Sex God Anime Reviews - Kiss X Sis (OVA)

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Yukihara Sakura: It smells Fishy in here.. P.E.R.V.E.R.T.S :P

ruben tapia: SHUPID

segazora: OVA 6 is out!

pathofoblivion: @MyTwoSmokingBarrels E-bay

ThePandy357: I miss the crazy girls! Can't wait for the 6th OVA and nice reference scene from "The Pick Of Destiny" but of course Sex God is too sexy to die. Great video guys ;)

pathofoblivion: @HighwaySlut He wanted Sex God's help and Sex God can't turn people into monkeys when they are his clients :)

Nesrine atmit: elfenlied yahh

Lëon ­: There's gonna be another OVA in November 30 2011!! I can't wait!! I watched all OVA and I'm up to 10 in TV series and I'm loving it!!

Tobias Labidi: @pathofoblivion I watched all 6 episodes with a friend. Wasn't weird at all.

OtakuAshy: @pathofoblivion i guess....the anime has practically no explicit scenes.

curryman1212: it made me laugh but it also sickened me.

HighwaySlut: Why not turn the Russian into a monkey like you did to those other douches?

jeffbaker199: @pathofoblivion did you two reenact it? lol

bukokjrable: Hello, sex god... It is more interesting than TV show... sex god.

Keita T: なにこれ、おもしろいww By the way , my name is Keita too. So ... I'm excited to watch Kiss x sis. This is Japanese special privilege , isn't it ?!

lordnaseby: Interesting stuff. Keep up the good work!

pathofoblivion: @OtakuAshy Its explicit compared to the TV show, which is quite tame but this is explicit for the mind and its just down right awkward when your watching it with someome else ^_^

leeloo1967: Bloody cool video Sex god!!

MyTwoSmokingBarrels: This anime is great but the OVAs are just the sex scenes cut out from the TV series (no complaints here), the weird thing is Ako's voice actor is the same actor who played really young characters like in "Highschool of the dead" and "Rio: Rainbow Gate" which is unsettling as every time they talk I automatically think of Ako and how perverted she can be. The new OVA that is out in June will really be explicit as the other one's got more extreme as they progressed. Where did you buy that DVD btw

Christian G: ...........................•••AMAZING

OtakuAshy: I don't see how Kiss X Sis OVA is explicit? It really isn't so bad compared to other animes.

Sam C.: In solviet Russia sex loves me -3 I love it bak

Justicetheshaman: their aren't any really explicit part but their are some suggestive part, i personally really enjoyd the break from crazy fighting animes to a good wierd romantic one

pathofoblivion: @ThePandy357 Gold star to you Pandy; you got the film reference! Look out for those in other 'Sex God Anime reviews'.

Justicetheshaman: lol "and they want to fu....... shag him" i laughed at that

pathofoblivion: @KnekkePower I watched all 6 episodes with my twin sister. We laughed alot.

pathofoblivion: @CraineGames eBay is a wonderful place for all your anime needs :)

tinydan12345: YEE HAWW!!

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Sex God Anime reviews - Kiss X Sis (OVA) 3.2 out of 5

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