Emerson EM543 Tablet Review

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bobbi zuccolotto: Google Play came installed on mine but after the new year came it no longer works and I can't even update my games or buy anything in my games because of this, I'm thinking of selling it and getting something better.

Tanya B: iv had ours for almos t4 yrs now an they still work great

Kate Ly: I bought one but idk it doesnt work nomore

Ashley holloway: It dont have Bluetooth....that guy sounds gross

pulcinetto3: Useless video, a complete waste of time! "oprime" is just reading the product label in a very annoying voice, with a horrible diction. People like him should be banned from wasting network resources and people's time.

Shaun Dewing: i hate it its a pice of crap

Shaun Dewing: no u cant

April Walden: i need help setting up the wireless hotspot,every time i try it gives my laptop limited access.

dash FOYST dash: Idk if you can :/

Crissy Gurnaski: Does anyone know if and how you take a screen shot on this tablet?

chicagosanman: Yeah I know this guy sounds like he has downs syndrome.

adorbjune96: Does it have bluetooth, and if so how do i access it?

teresa miracle: i got emerson 4.3 i were to down load songs how do i do it. its works very will with everything.

whomee2: i have one of these and use it every day, mainly as an ereader and for music or audiobooks at night. wonderful little tablet if you dont plan on using it to take over the world or anything. these little tablets arent meant for serious power apps and what-not, so don't expect them to do too much. I love it and works great for what I need it for: a light, compact version of a kindle fire.

Alicia Campos: Download the firmware i did the second time and my screen didnt screwed up

Name: Ive had mine a month, used it maybe 10 times, it wont power on, even while plugged in to a charger

Joe Sheto: southerntelecom(DOT)com/emersonsupport/faq_em543

Alicia Campos: Do not buy it worthless

Mark Podmore: I just gave two of these away for Christmas presents. I hope the recipients like them!

Justin Lewis: Sounds Like A PP

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Emerson EM543 Tablet Review 5 out of 5

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Emerson EM543 Tablet Review
Emerson EM543 Tablet Review
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