TT-33 Tokarev Pistol Field Strip

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14goldmedals: Best one on YouTube. Nice work.

Sophia Chen: 太棒了! 非常非常好! 非常细致的每一步,没丢下任何细节! 谢谢!

LearningZone: Excellent disassembly and assembly. You did much more than what normally did people on other channels. Great work.

Wess Schrijver: Now we can put a suppressor on it ;)

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doc363: I got mine in the mail today. I cant get the damn grips off though. I have the switch all of the way to open but the panel wont pop off. I tried heating it up a bit to see if it was glued on with cosmoline but it wont bodge. not sure what to do.

Spitzbube: Very Helpful Thanks a lot.

Henry Rodgers: Just got my Tokarev TT-33 today in the mail ( Canada Post ) from BC . No shipping to a FFL dealer like they have in the States . Followed your instructions , took it apart both ways .  Your the first guy that I went to looking for information . Videos is almost 5 years old . Glad you don't take them down . They are so valuable to people like me . Always looking to see if you have a new video out. Your videos are very interesting and give out a lot of great information . Thanks again from Ontario .

Nick U.: So thinking of a Post War Russian version or a Zastava M57...decisions decisions...

rneiman3: I use the first method in the video to take down the Tokarev, but I use the second method to put it back together again. It just seems easier (& quicker) to compress the spring once its in the assembled slide & put the bushing on the barrel & rotate it.

Great video!!!

SparkedStar: Hey i want to open the gun,how ?

mo zo: Thanks a lot, man.
That was very helpful.

Sheniloiu: The TT was my service pistol for nearly 25 years, during my service with the Romanian army tank force. I could disassemble it in less then 15 seconds and put it back together in less then 30, but it took me double the time when I was doing it blindfolded.
The first way to field strip this baby is the right one, is is more simple, faster and safer. The other is for the guys who think any handgun based on a Browning type of operation is an M1911 copy and must be striped the same way. In fact the Tokarev is much more simple to strip, operate and repair.
One needs no tools to field strip this gun, remember the gun is issued only with the holster, two mags, a lanyard and a cleaning rod.
First, in order to disengage the piece that secures the slide stop, the one on the right side of the frame, one can use the cleaning rod or the flat part of the mag. This might leave some traces on the gun, but surely not on your fingers as the tool you are using can do!
If you turn the gun left side down and rock the slide a little, the slide stop will fall, no need to extract it.
And in order to secure the main spring, just wrap your fingers around the slide before removing the slide, it is faster and safer that the way you are doing.

TheGearhead222: Interesting! I grew up in Delaware and ya' fooled me!;)-John

TheGearhead222: Great video, but you need to work on that Canuckian accent!;) Just kidding, me mum's from Ontario and me dad's side is from Saskatchewan,eh?;)-John in Texas

Paul Schanen: When I took mine apart the safety came flying out. I can field strip and put back together but I can't figure out how to get that dam safety back in, any tips?

Docenfield: Great video very helpful. Thank you

The Cosmoline Crate: Good information, thanks for the video!

Chen Jiagang: 56大黑星7.62

Thomas Ernst: Do you know "Sportwhy" TT-33 in 22 version and it uses insert for 22 LR round press into. Any good of them or just another knock off.

gestapo43: There are no screws on the Tokarev. What appears to be a screw slot on the mag release and firing in retainer are actually split pins. Remove by driving the split center out with a drift punch.

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TT-33 Tokarev Pistol Field Strip 5 out of 5

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