Hobby Lobby Bumblebee Quad Copter

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HobbyLobbyRC: No, That would be bad.

HobbyLobbyRC: good to hear. Have fun!

HisXlency: how much weight can it carry?

Pravit Jarriya: Please let us know if the gimble works and how much.

HobbyLobbyRC: The best mount really is to order some spare parts. Get a the parts to make up a second battery tray. Clip on this mount at the front section and use the supplied GoPro 3M adhesive mounts to secure the GoPro to the tray.

gooniac33: Looks kinda cool! But no matter how much I see these things. No desire to ever want one of my own. None whatsoever....

HobbyLobbyRC: The copter market is changing fast and we're moving on. The Bumblebee designer has some new frames to offer and a new flight board so we are selling out of our remaining Bumblebee items to move into the new stuff.

ArcticRc .: Thank you for fast reply sir. is there any chance that i can try out your settings?

Tallguysd: I have tested the Bumblebee with a gopro, and a gimple + a small 3 cell battery and a 2.4 gig Wireless camera setup that uses the gopro as the video feed works fine.

samuelmansfield: gimble sounds excitng, eagerly anticipating the footage. good luck!

HisXlency: nice, I intend on making it a gopro carrier. Can it hold FPV equipment?

richard flood: your still out of stock and in the US

ArcticRc .: i've tried from 100% down and up. she stands in hover until i move the stick then she's oscillates like hell. should allt gain be at 130 instead of 100% too perhaps? i read someone had it up to 200.. going inzane here.. Thank you for helping

ArcticRc .: Thank you so much sir. I will for sure give your store a great shout in my next video. It's so great that people can take time to help. Bengt

David Clapp: How Much Is It?

Moe S: Where can I get those red LED lights that are on the front of the fuselage? Do they come with the Bumblebee?

Daniel Shaw: any recomended battery to give more than 30 minutes ?

niterainbow47: But they will spy on you soon.

ArcticRc .: NEED HELP. When i started the setup software the first row of gain was 130% i pushed the default button and all is now 100% tok a test flight but she's so unstable looks like it's correcting itself big time. Should i decrease the gain back to 130% or go down to like 80-70% and alltitude gain to about 90? what is your settings? Greetings from Norway

Spirit: Which I will be using with this Bumble bee quad !

jauchiu: Thats a nice Quad.

HobbyLobbyRC: It could be your altitude gain needs to go up. It's hard to say really, just takes some playing with to get it perfect. I've had some work perfect with default settings and others needed tuning like this. Part of the game with multi rotor aircraft.

26dragon76: i have the same bumlebee quadcopter .i bought all parts and i build it myself .but i really don't know how to program it and firmware .esc speed control flashing blue light and flight control flashing yellow and i couldn't start the motors .i really need you help .would you please upload another video on youtube shows how to do step by step programming as well .thanks

ArcticRc .: and the funny thing is that she sort of turns left and when i try to turn right it goes too slow. just a touch on the aileron and she starts wagging

niterainbow47: Orco

Robert Fleiner: I purchased a Bumblebee Quadcopter last year with an I86 Control Board from Hobby King. The ESC was activated and all motors are running, but I could not get the quadcopter to lift off. I have never flown one of these beforeI have followed all instructions carefully for assembly and wiring. Where can I get some instructions on flying this quadcopter?

Vincent Law: Can I see a full engine turn off in flight??

ArcticRc .: Tested out your settings and she flies great. she start oscillating if i do hard movments but i guess ill just have to increase gain a bit. Very glad for you help sir.

adi: have for sale gps . I have this model but i want to buy gps. Is very important for me nice day

Spirit: Any FCs you recommend for beginners ? and also a good budget TX and RX that will work with the Recommended FC ! Only Minimal flying with quad copter can fly the NanoQX quite well in safe mode but not in agility mode. =)

samuelmansfield: Fantastic, many thanks. When you use the bumblebee and upload the footage, could you outline how you mounted the go pro...really need a clear image and no interference from bumblebee legs e.t.c ! Also, anything else you have learnt about flying it with a go pro, how it responds in winds, how bes to weight it, things to avoid e.t.c At the moment the bumblebee is looking like our best option, but we need as much information on flying it with a go pro as possible before we buy it and recommend it.

HobbyLobbyRC: The default settings should be pretty close. It's just a matter of final tuning now. Trying increasing the gains back up to the 130% and see if it gets better or worse. If it gets better keep increasing the number a little at a time until it oscillates, then back it down a bit. If it gets worse, then go back down until it is nice and stable.

HobbyLobbyRC: Hi, we will be posting instructional videos within the next two weeks.

HobbyLobbyRC: Will do. We'll actually be testing a prototype single axis camera gimble that snaps on the to frame. We'll be sure to post up videos next week during the show. Subscribe to our channel to make sure you see them when they are posted.

HobbyLobbyRC: Sure can! Plenty of room underneath for multiple cameras and gear.

CyberPilot360: why's that?

Rc sKiLoU: It's like good for a good price !!

samuelmansfield: has anyone used this with a go pro attached? I am looking for a quadcopter in this price range that will be able to hold a go pro, for a project this summer. We will be filming on a ship in the arctic. Most of the time the winds will be light (counter to what you might expect!) but will need to be able to fly with go pro and be relatively stable in light winds. Any thoughts welcome, many thanks, Sam

HobbyLobbyRC: haven't tested max load. carries a gopro like nothing is there

Gary Yost: sick

HobbyLobbyRC: You can easily mount a GoPro under this one. They just came in stock too! We are going to the SEFF event next week and I plan to use the Bumblebee with a GoPro to shoot the planes in the air.

FAIRDINKIUM: Hi, I'm here in Australia and am looking for an RTF version of this ( only because I'm new to this and there seems to be a MASSIVE amount of different motors ESC's and prop types & sizes. ) to figure out. What I'm after is endurance can you suggest the BEST combination to allow for this? I have an FPV setup and a couple of 11.1 5000's - your thoughts?

HobbyLobbyRC: I'm flying mine on these settings. Basic Gain is 130% for Pitch, Roll and Yaw. Vertical is 100% Attitude Gain is 115% for Pitch and Roll.

The Phantoms Guest Guitar Channel: Bumblebee=Lotus T-580 lol

kylecgray1771: is there any gopro mounts avalible i just ordered one of these and am gonna use a gopro on it but couldnt find any mounts

Hobby Lobby Bumblebee Quad Copter 4.6 out of 5

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Hobby Lobby Bumblebee Quad Copter
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