ARRIS TG862 Gateway Review

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OZMX: its a piece of crap it drops all connections

Gustavo lopez: I need help how u fix when it keeps on flashing online I can't play online

RangerStudios01: This router is absolutely horrible.

Hunter Yelton: Its Dual Band. B/G Are 2.4Ghz. N is still 2.4ghz but can also be 5Ghz if the router supports it. Theres NO such thing as a tripple band router. Also 100% of Wireless N routers ALWAYS have B/G as well

Phillippe Merisier: How much u paid for it 

TheRangeControl: How can I configure this to use the 192 ip address ranges?

Neal Ochoa: I have that router and cuts me off every 15-30 minutes.

Orlando Fernandez: It's crap, I have the 50mb plan & it would only give me replaced it twice & it would give me the same thing...I had to buy my own modem & router..& now, I don't have any more issues & I get what I pay for.....DO NOT BUY THIS MODEM, IT'S TRASH! 

TheStrangeMentlegen/xXP00PR@TXx: This router is the worst router that I have ever owned in my life.

jollygoodin: What a piece of crap this equipment is!!!!!! It just says "Connecting......" to whatever website I try to go. Takes me back to the good old dial-up days - and I am paying $100 for the blast! option of Comcast...................

Scott Burry: I have 6 lights(ARRIS TG862) on front and I do not get any WiFi signal. How do you turn on the WiFi signal?

Luke McCullough: ITS MADE BY MOTOROLA. RON PAUL 2016!!!

PatCaseyy: Would a Apple Airport Extreme even be necessary with already having a Xfinity Arris TG862?

Raisethebar900: I'm sorry guys, but I don't know jack about hosting a Minecraft server. If you can give me a list of the ports you need forwarded, I can show you HOW to forward them. But I don't know what ports are involved for minecraft server hosting.

idontAlwaysKnow: Thanks helped me a lot

TREz Muzik: i have one, if ur still looking

joshemadeit: I recently just received this modem when I upgraded to Comcast a few months ago. I really like it but unfortunately it comes equipped with a feature that doesn't suit gamers'. It has a "Fail Safe" setting which completely disables the network while under heavy load (overheats). It only happens when I'm using my desktop wirelessly, but it's not so bad with the Ethernet cable. Other than that, it is super fast. I get around 36MB downspeed.

Kevin Spillner: @Raisethebar900 Minecraft Default port is 25565. I am having trouble port forwarding a server, although all my settings are similar to my old router. Hope I can get some help on this

Sorapis420: This thing sucks. 54 mb line and getting less then 4

Nic White: Cancel your blast subscription!

TheROADRUNNER36: hello

starkistuna: I just got this installed along with a 20mb down connection ans 2mb up, Ping is 15ms! for the first time in my life i get 15ms, techs took the manual for some reason , had to look up another one online.

Raisethebar900: Uploading video now for port forwarding. Only a 2 minute video, so it shouldn't take very long. Will post as a video response to this video.

JETZcorp: To find the IP address, type "ipconfig" into the command prompt of a computer connected to it. The "default gateway" address will be the IP of the Arris. Type that into your address bar and you should be into the firmware.

Justin Berg: Xbox won't work because only handles 2.4hz I think,you have to bridge the gateway and use a compliant router for Xbox.

Raisethebar900: Just had a thought.. It's a new computer: Make sure the network is set a "home network" (aka private network). And make sure your firewall does not block any services on private/home networks. If the network that the computer is on is labelled as a public network, many firewall pre-sets block communication, to avoid having your data intercepted on a public network.

Raisethebar900: I don't pay for wifi, I pay for internet: And I prefer not to answer any questions about utility costs on public websites. As for this gateway, mine died several months ago. Was carrying AC current in the coaxial cable, causing it to eventually die. Replaced it with a seperate router/modem of my own to avoid getting another defective product. The gateway is good, I just personally got a faulty one. Didn't feel like waiting for a technician, so I used my own instead of ordering a replacement.

RisingStars: i wish there was a wide selection of telephony modems/gateways .

Raisethebar900: According to the tech who hooked our cable to the street 2 weeks ago: Best buy has these. Btw that's not a model number on front: I got another one and it has a different number. It's also a fraction of an inch thinner, and half an inch longer front to back. Newer model must have new hardware in it: But overall looks identical except those small dimensional changes.

menamedon92: I was wondering.... Can we add a router onto it? Maybe even add an external antenna?

Alessa1307: @Raisethebar900 i have already deactivated all of that and it didnt work. I have another laptop and it connects fully to internet. In the laptop with the Killer card the windows diagnostic is that the default gateway is not available.

Raisethebar900: Are you asking for a different device suggestion, or a troubleshooting?

Raisethebar900: If you're looking for anonymity, using a proxy is the best way to go. I just tested this out myself yesterday. I typically only use google chrome, but firefox makes it easy as pie to set up a permanent proxy. But I'll check this site out and see what I can figure out. Will post another comment or a video shortly depending on what I can figure out.

MrCrodriguez98: How did you get your us/ds online and wifi to stay solid

ahood99: The device can not be bought only rented from Comcast. The USB port is not active on this device either which is a bummer.

Jay H: Yes. I was just watching this and looking online, to see if I could disconnect my wireless router that is currently hooked up to this and i'm using wifi from my LinkSys WRT54g, but its just a B/G not a /N so i think it would be an upgrade to take out my LinkSys, but I am going to do more research, but it is the best looking cable modem I've ever used.

fergiefart2: DOCSIS 3.0 does have lower latency, so if you have high pings currently, you should switch.

psp7677: I looked up the price for this modem and its $299.99

Youssef Fquihi: My Xbox live doesn't work because of this device. Do you have any recommandations

javon kozakowski: can somebody tell me how to disable the security? just inbox me or something thanks

Christopher Wallace: Its Both. Dual Band.

Juan Pilanca: do u know how to figure out the password for the wifi on it?

Raisethebar900: Video won't render, so I'll just type in comment: Gateway> Firewall> Select "Medium" preset. You'll pass everything. Otherwise under custom you can check ICMP and IDENT. But it failed my first test: Might've been an error as I just reloaded the page to retest. Medium preset passed every time, however.

project0omega: mine came with no battery wait say what? no tech support?... that explaines why they want me to return it im trying the reset button now but its already been like 20 mins and theres only 2 lights on

guitarheaven100: does not work for xbox360s comfirmed with comcast and xbox.....

VWfanatic88: Ive used it with my xbox 360 since day 1 almost a year now with no problems ever with connecting. And its always fast when playing online .

Carlos Alberto Rivera García: How can I connect an external hard drive to the ARRIS' TG862 USB Port?

Ivan Hernandez: my battery light keeps flashing, why?

Raisethebar900: I didn't have those problems but I agree with you. Not worth buying. I got the one in the review free a long time ago. Would definitely not buy another.

qdo9x: I have this too, and the integrated wireless is weak. So, I tried with Belkin N300 and it works like a champ.

ARRIS TG862 Gateway Review 2.7 out of 5

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