How To Fix Your Westinghouse LCD TV (Pt1)

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shitmandood: Why fix it? Better to take a sledgehammer to it and never buy Westinghouse again. Avoid all of these crappy ass knock-offs forever. I'll go back to buying big tube TVs if TV manufacturers are just going to start peddling crap.

juanlydell: I have a SK-32H570D (32 inch LCD) having the same issue as you described. I had purchased this model back in 2009 and it lasted until June 2014. Warranty was one year. I tested the TV and found the problem to be the power supply and inverter board. Now I need to do some research to see were I can get a good replacement board for a reasonable price. Westinghouse TV's sucks, do not buy TV's from this manufacturer! THANKS Mano Gil for posting this video.

Dolores Kaleto: My Westinghouse TV is just a little over 2 years and it died it went completely black no sound no picture the on off switch works but there is nothing when you turn it on never ever ever buy another Westinghouse TV 32 inch LED called Westing house and said there's nothing they can do about it the only guaranteed for a year and otherwise tough crap so I'm out 200 bucks they said they don't recommend for a cheaper to buy another one no kidding

ChasMtnMan: Howdy Mano, I reckon we are lucky as our Westinghouse 32" is 5 years old, but exactly same problem as you describe. Our screen goes black in a minute or so. We took your advice and contacted the supplier, but unfortunately they were out of stock for the part number I found on our unit after we took it apart like you instructed. THANKS for your instructional Video. Hopefully we can solve our problem like you did. The replacement power panel is now $129 plus about $12 shipping. ~Charles~

hoopfan71: @hoopfan71 One more thing to add: Duh - It just dawned on me that it appears the power supply and inverter are all-inclusive on the board you replaced. Most tvs have separate printed circuit boards (PCBs) for the inverter and power supply. Also, the harnesses you disconnected that you called "transistors" connect to the back light for the tv, and the back lights are switched on by the inverter(s), which receives power from the power supply.

Ice Mario: Very similar to my story. Except it wasn't black friday and we got it because we thought it had the best picture. It also started having audio/video and power issues within a week after the 2 year warranty mark.

Lockon Stratos: I got my 42 inch early 2009 and it went dark in October 2012.

Javier Perez: You can get parts for Westinghouse TV's at good prices from interliquidparts

Mano Gil: Thanks Jeremy. After making these videos I realized that I had no idea of the name of the parts but I knew what i needed to do to get the TV to work again. And i did. Since I installed the new inverter board the TV has been working flawlessly. Thank you for your comment and good luck with your TV.

battalionofone: Gotcha. My set turns on and then goes blank. Sound is on and everything. Powering on and off lets me see picture for about 1.5 seconds. So in my case I really hope its just a bad inverter board. I opened it and inspected the inverter, mainboard, and powersupply. All different components on the 37". I don't see a single sign of burns or bad capacitors. I ordered a similar inverter that came from a vizio. sucks you cant get anything but salvaged parts for these crappy westies. Thx for Vid!

Casey Babylon: I just bought a westinghouse in april 2013 and it turns off all by itself, not sure that I need a power surge or what. Other than that it is good. Guess it sounds like I will be assed out in three years. Darn money pincher. LOL! Talking about myself!

upnsmoking420: i got a westinghouse flatscreen tv when i have it turned on the screen is white - its supposed to be black i thought- and when there is any kind of video image the screen seems distorted the only way to make it MOSTLY go away is turn the brightness ALL the way up. So if anyone knows what could cause that let me know.

Mano Gil: I have a 32H540S (32 inch LCD). If you've been having the same issue as I described I'd say with 90% of certainty that the solution is also the same. Good luck my friend.

MrNOOBOLOGIST69: i have the same problem, but mine is 47 inches

Marc Seguin: your write!!! westing house service does SUCK ASS!!! they have no clue what to do!!! come on!!

Marc Seguin: anyone know why i have dark shadow spots on the left and right lower corners?? comes and goes.......very annoying!! the spots are about 3"x3" thanks

rayn: i have that same tv how do you know it doesn't work for it if you don't mind me asking.

SpideySensei72: Mine barely lasted a year before going black. I'll never buy another Westinghouse.

Joshua Yother: Thanks a lot for uploading this video!

NESAWinnipeg: You mean like the inverter in an LCD TV takes 12 to 24 volts and converts it into 30K-ish volts to run the CCFL backlights? Lucky that LED backlit TVs are becoming popular now and do away with inverters and CCFLs which are the most failure prone parts in LCD TVs other than crappy electrolytic capacitors. Considering this guys knowledge, I'm simply amazed he could do this repair. But then it doesn't take much smarts to replace a circuit board.

theskywong: kjajajaja, the transistors you say, are just cable conectors for powering monitor. the audio cable it is

ijosef: My folks have the Westinghouse SK-32H240S and it developed this exact same issue. Unfortunately the power inverter boards are sold out everywhere and unlikely to be restocked. There are price gougers selling used boards on eBay for over $100, but I'm not going to spend that kind of money on a used part with questionable reliability. I might try to repair it myself with one of those capacitor kits, although my research tells me the little transformers sometimes go out too.

Soccertz1: I have a question, my Westinghouse gets multicolors like green, pink and blue every so often. These colors are on the brightest parts of the screen. I also get vertical lines of all colors. The thing that works for me is turning tv off then on and another lol is hitting the top of the tv makes it go back to a good picture. Anyone have any idea what's wrong with the tv?

Mano Gil: @battalionofone Hey man, well, I don't know if it's possible to fix the inverter board. I mean, it might be if you know how to replace only the little part that burned out but if you're not proficient enough (like me) it could be too risky. I believe that $100 for the whole is easier. Good luck.


