2007 Toyota Camry LE With 6000K HID

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adamhuutu: the lights only go like acouple feet right? 

adamhuutu: the lighting cuts off after a couple feet huh?

Omer Shahab: i put them right near the lights themselves, just install it wherever you can find a flat, secure place to attach the ballast to so it doesnt move

Omer Shahab: 35watt

Omer Shahab: nope not yet cause i just wanted to get the HIDs in first. im gonna fix those up when i get some time

Omer Shahab: H11 for 07-09 Camry

boytwofat: Where did you buy these lights? I want to get some for my Scion Tc, but I dont know where to buy them.

arseni k: duno which to get 8000 or 6

phatchase: somwhere between 5K and 8K differnt manufactuers have different K what car w/ OEM HID's do you like i maybe able to tell you.

letterandnumber: way too blue

Gerald G: Looks good. Why toyota does not offer oem hid on the Camry but does on the Solara is beyond me.

ipodgoof: where did u get ur kit cause i got an 07 camry too and i wanna get mine switched out.

assazn99: kbk134 You forgot to cover your license plate!

Jonathan Moore: Those are beautiful...i want some for mine. How much did they run u???

Omer Shahab: @roxas159 it's because the bmw's are higher quality manufacturer installed HIDs..you should expect that. it probably isn't that big of a difference in brightness anyway, you shouldn't worry about it

Omer Shahab: @ianhoc4 Nope, everything still working fine 3 years later.

aj0508: hey omershabab i also have a camry 2007, but Im tryna get a HID kit with 4300k would it be legal in Virginia?Im not tryna get pulled over..

Omer Shahab: 8000k is really blue, should stick with 6000k

Omer Shahab: @moofushu Have had them on for over 2 years now and everything is running fine thankfully. Did not replace the bulbs yet either.

Binh Hoang: Your 6000k seem like 8000k bro

James Bond: Can you see better at night with these HID lights or are they just the cool factor? I am thinking of buying some 6000k HID lights for my 2010 Camry SE. I had the xenon light bulbs from ebay and they looked bright when you looked at the car.They looked cool just couldn't see as well as my factory lights. Also the bulbs didn't last very long. Do these HID lights really make you see farther? Any help would be appreciated.

Rushabh Shah: good cutoff

Phong Ho: is this 55w or 35watt?

aznapplez: did u have to change ur projectors? i hear the halogen projectors causes glare

Nam HT Nguyễn: I agree with it.When you drive by it,u'll see a yellow light come out.However,a camry behind u will definitely give you a rainbow-like output.

Omer Shahab: camry 07+ comes with projectors

ianhoc4: Any issues with the Toyota computer telling you that your headlights were burned out?

phatchase: ummm id say thats a 5000k or 6000k, 5000k to be safe but i will look them up and let you know, just remind me.

Mark B: hey man i got the 09 camry, i have audio, lights, rims and the only damn thing im missing are these lights!! lol every shop i went to said that it might not work or whatever because of the camry having projector lens? where and how did you get those on there? thanks man

Omer Shahab: yes you need the whole kit to have the HID system work

Omer Shahab: need to get the whole kit

Binh Hoang: check my out type 07 camry hid 6000k and 10000k on youtube

kenny1309: "Looks a little bluer in the video than it is in real life" lmao So, that video wasn't in real life?

Omer Shahab: @1titanic1 yes you can definitely see much further and clearer with HID lights.. that is why luxury cars have them in the first place

Russell White: what all did u have to do to get those in there? any modifications?

KumNGo2Night: That's not bad at all, but are they legal? They seem pretty bright.

MavssX: when you turned on the lights at the beginning it reminded me of the eyes of a T-X from Terminator 3 lol

ejicon: I hear a lot of pinging... is that your engine? Ouchie!

moofushu: I've seen lots of HID Kits to retro fit standard headlights. One of the things no one mentions is how long the lights work in their standard housing because I know the HID kits burn much hotter and could or might melt the factory headlight housing. Are your headlight housings still in good shape after months and months of use?

Nam HT Nguyễn: I have a 09 Camry SE,so I want to have HID just like some Avalon or LS.The manufacture one,cuz I dont really like too blue.

roxas159: dude i own the 08 camry LE with the philips HIDs 6000k 35w and somehow everytime a BMW like the 335i for example, passes by my side, I notice that their light is so much pure and stronger that mine. Do you know why is that?. I mean both are HID right? they even use 4300k as far as I know. I'll be happy if u could answer my question.

mrdabc: hey can pls tell me which bulbs did you fix in there, H7 / H11?

Daniel Villarreal: I just put my 6000k HID lights for my 2011 Scion tC but my HID's look too blue. They don't look as white and bright as yours. Is your HID kit 55 watts or 35?

alienboy366: when you're driving do the lights go upward on the sides on my camry it does did you have to adjust the projectors?

Ognjen Maletic: @kenny1309 are you just playing stupid or unfortunately you really are ?

nandyesc: Hi Omersahab , is this kit plug and play ? I don't want to mess with the wiring . thanx

Mario Ramirez: are they really that small? lol i'm anxious as hell i will post vid to see how they look. did you take care of the "squirrel spotters"

Godlikehenry: So much glare imo. Halogen housing isn't suitable for HIDs period.

Omer Shahab: No modifications, just plugged in the ballast that came with the kit and replaced old bulbs.

Nam HT Nguyễn: I want to buy a HID kit that looks like the manufacture one.What is the K on the manufacture one,anyonebody knows?

EMT: Thanks! They sometimes skip corners and take the easy way. If they ever did that, I suggest you consult with a paralegal or lawyer. This way they won't be able to cheat you.
2007 Toyota Camry LE with 6000K HID 3.5 out of 5

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2007 Toyota Camry LE with 6000K HID
2007 Toyota Camry LE with 6000K HID
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