What do you think about this video?

Texx Mexx: No paperwork? Don't you have to have a C&R license to buy one mail-order? And keep a 'book" of all your C&R purchases? Or is it not considered a "firearm" because it was a made for black-powder cartridges? Thanks for any info you can give me--

Kenna mcmaster: Beautiful gun, i have a rusty relic dug from the ground that seems a bit older than this one, but, the same pistol none the less. I need information on this gun. Mine is a 3 or 4 digit serial number (i'll explain that in the email) Please send me an email. Thank you

eugeniobb: thanks for posting, I have the same model with serial number 237xxx, any idea of what could be the make or shipment year?

John Allex: Do you know were to get parts like a paw cylinder lock??

Columbus Cars and Coffee: Any new videos planned?

danysniper22: @robin6512 you can find them, you just gotta know were to look...

canaweb: Welcome back! Great Video! You used 32 S&W 'short' cartridges to get the brass you needed?

Nomortem: His finger is nowhere near the trigger, and he just explained how there is no way that the hammer could hit the primers. He is completely safe and he knows it.

87Thehunted: How gives a freak

NolanMGI: I'm working on a Harrington & Richardson .32 for a friend. It looks almost identical to this S&W. Did S&W buy out Harrington & Richardson?

loptosko1: i have similar one but in 38 cal. i should have so called safety od half-click position for its hammer to carry the gun with all 5 chamers loaded. btw i am looking for red mottled grip because main revolver has them broken. can you advise me where to find such grips? thanks

Jesse Sisolack: Great looking revolver. I personal would keep those grips even if you can not blend the color perfectly. Good luck with the sale.

hellsfire4: he man i have a question for you my best friend just bought a revolver from a auction. It look almost the same as this on but is has 38. S&W. Cart(G) the g is underlined across the top of the round barrel it is double action but i don't think the hammer is factory. but it has the number 2 stamped on the frame and cylinder . the auctioneer said it was a 1904 38. if you could help me any at all of the year and model i would be grateful ill post pics of it on my channel in a few days

robin6512: @Avatar1154 Always problems with Germany.......... lol

Matt Shown: im tryin to restore my grips they have chunks out too howd the epoxy hold up with the rubber grips

Columbus Cars and Coffee: Any new videos coming?

henrycems: Nice video Smith & Wesson has always been top notch. I will have a question on a U.S. Revolver I have but I will let you get caught up on your e mails first. Hope you had a good time on your trip and sorry about the bad thing with the bank that sucks big time. Take care and keep up the good work.

robin6512: Very very nice gun. absolute beautie, and if I could i would buy it of you. But me being in europe...... need I say more?

Nomortem: the different models have very different appearances.

Roguedeath: can u do a video of disassembly and assembly i have one from 1896 that is completely dissasembled and not sure if im missing a piece or 2 thank you

Meharban Mangat: i also have same handgun with me please tell me about suitable ammunition for this because sometimes it misfire.

Nassos Kokkinos: how can I find ammo for that gun?

Avatar1154: @robin6512 not my fold:-) stupid german firearms law. btw I have licence for modern firearms as well, but I can buy and sell antique firearms freely, whitout stupid papers... If I buy an antique gun in Belgium and wanna get it to Slovakia, I could be arrested in Germany because they do not allow transport from one EU country to another... idiots.

rockincurry: You do not have to shoot black powder carts in that gun I have several 32 S&W double actions and ,38 S&W double actions and I shoot remington and Magtec and winchester smokless powder and it has never caused a problem but black powder will it will cause lots of rust even with cleaning.

dugiskull: It appears to be re-plated, the trigger guard and latch are supposed to be blued

vinosd773: oh no, this gun was the swing loader of back in the day. you'll find iver johnson and many more have guns like this but the smith n wessons were the best of them

EFG44: Message me with a picture and I'll try and identify it for you. Add as much detail about it as you can like it's calibre, manufacturing dates, stamps, any and all will help :)

Avatar1154: @robin6512 Robin, there are stupid restriction about overseas sale of firearms. it depends on your country. I live in europe, but some of the EU countries have better law, some of them have worse. visit belgium, or france, there should be antique firearms in free sale, but germany are out of topic. Many european countries have limit decem 31 1890, some countries have limit for caliber... it is pretty complicated for someone in the usa to know all these law restrictions. where do you live?