MrElectroEngineering: PWM Module or the Capacitors right?

joshmar11: I had the black screen problem as well a year ago. The power supply board was the issue. It was one of the 3 black tranformers on the board. It was fried and I could see the soldering had been burnt and blackend. I replace that one part my self with circuit soldering and the part for $30. 3:39 shows the transformer right in the center. I recommend checking the boards components before buying a complete board.

jeremyhall420: Those are not transistors they are the back light power cables for your back lights. Inverter boards are most common to mess up in LCD Televisions.Also one of the harder things to find as a part that still works. I hope you can get this TV working I am working on a 47" sanyo that has two inverter boards in it and they run around $45 a piece.. Im not 100% that is my problems either, it could turn out to be the main board. I Wouldn't mind replacing them anyways.

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Monika Rodriguez: Hi My tv when it turns un it comes on for about 30 seconds and then go to black With yours did you see anything?

battalionofone: Hi, Reading the many forums, it almost seems like everyone who got a westinghouse set has pictures problems within 1 year. I have a 37" that went out 3 years ago. I finally just pulled it out of the closet hoping to repair it finally. I'm surprise there aren't more videos with people fixing their sets. Has anyone been able to fix their inverter board instead of replacing? Is there a fix or is the board just crap and you hope that getting a refurbished new one would work and not crap out.

ArcadeGames: The inverter board and power supply are on the same board. Your problem is one of three transformers are bad. Those big black rectangle boxes.

akielus13: i have a westinghouse digital and im having truble getting the atsc. i just got the tv 3 months ago i hope i don't have to go tru what u guys r saying. lucky i have a 3 yrs guarantee by target but hey u never know what r they r going 2 say. hope ur problems w/this get solve people

martianman68: Man, what a shock--we've had our Westinghouse LCD about 2-3 years and it just started doing this. It's really bad when you find that it's so prevalent that someone has made a YouTube video on how to repair it. Thanks for posting.

battalionofone: @ezman86 Yeah, sounds like you have the same problem i had. It is most likely the inverter board. I opened up my tv and used ebay to find a matching inverter board. It is a pretty easy swap. If you'retech savy, you could probably fix it yourself. There is definitely a capacitor that is burnt out. You can tell cause the board turns on and then off and you still have power and audio. The inverter board is detecting a short & shutting down to prevent overload.

MrElectroEngineering: @MrElectroEngineering oh and its a PSU not inverter... Inverter takes say 12 volt from a car batter and makes 120 volt... Usually a power supply makes a lower voltage say 120 volt to your 5, 12, and 24 volt rails like on your tv

Mariohenri90: That happened to me too.Worked for 8 months and bam it stopped working.No image and sound.I called them and they said because I had no warranty I would have to bring it to a chop to fix it.But I know if I bring it to a shop they will ask for an estimate for looking at it 50 dollar.then the rest would cost for the pieces and the fixing.which could cost up to 200 dollar,

L.G Sanders: Gil, i have a different problem with the same model tv.My problem is that the right side of the television, i have this green vertical line on the side and what look like ants crawling all over the images, or some side of pixelized dots. could what you did solve this problem too?

hoopfan71: Yes, pitch-black screens are usually a sign that the inverter is either not getting power (power supply issue) or the inverter(s) is bad. To remove the various wiring harnesses, use your fingers to gently rock the harnesses loose. I would advise against using screwdrivers or similar prying devices, since you can easily break the plastic harnesses.

Mano Gil: I'm sorry to hear that.

Jason Gonzales: if anyone knows how to fix Westinghouse tv audio add me

nadershakir: This can be a number of a problems with the power board. Usually its caused by bad capacitors (cylinder-shaped components), transistors (chips with 3 leads) or transformers (big blocks). What you call "transistors" are actually just the cables for the CCFL backlight bulbs. They have 2 wires (+ color and - white). The power board was definitely the problem, but $110 is a lot to spend on it. Try online sites like shopjimmy for a variety of parts and decent prices.

ezman86: @battalionofone oh im having the same problem, the tv turns on for 1-5 seconds and then the picture goes dark, on the other hand, the audio is on. so i was wondering if u know what to do

sd99944: Doesn't help for the 32" LD-3260. So pissed.

humby123: I thought I would save money by buying a westinghouse on black friday. 3 days after the 1 year warranty it decides to not turn on. Worthless piece of trash. You get what you pay for.

blazekill13: whats the model number on your westinghouse tv? i have the same problem with mine.

Psx0005: Sadly, fixing the inverter board might be the only option left at this point for anyone unlucky enough to encounter this issue with the POS Westinghouse 32" TV. The folks at ReTech never seem to get the part in, and a Google search ends up with all the competitors not having the board in stock either. The wife's 32" TV decided to go kaput and I was gonna try your fix myself, but with no board it'll all be for naught. Guess I may have to look into more technical work or just saying F it. :-(

NICU2: Wow, mine lasted the longest RIP 32" westinghouse tv 2006 - 2012

willugoupordown: Hello, my parent's 32" Westinghouse just went black yesterday, and so I was wondering how you knew which power supply board to buy off of that retech website? Thanks for all your help!!

battalionofone: @battalionofone Totally forgot to follow up. But...for my 37in tv. The replacement inverter I bought salvaged from a vizio set worked fine for my tv. After I got my old inverter card out, upon "really close" inspection, did revel that one of the capacitors had a some small burn marks.

Chef de NYC: Thanks! I'm more info ultrasound type of work. I learn most of the stuff myself online. Just only recently start looking for a school to make things "official". Hehe
How to fix your Westinghouse LCD TV (Pt1) 4.1 out of 5

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