How To Remove The Front Axle Disconnect On A Trailblazer/Rainier/Bravada/Envoy/9-7x

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755twon scott: I will having the same issue on the passenger side so I just remove both CV axles and using a vehicle now has rear wheel drive with that cause a problem that you know of please help me out and do I need to put something over those two holes for no trash can get in what a CV axle was please help

Dustin Stinson: You could of just taken the lower ball joint lose pry Bay for axle.

755twon scott: I'm having the same issue but mine is on the passenger side is there any way possible I can probably remove the front to CV axle and not reconnect them cuz I do not use my 4 wheel drive

Super Chevy: the cv shaft could be bad my is going out right know I have a bad vibration and humming at about 6t to 70 mph

HomieSwifter: So how exactly did you remove the seal from the housing? I have a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer.

Liliana Ruiz: sum part of my car brok in I'm not shure if its same as I video

Liliana Ruiz: can I email you

Redlinesixtynine: Thanks for this vid. Did you make a differential removal vid?

Joe Bondurkey: how do I remove the disconnect assembly? It seems to be extremely tight into the oil pan. I cant get the inner housing off of the oil pan. What are your suggestions? Its a 2002 GMC Envoy XL.

Chris Hetrick: I have 2002 GMC Envoy sle and my car 4wd works but the the front passenger side and feel kinda lock up and it didn't spin the front passenger. So should I replacement for new disconnect axle?

nicholas elias: On My bro in laws trailblazer the passenger side wheel does not engage during 4wd. I think the axle disconnect is the issue. The actuator works but i hear a clunk and no engagement

Mark Mogan: My wife's car is an 02 Bravada with 190k miles on it. It has 2 new front wheels hubs, new TCCM and transfer case actuator motor. The car does not operate in AWD. On a wet road or gravel road the rear wheels are the only ones that turn. No noise heard while driving. With the car on 4 stands, there is a slight tick, tick, tick from the center front axle area when either front wheel is spun by hand. I started the car and put it in drive , at idle, there was a significant gear grinding sound coming from the front end, yet neither wheel was turning. Everything I'm reading sounds as though I need a need a new front intermediate shaft assembly. Any thoughts before I buy the part install it?Thanks.

Esegiel Nuseb: Hi my chev blazer 4x4 is not disengaging from 4x4 and I want to disable or disconnect it until I bought the parts

Emilycookracing official YouTube channel: we have a 2007 trailblazer that front assembly is actually broke what might have caused this where the axle goes into side of oil pan is broke loose and rattling

paul deluca: Thank you for posting this, I had changed the oil and was cleaning oil run off  and decided  to see how things where and noticed there was at least 1/2 to3/4 inch of play on the inner CV axle. Now I know what I need to fix.

Stanley Waggoner: I recently replaced this front axle disconnect assembly on my '05 Chevy Trailblazer with 125,000 miles. Symptoms were a soft rattle sound coming from the front passenger side at low speeds. Sounded just like a loose muffler heat shield. The sound only occurred in sound in 4WD.  My wife had a GM dealer look at the car and they said it was a bad front differential and would cost thousands to repair. I didn't believe the dealer and purchased a new disconnect assembly from Dorman Products. After pulling the right front axle, then pulling the disconnect assembly....needle bearings fell out of the unit into my hand. I was so relived to learn this was the only bad part. Differential was Ok.
It's been two months since the repair with no problems.

Ian Thompson: Do you know if my 2000 Bravada has a disconect? My AWD doesn't work. When the rear wheels spin, the T-Case shifts, and the front driveshaft spins. However the front wheels do not.  Also If I spin a front wheel the other does not spin... no noises, and Ive looked all over and cant find a front diff disconnect.. Im thinking I have a broken axle internally...

Eric Warren: Great video thank you! I wish I had watched it before hand though.........

Nathandm78: Wow! An EXCEPTIONAL video!! Clear, concise, directions. Excellent camera shots. I now FINALLY understand how the front axle disconnect is put together on my Saab 9-7x 5.3 V8. Thank you! I hope you were able to fix your issue. :) 

tlotb86: 03 trailblazer i never checked or got them checked my driver side is screwed lol i have what you were looking for in your video

How To Remove The Front Axle Disconnect on a Trailblazer/Rainier/Bravada/Envoy/9-7x 5 out of 5

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