Unboxing And Review Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gold Edition (fsx) HD Part Pt.1

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Nikolaos Vamvakas: Good review, i'll soon buy one, because my fsx is downloaded by torrent. Also, what's the name of the song at the end ?

Beastz X Gaming: Where is the Acceleration DLC Code? I only have the FSX download, and FSX for Windows XP.

Mohd Faris: HAMZA...if i install the gold edition.. Can i add on any planes like a380.. Boeing airbus n many more..? Or i must have the 1st edition first??

Tudor Mihai Radu: I get it with 20.88 transport+tax+price from amazon http://www.amazon.com/Microsoft-Flight-Simulator-X-Edition-Pc/dp/B001DPZE84/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1386885945&sr=8-1&keywords=FSX 

nachiket kamble: Can it worked without graphics card? I have intel graphics controller

Bob milke: i have widows 7 c; and i am feting it will it work??????????

Andrew Piatek: I just ordered the Gold edition. I am planning to get one of those wide aspect ratio 29 inch monitor for it. Not sure about the entire setup though. I will probably need a graphics card with two video outs as well, which can be a high expense, I think. The reason for a two output video card is that these super-wide monitors seem to work like conjoined two 19 inch monitors. You see, three monitor setup seems to crazy for me for home, but one extra wide monitor seems reasonable. What's your thoughts? Seems you have very good technical knowledge about hardware. 

MrSpiffykai: where did you gwt it fron

unionpacific4532: I sound just like you do! (currently) :D Puberty.....

A1FORC3: Do you think if I can Arm 2 on MED and HIGH settings, can I run this game. I can also run Fallout NEW VEGAS on high. PLEASE REPLY

HamzaTheSpartan117: @FangedMink5 What are you trying to say? If in terms of ram then possibly yes

Jorje Edan: does it play well on windows 7 as the O.S?

HamzaTheSpartan117: @A1FORC3 You can but the graphics won't look the best

HamzaTheSpartan117: @shotgun9922 nice. Once you get different addons let me know if theres a performance hit ;)

HamzaTheSpartan117: Yes you can depending on your PC Specifications. AS for the scenery, well that's the beauty of Flight Simulator! THere are hundreds of addons so if Sidney isn't part of the default you can search on the web and you will find some scenery for Sidney (Hopefully it will be more recent as well) I did this for CYYZ and a couple of other airports

Caleb LaFeve: TMI (Too Much Information) Good video though. :)

Irfan Asyraf: on*

HamzaTheSpartan117: If FSX doesn't lag on me and if I'm not making a video then yes I consider myself a good flyer. Sir please refrain from asking too many discussion related question on the comments. Please send a private message instead. This will make things easier for me so I can respond to people who have questions related to the product itself or the video. Thank you

Islam Abdelhamid: i am getting the game soon :)

flyingplane11: im not going to get the standard edited im going to get the deluxe edited i messge you back when i get it this week

HamzaTheSpartan117: I still need to know the rest of your specs. FSX is CPUS intensified and simply telling me how much dedicated memory your Graphics Card has doesn't tell me anything sorry

Meh Heh: what are the three disc names, i got three discs but each time i try to download it it says that i need disc two but i dont have it. all i have is the acceleration expansion pack disc, the logitech gaming sofware disc, and the deluxe edition disc. Is that all the discs or am i missing one?

HamzaTheSpartan117: I need your CPU and Graphics Card Information in order to determine if the game will run on your PC. The chances are very slim as many users today still struggle to run the game with good performance and minimal errors.

albrapper9: Can I run this game? Windows 7 Professional Intel Core i7 740QM AMD Radeon HD 5850 8GB RAM

MrZaif12: will it work window 8

HamzaTheSpartan117: Okay but please send Private Messages. Thanks

iGatorNation: Sorry i don't know. But does this golden edition come with the original Flight Simulator X? I didn't know if they were just expansions or something.

Andrew Dawson: I recommend fraps.com. It costs like a dollar

Khalid Ayoubi: It should work on Windows 8, 2 of my friends have FSX on Windows 8

HamzaTheSpartan117: Just the regular installation it's about 20gb. However, once you install more addons it can go all the way up to 50-100gb!

HamzaTheSpartan117: Gold is a combo pack. It includes both Deluxe and Acceleration

HamzaTheSpartan117: It won't run well. You will be able to run it at lower settings but that processor you have won't help at all. I have a similar processor and with addons it sucks. You need a really strong CPU for this game...

Angelo Simeonidis: really good review kid, very good voice not annoying at all im getting this game, keep going!

HamzaTheSpartan117: What issues are you recieving?

zain .syed: alrite...i got issues running this game on win 7 64 bit...my hardware can easily support this game but its only these drivers that are causing the problems...if u could help me work this game on my system, i would be more than just greatful ..thanx.

cma1908: @Hamzathespartan117 do you need to install all the disks or you can downlaod 1 for example the acceleration pack

awebster9898: Thanks for the help.

HamzaTheSpartan117: It says the which disk is 1, 2, and acceleration right on the disk.

HamzaTheSpartan117: @cma1908 No you don't need to install the discs but if you want just the Acceleration pack then you must install all the discs. The deluxe discs are the main game and the Acceleration pack is basically and addon. /you will need to install the Main FSX if you want to use Acceleration.

Filip Terescak: Its 32 gb

RoostermanLocke: How do you connect with other people like you

flyingplane11: hey i go my joystick today for computer and im getting fsx stardard edited thurday do u have that game if you do can i add u as a firend on it so we can have fun me and u flying and the real skyz

zain .syed: can i run fsx on win 7 64 bit? if not does fsx standard have sydney included in the 28 highly detailed cities?

HamzaTheSpartan117: Again it's not going to work because you ordered the Standard version. It won't let us connect

Jake1825: Wait, so you don't need the original fsx? Does this already have the game plus the expansion?

sgmaster21101: You think this is demanding game pfft get arma 3 that's a freaking demanding game I have a bad laptop and I run about 50-70 fps on Ultra and its a laptop

princephan: Good job kiddo..ur review & others made purchasing this game a clear choice 4 me

Shawn Faneyte: how many gb is it ?

kingboo hi: its now 30 bucks

RoostermanLocke: Are you a good fleyer

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Unboxing and Review Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gold Edition (fsx) HD Part pt.1 4.2 out of 5

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Unboxing and Review Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gold Edition (fsx) HD Part pt.1
Unboxing and Review Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gold Edition (fsx) HD Part pt.1
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PMDG review part pt.1 HD
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