Federal Bulk .22LR Ammo

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theplaid1: .22 lr is all about experimentation, what works in your rifle is all that matters, but if you use an auto loader you realize pretty quick cheap ammo is a waste of money

timmytyphoon: Remington Thunderbolt used to be really great until recently. I bought three five hundred round boxes of it and it was the worst I have ever used. I thought it was just the box that I was using so I opened the other two and got the same dismal results. The Federal has worked really well in my 10/22, although it could be more accurate.

tom smyth: Kids talking bull crap

nickalarz: Just a pointer even though ur in austrailia moa is calculated in yards theres about a 14 foot difference at 50m

mopperone: Picked up a box from wal mart feds only it was a grey box 40 grn labeled for target shooting never seen them before, they were ok. Usually go with the fed bulk copper, 550 rds in a red box for 18.50. They fire well and keep my guns a little cleaner. Nice review Mate!

westjapartyside: so do i with ammo that cheap!

rbrittne: @CousinRandom it really saddened me when i read that you guys cant even own semi auto .22's im realizing now that there is a world wide push to completely eliminate the ownership of guns by citizens. When i was a teenager in new york in the 60's i dreamed of owning a handgun..it was nearly impossible.now, i have all the guns i want, in large part because gun owners here worked very hard in the last 40 years for our gun rights. id love to see all you mated in austrailia and europe do the same.

07350zhr: 550 federal in fl is about 19.00 even EVERY BODY POST YOUR PRICES THANKS

fraOppland .: I thought guns were outlawed in Aussie land?

gacastillo21: I just bought 5 packs of federal 550 bulk pack today. I really like this ammo for target practice and my ruger 10/22 and ruger mark III 22/45 both really like this ammo. Good vid, im from deep south Texas, close to the Mexican border. Cheers!

1Peezy1: That is a lot of plinking...

MayThePidgeRise101: @CousinRandom Wait, How Much Do You Buy This Ammo For??

venman360: were i live its is 12 bucks for 525 lasts forever but the only down fall is the powder is cheap i find myself cleaning my gun almost twice as much i used american eagle witch is also federal ans its 15 here for 500 but is burns cleaner in my gun and a lot more accurate as for Remington .22 LR i hate the ones we have here cant hit anything with them.

ethanstephenson: i put about 5 or the 525 threw my rugar 10/22 before i have to clean it. GREAT AMMO! Remmington id have to say is SQUAT for my gun. Best clips are the Rugar 25 round cilps for about 24 bucks on line. But most clips work ok aslong as they have steel lips.

Rocky Stellone: cousinrandom, are you serious about 50 dollars per box wow! how much for like .357 magnum round's?.

ATVSANDPYROTECHNICS: The federal ammo I got did not work at all in my gun i have had lots of failures to fire and never cycles my bolt i had had the same ammo. But its awesome that it works for you

Bill Thomas: @jaratt85 have to drop it pretty hard haha

CousinRandom: @blaziankhmer usualy they are, as for cleaning you usualy dont have to clean a .22 all that often, especialy if you just use the one brand of ammo, it keeps it lubricated and you'll find that when you clean it will take a few shots to get the rife fouled and shooting straight again

jason4275: If I lived in Aus I would buy a hand gun illegally and it would be used for home protection only I don't give a crap what the law says and after I got out of jail, for possession of than gun I would still buy another hand gun the same goes if I lived in the UK

2024JayZ: The Remington 550 bulk box are junk and dangerous never buy them

CousinRandom: @www7598wr2 i dont see why not

coltcomphbar: You sound like Eric Bana!

orlos The Druid: WHOA.....hold up. Please help me, I thought that Aussies rolled over and gave up all their weapons to the government sissy pants? Whats the deal?

MayThePidgeRise101: I Thought You Said $15 At First But Then I Said "Wait, Ammo Is Usually Expensive, And He's Australian So He Probably Said $50 :(" But Then When I Got To Walmart, It Was Only Like $18.94 And Im Not Hating On You For Being Australian, Its Just Some Accents Say "Fifteen" Like "Fiftayn" So Some People Get Confused...

njm vermont: $12 per box of 550 here in vt. and you can get cci minimag in a brick where i live under the name blazer 22.

busyhands94: lol, they just dump them in the box loose? that is kinda funny! "here's your 550 rounds, take it and go"

7150285: what does federal ammunition mean? the federal government makes it?

venman360: @FriendofCat not mine yea it's affordable but the crap will build up in you action and you have to clean it after 100 rounds thats what happens to me

J.A.Ratt85: its a little scary thinking of rimfire rounds bouncing around in a cardboard box, makes me wonder if anyone has ever dropped a box and had rounds go off

RedWhiteBlackYellow: Ive been wanting to buy some mini mags but walmart near me doesnt carry them and thats the only stores that sell ammo in my city. All the other stores either closed down or moved.

MrSpiderdan42: the gray tip federals jams all the time in my smith and wesson m&p22 and ruger 10/22..i had one round go off in my handgun and the casing expaneded and got stuck in the barrel. you get what you pay for..cci mini mags all the way. .

charlie brown: i apy 8.00 to 10.00 per 500 value pack or 500 bricks

kolkjoable: man, you had good use of the 525 bulk .22? god, last box i bought of those, the rounds were terrible (deformed bullets, damaged casings, etc)....

nottinmatterz2day: you can have .22 in australia?

GrandmasDay32: Can't find any .22 ammo in cincinnati ohio... sucks. Thanks OBUMBLE.

Charsept: its nice to know that even though youre in Australia, you still get to enjoy a fun rifle like the savage mk II

CousinRandom: @jaratt85 there is never really a problem, the rounds couldnt go off as far as im conserned, however leaving the box out in the aussie sun for too long.... not sure thats too good lol

americanguy87: $20 for 550 here in california

Garrett Oneal: Make a video on how you coat bullets in wax?

7150285: I've never been to Australia. Is it hard to own a gun there?

pball968: If you shoot the bulk pack and have your scope set for that round how much ajustment do you have to do in order to shoot the mini mags?

Garrett Oneal: 525 rds in Cali for 14.99

nick lopez: I like my thunder bolts I've never had a prob with them now I no there not the best but the re drf not the worst I've used a really shiittyy 22 round almost every time I put around in it would jam so I used thunder bolts and the once you have federal federal sucks for shot guns thow

armon s: 525 rounds in Utah 16.99

pcblah: Dont coat them with wax! Or it transforms into remington thunderbolts... Coat them with oil

joe grayson: why would shooting auto match Federal hurt a metal barrel? I have stainless barrel unless I am shooting diamonds I see no issue

jnncbuhyc: @nottinmatterz2day only regulations on ammo in OZ are no armour piercing or tracer.

ColtDeltaElite10mm: Its not a "clip," its called a magazine. Its like calling a little Cessna 172 a "jet.". One looks like a moron because they dont know what they're talking about. The premium Remingtons work perfectly through my Ruger hicap magazines (BX-25) in my 10/22. Dont buy the crappy bullets.

CHeWy: you should look at BLAZER made by CCI, extremely good quality round nose

nottinmatterz2day: @CousinRandom Is ammo allowed or is it also regulated?

Federal Bulk .22LR Ammo 4.7 out of 5

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