ..." then select port shown in the left box hit OK. Go back to PORTS tab check the port number you selected because because there must be sth different than "No Phone" message. If you see "No Phone" message then there is sth wrong, double check the steps and make sure you phone is connected and drivers are installed properly.
After this step, the rest is the same as explained in the video.
Once you write the imei to the device then restart the phone check the IMEI .If it's alright wait some time for finding a network.
Good luck with this crap. :)


Jim Mulvenna: Have you another link to  "THIS" imei generator. This one says too much traffic.

GTX970 SLI: PLEASE, could someone link me to the files? they don't work and I need them badly

mojeed ayodele: Thanks for the lecture.
My phone is galaxy A3 I try to unlock it using the following codes: *#7465625# to check if code active or not, and *2767*3855# to unlock the phone but both code returned "NOT REGISTERED ON NETWORK". Kindly assist on how i can unlock it.

partagalos: I have recently put Cyanogenmod11 and when i type *#7284# and other commands nothing happens. It only respons to *#06# and shows me empty IMEI. Help plz !

Nwene Onu: whats the name of the program used to generate the imei to tar

Tarek Toti: i have problem with the program don`t want to open on my win 8 64-bit, could you help me?

Bboyrasta: Hi, 1st thx for the video, it´s easy and explaind good
it works till i click on read in the NV programm, its searchs for the phone and at the end, its shows me " phone doesnt answer, Fail"
any idea how to fix this problem?

mikedixon243: i clicked your links, the website says the files are no longer avalible. can you upload them again, or give me another link to them

VintageAs: update the downlad link pls

joao carlos ramos: can you put the link on...thanks

Acsus Kast: I Got Everything Down But It Doesn't read My Phone It Keeps saying Failed.. Phone does not answer what am i doing wrong? 

How to create and restore an IMEI number on your Galaxy S3 running touchwiz (US varients, not i9000) 5 out of 5

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