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Ola Nordmann: Very Nice👍 is it for sale?

Janeth Aguilar Roman: Tengo un revolver igual al q muestran en el vídeo es smith&wesson spaingfield mass. Serie 182588 pero no c q calibre es alguien por favor podria decirme q calibre es

Luis Godoy: Esa arma mata ?

Daniel R: I have one of these with the original patina with a serial number that lists it in the first year of production. I also have a second one that is in the 3rd year of production.

md80 captain: Only chumps use debit cards. I bet you've figured that out by now.

Jose Paredes Videoblog: necesito una guia para despiece donde la puedo encontrar

Kirk farmer: I'll give you 75

Kirk farmer: 75 Topps

tan pendeja la yaneth y tan wey el victor: yo tengo una pero parece que es cal.22 ???donde la puedo checar

Daniel Viper: Hello friend Thenagantman!

Excuse the translation, I am in Brazil. See if you can help me. My wife's father let a to revolve for her, Smith & Wesson, silver, ordered to plate with nickel. Would he/she like to know the year of production of him for the number that exists under the gunstock, can you tell me? Number 156687.

Thank you very much!


3ducs: Nice video! I also have one. I was in a gun shop when a customer walked in with it, they were clearing out Dad's house after he passed and found it. I waited until their business was done and made an offer to the shop owner, I got it for $200. Mine is in much better condition, the grips are perfect. These are little jewels. The seller brought in a box of ammo with it so I bought that too, I haven't fired the piece yet though. It is in perfect operable condition, nothing really stopping me.

Postive Vibes: i have the exact 1 no marking on bottom nor both sides of gun only on top h&r oct 4 87 to dec 25 88 inside it says 903 can somebody please tell me how what ammo to use

C G: where can you purchase ammo for this revolver -- hard to find


Lee Fromherz: hi Joe I have one just like it works very well but I would like to know the actual age of it I know you said they are made in 1884 but from the serial number how do you know the year that it was made actually. thanks

Michael Goldman: Mine won't work in double action but single action plus the hammer won't lock back if put in single action

Juan Vazquez: Great video, Thanks for sharing, can you share your recipe for loading .32 s&w for old BP guns

BaronRogoff1: I really like your videos but haven't seen any recent activity. Hope you are doing well and hope you post some more vids. Plus you have a great voice that makes the vids even better.

johnnyteres: Thanks very much for the video. I inherited this exact model and was doing some cleaning and your video helped out a lot. Nicely done :)

David Hill: I have one just like this except its a .38 special. I love it. Only complaint is its not very accurate at distance of +12 yards.


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