Htc One X-Att Apn Settings

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Adolfo Pimentel: thanks it work on my galaxy alpha to

Mike Rud: thx bro...just hooked this to metroPCS but my data wasnt working. After i found the info for metro and entered it in, it worked great.

Fury0Oss: I spent hours upon hours looking for this answer...and finally stumbled upon your simple explanation...WOW!! It works people, thank you so much Androidstud!

Khaos: thank you so freaking much

dying2live801: This didnt work for me. But this did. (3rd down from the top)

Skrippy33: crap worked like magic. Thanks mangus!

sarah knobel: i cannot see what info i have to put in to set my APN as it is hard to see on his phone. Would mean alot if you could please tell me in a comment below, as i really want to see if this works for me. would mean alot

Nick Madison: so i add this and its still not working, i keep getting connection failed to incorrect apn settings can you plz contact me, and my phone isnt unlocked.i can send a pic or video of what i did. my email is thanks :]

Papa Quarmenna: This worked for me Thanks!

Bala S: works great..thanks...i set up this and turned off wifi - and it worked like a magic

XJKAirsoft: absolutely freaking useless.

Eric Webb: I have the HTC one x+ thats unlocked

Eric Webb: Do u have to top up first? Cause I can't use data and since I never added money i can't call. But it does say h+ but nothing loads. Tells me to pay

dirtyleft6: It worked :,) thank you so much!!!!

John Grimes: Ok I can send MMS but can not recieve them.

John Grimes: I am having problem I can not get it to work I also have tried this and it does not work what can I be doing wrongmaybe my phone is still locked how do unlock it. Plus I do not have good signal but with my old bring your own phone with att sims card I had great signal can anyone help. Please email me

henrry rodriguez: very helpful man thanx

tata Ok: I bought HTC One X { At&t} two weeks ago and l cant use data, When l go to Access Points, it opens the APN window but there is no menu {option} to add new APN settings,the page is blank, am stuck , Could someone please help, my email is

Christana Fagbile: I can't believe that worked! Thanks so much!! I had a problem receiving and sending mms messages, but now everything's fine. =D

MrRico509: Thank you very much!!

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Htc One X-Att Apn Settings 5 out of 5

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