Taurus 24/7 Review 40 Cal

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Nu Watery One: How much does it weigh when fully loaded... 15+1 magazine

Chris Martin: have you ever experienced any difficulty with this pistol? im actually going to be buying one and really liked the way it fit the hand well balanced. i guess what im trying to say is would you recommend it?

Matt Johnson: I do have to compliment on your videos are very helpful,easily explained and i appreciate it! What does dry firing mean? I just bought the Taurus 247 g2 as well.Also been having trouble loading the magazine.Do you have a video on this? Thanks!

BiG GuY J: Hi...I was wondering does the taurus 24/7 have a spring inside the handle its self...I was wondering because mine jam's everytime I shoot

imYoPusha24: i have a PT-100 blue&gold .40 S&W and i want to know would i take the same steps to dissassemble it for cleaning?

Alex Povolotski: You've got huge hands, man!

supermansam565: @bob1you0 (The) glock (is) better(.)

tedmongel: @wardrizzt Uh-huh there chief, i'd like to see your empirical evidence of Obama trying to ban all handguns, you stupid ass. Just because you watch to much one-sided media coverage or listen too much to your drunken, backwoods, toothless friends, it doesn't mean the moronic bullcrap that you spout out is true. Try actually using some intelligence and looking up an issue yourself for once, do some research; find the facts. Or just continue being an ignorant moron, your choice Billy Bob.

Sergio4sho: @SladeForelly but most of the parts is manufactured at miami FL in city of hialeah

SladeForelly: Taurus made me proud to be a brazilian

josh: @rugbyismysport taurus pt 92 easier to take down that any gun u fold the latch down n pul., n its dissasembled

clayton758: Good vid I own as of today 2 Taurus's 1 Apt-840 and I just purchased a Pt-709 Slim I have had both guns less then 2 months I sold my Pt-92c yrs ago then I trade my pt-845 last month for the Pt-840 then I purchased my 709 slim (my conceald gun) The next gun I will Purchas wil be the Pt-740 Slim.Then my Glock 27 sub compact then the XD(M) Compact and my Walther P-380. Well anyway the TAURUS IS A FANTASTIC GUN I WOULD RECOMEND IT TO ANYONE LOOKING FOR A GOOD QUALITY GUN AT A REASONABLY GOOD $...

corezodiac: after reassembling my gun my clip does not seem flushed against the gun..there is a little spacing between the gun and the clip. how do i get my clip flushed against the body? the clip used to be flushed against it until i cleaned it. havent fired it since then but im afraid of jamming the gun due to that! can you help me with that?

thepopularjock: Nice video - Thanks

tha1Gemini24: Hey can you compare the recoil of that 40 cal to that of a 45 glock to be specific if youve shot one....?

tha1Gemini24: @rugbyismysport I agree I have a glock 30 (45 compact) and the hardest part about taking a glock apart is making sure its clear

UrbanKnight12: Breaks down just like a Springfield XD, with the whole trigger pulling part

Mrchevyman208: Just bought my new Taurus 24/7 PRO DS .40 absolutely love it might have to get one for my other hand at that price.

Drakonic Resides: All depends on your style. Personally I carry a .40 S&W Taurus 24/7 Pro DS as a primary sidearm over my Glock 17. Glock has alot of good features, but it's lack of safeties bothers me the most. Taurus has the best safety of it's kind through out all manufacturers. Not only can you get a trigger gaurd lock, but it has a built in lock on the slide to keep any of the mechanics from moving, along with the slide/trigger safety switch. If you need more information send me a message and I'll help you.

Ron Gallant: You only have to hold them to get the slide started.

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Taurus 24/7 review 40 cal 5 out of 5

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