Social Empires - Soul Mixer (Combinations)

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bart degryse: I played social empire's 2 years ago, i quit it because those makers were getting to greedy.. i played it when i came out and it was so simple, just knights and nrml houses, now u need god houses super drags and more overpowerd monsters.... i miss the time it was simple, greedy bastards, it's all for the money, and did you notice it's been for 3 years now in a beta version... <_< they don't upload it for crap, they just add more bullcrap into the game.

metal knight: Hey paknot can you try and make am epic dragon in the soul mixer pls. Thx if you can or if you cant :)

zachary scruggs: You have so much stuff and not lagging but I don't have that much and its lagging

king: Hi pankot8 how you get cash

Tetris Battle: with all that cash, i'd say you're the SE leader XD also, the last one either green extreme or golden extreme

Daniel Esparza Medina: You are a freaking hacker

dan robles: Hey 7.09 what is the name of this unit? please someone respond my question

benedict kirby mallare: why does every time you you press power up. it changes the result ?

Minarwa Bajracharya: hey pakot , how can we get the exact dragon from its draggy in a soul mixer ???

NordicOnur Honca: You blew through your cash

Quang Nhat: how to mixed a golden bahamut??? I can't mixed it

SacredSacredHeroesYes VillainsNo: Which 2 Units is WHICH Makes the Elemental Light God? HELP! :(

sammy nguyen: you can get a sbd with golden dragon extreme rider and wind extreme rider with no power up. You might want to switch back and forth to some other random unit and back to wind extreme since it changes everytime you switch back and forth.

Marquis Young: paknot8 what is the monster/person that is holding the orb in all seriousness i thought it was Zeus 

ramlian thang: I just mix the two head dragon rider and the black bahamut dragon rider and it's gonna be forest extreme dragon,I'm happy

raffy dibansa: By the way add me then i can teach you how to hack cash and gold without surveys!! And paknot are you filipino i will be glad if u are filipino like me.... Add me Raffy Dibansa and message me in facebook if you want to get 2 billion cash and gold so you can keep on making vids xD 

pablo rios: oye como se puede sacar un epic dragon?

adwait date: can you plz tell how to earn cash

Maks Pavlicic: How do you get the extreme bahmbut dragon? I made asoul extreme dragon but how do I get the extreme bahmbut dragon?

Justin Clemente: hey paknot i have a question for u. do u know how to make a supreme bahamut dragon? 

king: Pankot how you get cash

Ícaro Machado: 3 head primal dragon rider + hydros titan = ???

Diogo Henrique: nossa muito irado

Luka GamerHD: Is impossible to get epic dragon? not draggy?? epic dragon??

Oscar Torrez Hernandez: Esta muy divertido es un juego jenial 

Necro Nya: Muy buen video. Gracias.

Ali Barrie: wtf u have 3000+ cash

Luz Tayag: cheater hahhhahahahahah!

HI Hi: Can u get some/all the Epic Dragons from the soul mixer ? PLS REPLY BACK ;-

芊小: can you mix black bahamut dragon with volcano dragon....pls

Meriadoc Brandybuck: Hades?

BGMaster Sasuke: i know u use hack but dont wory:)

byla besimuli: how to get king kong

1life2live: is tha5 game on pc or smething what Divice?

ΙΩΑΝΝΗΣ ΓΙΑΝΝΑΚΙΔΗΣ: the two units that i ll mix ll be lost after mixing?

Max Dimberg: +paknot8 Add me on FB, and I'll show you real stuff. Bajen Dimber is the name, I'll show you dragons with almost 9k health and 240+ damage.

大帅郑: can we get Black Epic Dragon from soul mixer? i heard some people say they could get it by mixing some dragon or whatever

Summer Girl: i have infernal dragon no dragon rider

Thiago Matheus: Zeus +zeus-hades

gogeta7's: I'm sorry but how would one go about getting a Galaxy Dragon?

jumbomacswager pres: my forest extream dragon can hit 400+ and has 5500 health 

An Nguyen: I have only common units like Infernal, Vulcano, Crystal, Furious, Stormy Dragon, several Draggies and other special units. I also have Ares. I don't have a lot of cash, like, 40 or so. How do I get more powerful units?

Sophia Pasatiempo: how to get god and colosus

steven torres: hey do you know golden golem and furious dragon

anand yadav: can we get furious bull dragon in soul mixer if yes how

ali sen: galaxy dragon rider best dragon ?

scraching monkey: how to get a god or clossus

Şemsi Saracoğlu: hey how i can get elven crossbow with soul mixer?

emelitabmangawa: how to get epic dragon

Jonathan Kimmel: i got a paladin dragon this way

Social Empires - Soul Mixer (Combinations) 4.7 out of 5

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