Xolo Q700 Unboxing

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Swapan Kumar Chakraborty: Please suggest me to buy Xolo q700s or a600 which is best´╗┐

Tech Imperia: Sorry this feature is not available on this handset.

Anjuraj Rajan: Does it allow apps and games to be moved to SD card as I heard its not allowing to do so. Also what more color options are available

Anurag Goyal: Worked for me but took quite a bit of time to lock the GPS atleast for first time. Also when Google maps used it hovers and moves around a lot even when I am at single place. thinking if that is a problem with my device only or seen by other folks also.. :O :|

Amit Singh: Plz do the full review ...

tm wani: Plz plz Techimperia do its full review quickly. .the video shuld contain review abt camera,gaming,internet,touch,processor,battery backup,screen,music nd video playback. . . PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. .

Tech Imperia: Hey we have edited the description now you can see benchmark test results in the description and please stay with us we will soon be comming out with the full review

PrinceBlackStorm: But what's holding me back from buying Q700 is its GPS problem and storage for apps. Can't apps be moved to Memory card with apps2sd apps ?

Tech Imperia: Yes They Should Run lag free, But Problem is with storage, you only have 2.68 GB to install apps

serin sebastian: hi, what about display clarity and brightness??? Can u compare with xolo q800 which has a little bit less brightness?????

BenWalling56: Can you please tell me if it supports wifi tethering....

Kuldeep Singh: Can we store apps,games to External´╗┐ SD Card?? Do make a review on camera.

Tech Imperia: In Our full review we already mention that it is not even worth mentioning, So clearly it's not upto the mark.

Rashid Siddiqui: App memory kitne hai

Tech Imperia: Hey you purchase it online at INR9999 and you can purchase if from local shop anywhere btw 9300 and 9800

akshay halingali: NENAMARK BENCHMARK PLZ

Tech Imperia: Yes it has Assisted GPS

Ishaan Kohli: So, should i go ahead in buying it?

Anurag Goyal: is GPS working for you ? for me GPS ain't working at all.. doesn't get lock on GPS location and keeps searching..

Anurag Goyal: Thanks, also it does have gorilla glass or a screen protector would be needed ?

Sanjaya Venugopal: does it support hd recording

divyang rathod: It's classy :)

Tech Imperia: Yes it supports HD Video Recording upto 720p

Dipayan Roy Chowdhury: I am confused over buying a Xolo Q700 or Micromax Canvas 2.There are points of concern over Xolo's after-sales-service in Kolkata.Kindly suggest which one to buy.Plzzzzzzzz reply.

ankurhotnot: dude we want its stock ROM for Xolo q800.... plz join dis group... w.w.w.facebook.c.o.m/groups/xoloq800/

Paramjeet Singh: Thanks for replying :)

akshay halingali: Plz DO Gaming review of ASPHALT 7 AND NOVA 3

Ashok kumar K: i see the u r full review tnx.

Ashok kumar K: Gaming performance? screen touch any problems?

Tech Imperia: Coming Soon, Stay Tuned!

Madhurya Kakati: I already found a process to root the phone. With link2sd all games and apps should be easy to install.

PRASENJIT RANA: reply plzzzz

Ankit Chowdhury: Please let us know about the Camera quality and do check the USB OTG features too...Thank you...

ashutosh ahuja: How to click screen shot.

PrinceBlackStorm: I've plan to buy this mobile. Awesome looks. I badly wanted to buy either Zopo 980 4gb or XOLO Q800. But zopo increased price and not in stock. And XOLO downgraded Q800's chipset. Now Q800 isn't worth buying with downgraded chipset

Ashok kumar K: gaming lovers this mobile buy or not?

PRASENJIT RANA: i think he has hyundai i10 car

Tech Imperia: No it does not have a gorilla glass but you get a screen protector inside the box itself (we forgot to show it in the unboxing). And also the one glass solution display on this handset deserves a special mention.

Ankit Chowdhury: Did you try a removable disk in order to check the OTG?? If yes then can you please try checking it with a gamepad?? Or any other device which requires atleast 500 ma of power?? These pen drives require only 100 ma so these devices don't tell much about OTG, Anyways thanks..:)

mdiqbalansari: when will u do full review. ?

PrinceBlackStorm: Guys Rooting method is available on xda forum and other such sites. Just good the following key word phrase. 'how to root xolo q700'

Ashok kumar K: See in flipkart, ur using openion? Cons: 1. Touch has some problems(XOLO can resolve it easily) 2. GPU is slow(Bad for Gaming)

serin sebastian: hi, when will u do the full review????

Anand SR: NENAMARK is too low only 39? Q800 got 53+???

Seetharaman N: I bought this phone 2 days ago. Love it - except for one fatal flaw - the phone NEVER seems to get a GPS fix in google maps; it keeps saying "searching for GPS". Double checked and okayed all 'location access' settings - still no GPS fix. Checked with my colleague who also has q700 - same problem in his piece too. Have contacted XOLO customer care by email - i donno what else to do. Feeling very much bugged. Anyone else has the same problem with this phone?

siddhant siddhant: make a gaming review and a full review of usb on to go.

Shahrukh Khan: can we move the apps to the SD - CARD

harpreet singh: pls upload the full review

Nilesh Sharma: full review plz .....wana buy this phn so plz

Tech Imperia: Touch has no problem, Rather it is working quite well and as good as any other premium smartphone. and also we experienced no problem while playing games like Dead Trigger, real racing 3, GTA 3, Shadowgun etc. they all run lag free.

xolo Q700 unboxing 4.3 out of 5

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Xolo Q700 unboxing. review. benchmark - affordable quad core handset
Xolo Q700 unboxing. review. benchmark - affordable quad core handset
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Xolo Q700 Full Review. Unboxing. Benchmarks. Gaming and Performance
Xolo Q700 Unboxing
Xolo Q700 Unboxing
xolo Q700 unboxing
xolo Q700 unboxing
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