How To Remove The Front Axle Disconnect On A Trailblazer/Rainier/Bravada/Envoy/9-7x

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Ian Thompson: Do you know if my 2000 Bravada has a disconect? My AWD doesn't work. When the rear wheels spin, the T-Case shifts, and the front driveshaft spins. However the front wheels do not. Also If I spin a front wheel the other does not spin... no noises, and Ive looked all over and cant find a front diff disconnect.. Im thinking I have a broken axle internally...

Eric Warren: Great video thank you! I wish I had watched it before hand though.........

Nathandm78: Wow! An EXCEPTIONAL video!! Clear, concise, directions. Excellent camera shots. I now FINALLY understand how the front axle disconnect is put together on my Saab 9-7x 5.3 V8. Thank you! I hope you were able to fix your issue. :) 

tlotb86: 03 trailblazer i never checked or got them checked my driver side is screwed lol i have what you were looking for in your video 

Peter Goldwing: Thank you for helpful video. Time ago I heard that sound at low speeds and noted front wheels are not engaging in 4wd Yesterday I removed and changed the struts and while doing that I saw the disconnect being totally limped over barely attached. I intend to fix it but I have a scheduled trip for a few hundred miles very soon.The question is: is it safe to ride it as it is? or is it safe if I pull the shaft out and ride temporarily without it. Thank you. 

Christian Martinez: I have a 02 bravada if i have a rumble in the driver side what am I looking to replace the noise starts at 20mph and sounds like a bad wheel hub and the noise goes away slightly when i steer left can you please guide me its grandmas suv and shes counting on me thanks

NYRM1974: First of all I would have to be at least a hundred and fifty thousand miles before you even begin to experience a problem with the all-wheel-drive disconnect assembly .. The most common problems are the following: defective wheel hubs or the lack of lubricating the transfer case at least every couple of years or 60,000 miles whichever comes first or a lack of servicing the front differential by changing the fluid I do mine annually on my 2004 Chevy TrailBlazer EXT LS 5.3 liter v8

bob good: Gonna do this tomorrow night. Thanks for the video. Don't know how I made it through 50 years of wrenching without youtube.

Robert Simeone: Nice video but I must say It would have been a lot better if you actually showed some of the disassembly. 

danielgr101: I have a 2002 Trailblazer with this problem I think. Already replaced the actuator and no change (front axle won't engage when selecting 4WD). When I had the actuator out, I pushed the plunger in that the actuator pushes against and had to push it all the way in for the front axles to engage, if I backed off any, the axles would disengage. The actuator didn't fix the problem, does this mean the intermit housing has to be replaced? The actuator does activate when selecting 4WD, just front axles don't engage. Thanks for any advise you can provide.

Ralph Connor: Greetings. I have a GMC Envoy 2003... When I turn the switch to 4WD it goes for about 1 or 2 minutes (enough to get out of a bind) but soon after that the whole vehicle begins to seize and won't move forward. Soon after that the 4WD service light comes on and I am forced to switch back to 2WD in order to continue driving. Now I have no idea where to start, but it would be nice to have a head start... does that sound like the Front Axle disconnect to you? Thanks

BenJr108: video for front cv axle removal 02 bravada

Saul Zermeno: Hi, I just replaced the drivers side front wheel driveshaft. I noticed that some oil came out when I pulled out the driveshaft, where should I add oil?

Nick Stageberg: Thanks for the tip!

Nick Stageberg: I'm not 100% sure, but I imagine the dealer could read whatever codes are thrown when the AWD service light comes on, and that will tell you what is malfunctioning.

Redlinesixtynine: Thanks for the helpful How-to Vid. I'll be attempting this on my Envoy this winter.

Jon Koeniguer: hello nick. my name is jon and i have a 03 trailblazer and i noticed that the seal up front on the cv axle is bad. is it really hard to do for someone who has not done it before? Thanks JON

jwoods8: I have the same problem on my GMC Envoy. My mechanic got all the way to the axel disconnect but said the bolts are impossible to get to without dropping or shifting the motor. You look as if you did it while only being jacked up. Could you please help us!

BlackTB: Just a little FYI, not all early model GMT360's have the trans line issue. Mine is an 02 and they are well out of the way. Good video though!

104snake: You should make a video on how to replace the hub bearing on one of these bad boyz

778jonk: Thanks for the vid. I fixed the rattling problem by replacing the sway bar end links. I have to change out the cv seals now so this was very helpful

Nick Stageberg: I believe there is a bearing inside of the driver's side of the diff that can fail and cause that chatter, I'm not completely sure. It is a sealed diff and cannot be repaired. I actually had the exact same problem, bad chatter from the front diff. I tore down the front disconnect on the passenger side and it had no problems. I pulled the driver's side axle and put it back together and it was fine. I eventually just sold it like that, pretty sure I needed to put a new diff in it. $ :(

Nick Stageberg: Thanks and good luck!

Nick Stageberg: Unfortunately I feel the same way. GM's full size 4x4 platform is great, but this midsize platform was poorly engineered and seems to have had a lot of reliability problems.

Nick Stageberg: The dealer is able to scan for codes present that turn on the 4wd service light. I do not know of a way to pull those codes yourself unfortunately :(

Nick Stageberg: It is absolutely possible to access the bolts with the motor in place.

