How To Fix Your Westinghouse LCD TV (Pt1)

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Matt Sivert: Then what ?

Leslie Martin: Our Westinghouse is awesome.....have had it for about 10 years with no problems......till now but 10 years is a long time for a TV

whocares: Westinghouse is crap.. not worth 2 cents
Customer service dosnt exist,,,,

ThePieMan: dont buy anything from Westinghouse

The Blue Eyed Nightmare: mine has a pink thing on it

Tommy and Eric 4130: i just got a brand new 4k westinghouse 55" for christmas and just turned it on and get sound only picture is black,i do get the logo to appear when i first turn it on but only for like a half second where as before it would show the logo for few seconds wth!!!

iTzYoMaster: Why do we have to pay for the companies screwup?If the tv breaks for no reason and everybody's having the same problem then obviously it's the manufacturer's fault!Not ours!So wtf do we have to pay shipping and handling and whatever else?It's a freaking bullcrap scam!

PC Doctor: You obviously have no knowledge about electronics or high voltage. This video should be taken down because you put anyone who attempts this in serious danger.

That slotted screw driver you were probing around with came very close to high voltage traces and capacitors that, if discharged, would have certainly shocked the crap out of you. You could have possibly been seriously injured or even killed.

You don't send a plumber into an operating room to perform open heart surgery. Leave this to the professionals.

Sam Sitar: i have a westinghosue tv. no sound or picture after running the channel scan. every wire is connected properly. i pay my cable bill. what am i missing?

Hollie Burgess: How do you repair the volume?

Hollie Burgess: How do you repair the volume?

M Pado: my friends just popped like a light bulb and then starting smoking.. play it does not work. It is a Westinghouse VR 2218 model. anyone had this problem?

Big Red: Your not a tv tech so don`t tell people how to fix their tv... one of these days someone is going to get injured or even worse by burning down their house because they watch these Youtube videos

Big Red: The power supply board IS NOT also known as the inverter board. I think you need to go to school and learn electronics.

Tony Moorehead: have a Westinghouse lcd television and the sound is perfect picture is good for maybe 10 seconds then goes black . Sound is still perfect . Anyone have any ideas for a fix other than the garbage can ? set is 15 months old . Found out that just after the problem occurred there was a loose connection with the electrical lead at the transformer leading to the House . On the power company's side .

Larry Autry: I've had my UW40TC1W "refurb" for three years. I wish it would play media via the USB but I got my money's worth. Not a bad TV at all.

Off the subject but in case you're interested, on this model you can connect Component video in with a VGA to component adapter connected to the TVs VGA connector. I go my adapter from Amazon. Monoprice has them, too.

Winston Aarons: Hi i am a repair tech there is a Westinghouse led TV with the top half of the screen blurred and the bottom half perfect picture . If any one has solved this problem let me know it will be appreciated! Also i had a magnavo
flat screen TV no power light ( red light at the front) the fault was the power board. I then check for what the fault is on the power board a faulty small signal transistor c3032. This is on one of the inverter

Jackle61: How did you know the power board was the problem? Did you test it somehow or just assume that was the problem? I'd hate to shell out $110 if this is not my problem. Mine turns off,, but will turn itself back on eventually.

David Evans: A friend bought mine Dec 2014 and today it completely went out

Robo Fried: My 32 inch makes a screeching sound, after 15 seconds, the screen goes black. After leaving plugged for 3 hours, it eventually turns on after I unplug and replug. I hope this is an ez fix

How to fix your Westinghouse LCD TV (Pt1) 5 out of 5

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How to fix your Westinghouse LCD TV (Pt1)
How to fix your Westinghouse LCD TV (Pt1)
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