Unboxing And Review Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gold Edition (fsx) HD Part Pt.1

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Sunny Rawal: im back for nostalgia

CakeHeaven HD: gold edition

CakeHeaven HD: hey i have a problem my fsx gold edition product keyvisnt working my key is 9gb7y mhdd8y8wq84v264hmhhb whtas yours ??

James Does Things: U sound like a Fat American kitty u freaking bastard :)

ZANFS Production: Hey can u tell me the RAR  password of  microsoft flight simulator x gold edition

D M roberts: good video dude :) I've just ordered the gold version of fsx gold myself and another sim called falcon 4 allied force, its a old combat sim but is supposed to be really good, have you ever played it? if so what was it like? and i also got a thrustmaster hotas flight stick too, so happy flying days ahead lol. in what order did you install disc's? would really appreciate a reply because i don't want to mess it up before i get to fly, which is usually my luck lol. take care dude and happy flying! :)

SLUG SHOTZ: you can do the free flight right

Nikolaos Vamvakas: Good review, i'll soon buy one, because my fsx is downloaded by torrent. Also, what's the name of the song at the end ?

Mohd Faris: HAMZA...if i install the gold edition.. Can i add on any planes like a380.. Boeing airbus n many more..? Or i must have the 1st edition first??

Andrew Piatek: I just ordered the Gold edition.  I am planning to get one of those wide aspect ratio 29 inch monitor for it.  Not sure about the entire setup though.  I will probably need a graphics card with two video outs as well, which can be a high expense, I think.  The reason for a two output video card is that these super-wide monitors seem to work like conjoined two 19 inch monitors.  You see, three monitor setup seems to crazy for me for home, but one extra wide monitor seems reasonable.  What's your thoughts?  Seems you have very good technical knowledge about hardware.     

T M: i have widows 7 c; and i am feting it will it work??????????

nachiket kamble: Can it worked without graphics card? I have intel graphics controller

Beastz: Where is the Acceleration DLC Code? I only have the FSX download, and FSX for Windows XP.

Tudorrace: I get it with 20.88 transport+tax+price from amazon http://www.amazon.com/Microsoft-Flight-Simulator-X-Edition-Pc/dp/B001DPZE84/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1386885945&sr=8-1&keywords=FSX

princephan: Good job kiddo..ur review & others made purchasing this game a clear choice 4 me

fizzypine: 256mb ram WTF crap computer is that........

fizzypine: Shure should it runs on mine and i have 4 gb ram and an AMD graphics and processesor

HamzaTheSpartan117: Run it with payware products, REX, and go to heavy infested areas in FSX Such as New York. Get Payware products for there and go into Custom Settings and drag everything up and you'll see what I'm talking about

Angelo Simeonidis: really good review kid, very good voice not annoying at all im getting this game, keep going!

Bryan Yeoh: Does this computer works?

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Unboxing and Review Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gold Edition (fsx) HD Part pt.1 5 out of 5

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