Nick Stageberg: Unfortunately my first guess would be the different gears are wearing. I'm assuming it only makes the noise in 4wd mode? How many miles on your bravada? Do you run in 4wd often?

TubeRadiosRule: Wish I had known about this video a coupe weeks ago. The front differential blew up on my 2004 Rainier and I had a pickleens of a time disconnecting the passenger side axle. I ended up having to simply unbolt the bearing/connect from the oil pan and removing it and the outer axle shaft together. I'll never willingly own another vehicle in this series - too expensive to have someone fix it for me, and too much of a P.I.T.A. to fix myself. I miss my 1973 IHC Scout II...:(

Nick Stageberg: Oh I wouldn't say it's too bad, this video illustrates the steps involved in removing the cv shaft. It does take a lot of force to finally get it out once you have all the suspension components loosened up. Replacing the boot once you have it off is usually very easy.

Nick Stageberg: Yes, the link in the description has the GM part number for all of the internal components of the disconnect. You may also be able to find a disconnect assembly at a salvage yard for a reasonable price.

Nick Stageberg: @IB4rmHouston Hah that is pretty much the best thing you can hope for!

Nick Stageberg: Could be lots of things, your front diff, the disconnect, front drive shaft, or an axle. Have you checked the fuel in your front diff?

Nick Stageberg: @Larry59lew Do you still have the axle in the disconnect? For me that was very challenging, and I wedged a chisel between the axle and the disconnect. The disconnect itself came out very easily once the axle was removed, I just had to pull the three bolts. If yours is not coming out easy I suspect there might be some internal damage in the unit that is seizing on the intermediate shaft.

yakdriver12: My 2004 Bravada symptom is a "whine" that sounds a lot like snow tires on bare road. Definintly not tires, though. A fluid change (special GM fluid) in the front dif made it quieter for a short time, but getting worse. Any ideas from what you saw on your project? Sounds more like a gear noise than bearing, but I really don't know what's inside that differential case. Thanks, M

yakdriver12: The 2004 Bravada is full-time AWD. So I'm not sure if the answer is "all the time 4wd" or "when the computer tells it to". It makes noise whenever I drive above 20mph or so. Mileage is 106,000. I initially thought that the wrong fluid had been put in during a service, but it drained out and looked like the blue fluid GM dictates for that part. Yes, it does sound like gears. I wasn't sure what gears were in the differential. I take it the dif looks like a normal bevel gear arrangement?

Nick Stageberg: Great, glad you found it helpful!

Jean Agosto: i have a 2002 trailblazer ext that during the winder i use 4x4 when its snowing and need to get out of something, however usually i run it in 2x4. i am doing a front suspection replacement and wanted to take a look at the spindle disconnect or replace it if its worn..any how to videos on that?

Hunter and Devin: looked like the noise was the brakes rotor looks scored on half of the surface. im having problems getting diffs off oil pan as we are doing an engine swap, from a trailblazer to a bravada!!

Eric Wheeler: Nick, Was wondering if you ever did a video for the driver side of the Rainier, I browesed but did not see it. Also, maybe you can help shine a little light on my issue. Mine has a hum like a wheel bearing. I jacked up front and rear and put the car in gear and the front diff made a nasty chatter. I started taking things apart to get the diff out. I pulled out the driver side CV axle and noise went away, but nothing appears wrong with the spline on the axle or the gear that it slips into.

IB4rmHouston: i had some rattling and grinding i thought was the cv as well coming from the front diver side. But it ended up being the heat shield had lost a nut and was hanging down and rubbing on the front drive shaft...

Nick Stageberg: Yes you can, and ultimately that is exactly what I did with mine. The driver's side axle is what was causing strange noises, I left the passenger side axle in place as the disconnect on my vehicle seemed okay and it was not making any noise.

Nick Stageberg: Thanks, glad to hear!

Nick Stageberg: The front axle disconnect is on the passenger side, and the diff is on the driver's side, the noise is almost certainly coming from one of those two. You can get these remote controlled magnetic microphones that can make tracting down those noises a million times easier.

colton barless: i have an 03 envoy and my differential is shot. is it possible to take out the front axles like you did in the video and then re assemble and just run the vehicle with rear wheel drive?

bryon clemons: I have a 04 raininer awd on demand, it does not engage, used the scan tool and it reads all the speed sensors correctly but if I get into sand and get the rear wheels to spin after awile the awd service light comes on. what could the problem be the encoder motor ? there is no noises or any unusual noises. any ideas? thanks BRYON C

Nick Stageberg: The front diff on the that platform is extremely involved, I know it includes removing the engine oil pan. I would not put the job at less than ten hours.

Agustin Posas: im have problem 2004 trail blazers 4wd is noises when active 4wd

Doug Moff: I have a 04 reinier and i got stuck in mud and the light for awd came on and the front wheels never spun in the mud, how can i check the awd to see if it is working?

Nick Stageberg: This and an oil change video are the only how-to's I have on this platform :)

gowherethewindblows: Do you have any videos on removal of a diff on a 2004 chev trailblazer? I hear its like a 5 to 6 hr job?

How To Remove The Front Axle Disconnect on a Trailblazer/Rainier/Bravada/Envoy/9-7x 4.3 out of 5

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