Pokemon X/Y | Kalos Region Detailed Analysis

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Juan Lona: Watching this in 2018 and laughing so hard as how wrong you were on all of this.

The batmaster1: This is a terrible analysis

Alekhya Ghorai: is there no sound in this video......

Alex Plays Video Games: Town in route 3 picture = 4 green buildings.
Santalune City = 4 green buildings.
"Two triangles connected to legendary" = Two traingular flowerbeds.
Starter town picture = Two triangular flowerbeds.
Logic much?

The batmaster1: There is a Z legendary and it's found in the mineshaft plus WTH is Kiloud City on the map it's like it doesn't exist and shouldn't all the towns southeast of Loumios City be south and not southeast?

Raven Dusk: ... if he says "who knows" one more time. -_-"

Stephen Teng: I predict future pokemon games will take place in regions based on England, Italy, Greece. and perhaps whole world. But I'll be surprised like crazy if there will be region based on China.

dr penguin: ill burn the kalos region in hot oil and rip out its unoriganality

kenshila: but but... that's... france.. right?

DJ Banders: so they say lumious city is gonna be huge but the desert is bigger!

Jackster8484: The castle must be Disneyland


Jacob Parsons: The landmark is a parody of Stone Henge

Jacob Parsons: Home country England

Jacob Parsons: It's not all france, west kalos is based of west europe and the grave yard represents a historical land in my

Brooke Bien Coatney: the map looks confusing what direction would you have to go

Elvira: Kalos region is in france yay

KayzeN HD: It's in France :)

Miasimon: I wonder how many people look back and watch "older" videos, and collectively facepalm when they hear something like "light type".

Minesh Koovarjee: the white parts on map are probably like that i n b2w2

Schools: Learn how to get phlebotomy training in California! The job pays decent money for the amount of schools needed to graduate.
Pokemon X/Y | Kalos Region Detailed Analysis 5 out of 5

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