Schpankme Verimuch: So you went on a Cruise Ship vacation; while on vacation someone hacked your Bank Account; you wanted to sale this gun for $500.00; and now you've not posted a video in 11 months?

MrNicoPela: I just happen to have the same revolver... Best quality ever! Mine is more than 125 years old, and still works.

akdude182: .32 acp will function in guns chambered for .32s&w,but .32acp has significantly higher pressure.on top of the fact that many .32s&w guns are intended for black powder.firing .32acp in a black powder revolver will in short order damage or even destroy the gun.you could probobly get away with firing .32acp in later model revolvers intended for smokeless powder but even that could damage the gun after a while.it would be best to just fire the intended ammunition in them.

Avatar1154: @robin6512 I understood. I have a few old guns, but I must reload ammo for them... I live in Slovakia, here you can buy and sell firearms made up to 31. december 1890. the same is in czech republic in the next state. I bought some pieces from Belgium, there is just problem with Germany... Some things I bought in Germany, however, but there were long, long problem with export papers...plus fees for autorized translation nad law services... stupid Germany.

LizardKillerAdamLanza: what a beautiful gun,I allways remember seeing these in old expedition movies .

jailbrk1974: Nice video! Wish you had one of shooting those bullets you modified! I've got one of those guns but it's in horrible condition and deff. would never have the nerve to test fire it.

Adam Becker: I miss this guys videos I wish he'd make more lol

Brock Landerz: I Found One Of These Im Tryin To Fix It

Andrew Kirkbeck: I've Been searching for months to find a video on this model which i come across and iam attempting to restore it to original condition, could you please post a video on the assembley of how to re fit the trigger and firing pin, as i am left with some of it in pieces as the project was started by my lazy cousin. so im only guessing but the trigger stays in once clicked and i manually have to put it back out.. Any help PLEASE would be much appreciated.

robin6512: @danysniper22 gonna do that

robin6512: @Avatar1154 Belgium. I've seen them at Chiney but for prices ......... And I want to shoot with my guns not look at them. And if you start with strange old caliber licenses....hmm difficult at least. Where are you from?

bisquik3006: Thank you. I just sat through a couple of my friends videos about their Glocks. It's nice to see a real handgun.

Ladderadder Mcglitternips: CAPSLOCK freak YEAH

Ike Powell: hey i'd like to see more vids im subscribing i love the flare gun thing it was amazing

jnapoli07: I have a very similar gun in my position, I'm not exactly sure what it is. If there are any experts out there id like to know what it is and how much its worth

jacob nestor: the gun of the capital wasteland on fallout 3

Nick N: Funny the grip on mine is broken in the same place.... Was this replated?

vinosd773: hey nagantman, i must ask, in these break tops. some guy at a gun shot was trying to tell me 32ACP fits and fires in this gun. i dont want you to try shooting it, but will it chamber the round and rooster the hammer? i just want to know, because if so that would make a great back up gun

blaw569: Is model 4 engraved on to the gun or not? If not how do you know it's a model 4

edge1000: I got mine for $65

RUGER699: $500 no way $100 to $200 thats it

School: Thanks for teaching us how to fix it. The problem with most Medical assistant in california is usually the cost of education. Hopefully it'll pay off. Thanks again.

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Double Action Revolvers of the Old West.mov
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Top Break Revolver: Smith & Wesson 4th model S&W .32 Short
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SMITH & WESSON (MODEL-31-1) - .32 REVOLVER.7.65 mm
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Smith & Wesson 1903 Revolver in 32 S&W Long. My Oldest Firearm
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H&R model 1904 revolver .32 . double action 04.32.06
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Revólver Smith & Wesson 686 - Desarme Completo y Funcionamiento Interno

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