Ocram - Terraria - Suspicious Looking Skull - How To Summon Ocram - Final Boss - Terraria HERO

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radicalshark678: Suspicious looking SKULL not eye

HeroicNinja123: 0:43 you said Suspicious Looking Eye

Shadowfist Coll: ummm is this for hardcore or any?

madteasdale: you said suspisous looking eye not skull lol

Katkustard Deadarmy: Yay a hero usually makes PC videos but now he does Xbox 360

KROWZIN88: if so,terraria is smarter than mc,different content on different consoles

Rhyanne Soriano: can some1 add me my name is Rhee75 on xbox plzzzz

Jim Castillo: hero add me on xbox my name is;PancakeFreak450 we could make a world together

TheMagicMinecrafter: HERO sounds like minecraftuniverse

Flatland Keldeo: and thn your going to get to the suspisios looking eye... shuts video down

Patrick Mcbride: What is you xbox name your probley not goings to tell me but I wanted to ask

Ayllip khieu: Are you ever gonna show a boss fight with ocram?

jayden robertson: im my opinion all the bosses in hard mode are easy because you have such strong weapond you can beat all bosses in 40 seconds

VILLAIN terraria: ocram is not harder than skeletron prime

marco marco: Lol muy name os the same just then reverted

KROWZIN88: is this xbox/ps3 only?not pc

Peter Fish: you keep saying suspicious looking eye not skull

TheFirestrike06: Now it is xD

eduardo ii: skull:i see u

BaxzXD: @UberKaap the creator stopped working on terraria so no okrum for pc suckaas

Osian Stephens: Me and my friends killed him twice in one night first time

TheMike26126: omg duplication glitch for xbox 360 terraria. ok put duplication items in chest then main menu. go to xbox dashboard and go to system then storage and go to terraria. copy caratures and worlds to a flashdrive then go back on terraria and take the items out of chest and put in ur inventory then save game and then main menu. ok now go back to storage and copy the caratures ONLY from the flashdrive to the main storage system. now when u get back on terraria ur items will be in ur inventory and chst

TheFirestrike06: May huh?, its June

PkFireGamma: Are you having a stroke, sir?

edwinf1543: 505 games will try to bring all or most of the content to consoles from 1.2

MrClick2winipod: I think its an Ice biome with peguins :D. Please do not be hostile pegwins!

Ype Nooitgedagt: No that isnt terraria 2 its Starbound and it has nothing to do with Terraria

Dominic Cingoranelli: get lots of heart crystals /w/ hammer then when fighting it kill the little mouths first and it does not hurt to have a ranged weapon.

MultiArnav123: I beat ocram and the twins at the same Tim

minecraftiatrolls: Twins are waaaaaay harder

Ype Nooitgedagt: Wow i didnt know about that :O (I was just getting sick of people who call Starbound Terraria 2 -.-)

PkFireGamma: Made a final boss for the console, but never updating the PC version again, apparently.

Slenda Mon: You are half wrong, The wall of flesh is the final boss before hardcore mode is unlocked. Then comes the Hallow, new ores, weapons, tools, and 3 more bosses plus this new boss.

BAGOMS: i wasnt talking about the boss i was talking about the game :P context should be evaluated at all times when reading

CNLoneWolf: how did you find all though's shadow chests? i only found one and have over thirty gold chests.

AQDuke: Thanks guys for replying back, I appreciate the help!

Young Wright: He won't summon

Randy Butternubs: console getting it 2

Silith Metsu: Hello, I need help killing the wall of flesh on the 360, I have a decent sword, but the armour is ok, but i can't defeat him, looking for help, Gt: SilithMetsu

salavadormoxxie fable: Hero whut is ur gamer tag

Mario Man: is it? if yes, can you tell me where you found out plz?

joanne marie pearce: Hey hero how or can we even get u armour

thomas elvidge: There are some thing that won't be transferred from console to PC in the next 1.2 update, like Ocram, skeleton archer, etc. Most of the thing's that are in Xbox but not PC aren't going to be put in the 1.2.

Sackboy528: I thought you quit making Terraria videos... You sneaky devil you...

Rampasty: i cant spawn him when its night

kayden kemi: 0:44 you called it a suspicious looking EYE

Shoop12345: I can't find it in my mythril anvil WTF

uzweirdun: i feeel like you hate me i feel like you want to give me a virus i dont trust you internet

qweqweqwe wqrrweterty: yurimir is better then you.

xiitern0a: Oh... I'm subscribed to you :D

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Ocram - Terraria - Suspicious Looking Skull - How To Summon Ocram - Final boss - Terraria HERO 4.7 out of 5

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