Nexus 4 On Straight Talk

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Dustin Collins: Bring back some more coverage on Straight Talk phones and yes 30 day challenge!

Joshua Huck: The Google Nexus is unlocked matter where you bought it

Louise Krueger: Will a AT&T gallaxy s 3 Samsung phone work on straight talk?

Trilluminatic: Data gets throttled at 2.5 GB, and it's barely ever over 1mbps. It's more expensive, and crappier. Unless you talk on the phone more, then you can just pay a little more on t-mobile to get more minutes.

gphillimo: Best to go with Solavei since it's t-mobile full lte speeds. 4 gigs of lte

KenwoodGT: Talking Like This Is Exactly Why We Can't Take You Seriously.

KenwoodGT: Honestly, Sprint's prepaid network (Virgin and Boost) leaves a lot to be desired.

JSantana319: I got the Nexus 4 with Straight Talk using the AT&T network and it's been fantastic. I get the exact same service as I had with AT&T and saving over $45 a month. This is the best bang for your buck!!

kennethsTutorials: Their coverage is crap.

AsHeRb33: would this phone work on T-MOBILE straight talk

BassySB: Virgin Mobile USA $35/mo 300 min Unlimited SMS/MMS Unlimited Data (period) It's even better

Ken Teets: 3-5 down in the pittsburgh pa area on straight talk.AT&T. Been with straight talk for 3 yrs love the savings, dont regret dumping verizon. Keep in mind unlimited means web browsing email and such. When I started, in terms of service it said streaming audio/video was not allowed. They have never given me problems, I never use more then 1.5 gigs. Last month 800mb.keep in mind its half the price of ur full at&t plan. I look at it as a 2gig unlimited talk and text for $50. And no overage fee.

Jmurder209: If You Used A Dallas Server, You'd Probably Get More Than Double The Speed You Ended Up Getting? All I Know Is Where I Live, In Lodi Which Is In The Central Valley Of Northern California. I Get On Average 6-10Mbps Download Speeds, & Sometimes As High As 12 Megs With AT&T's Network.

Jmurder209: Come On Aaron, You Should Know Better Than That? Testing AT&T's 4G HSPA+ Speeds On A Miami Fl, Server When Your in Dallas Tx. Of Course You're Gonna Get Slower Speeds When Using A Server So Far Away!

Mark Atkisson: PREPAID T-MOBILE $30/mo. 100 min. Unlimited SMS/MMS Unlimited Data (5GB HSPA+) It's better

Grep: Yes you pay as you go

Derek Zientara: If I skip a month of payment can I still keep my account. Like if I buy one month then after the next month. An I keep my account

MANDO CASTILLO: I have verizon and im thinking of switching to straight talk with att network, but i would like to know for sure that the service is good. i wouldnt like to walk into a mall or a big hospital and for the phone to lose service because the roof is to thick or something

Nick Dames: So can you change between networks with the APN settings

Kingtorm: My local Wal-Marts carry them here in California, they might carry them there. You could also buy them on Amazon or Straight Talks website(straighttalksim. com)

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Nexus 4 on Straight Talk 5 out of 5

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Nexus 4 on Straight Talk
Nexus 4 on Straight Talk
Straight Talk on the Google Nexus 4
Straight Talk on the Google Nexus 4
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Google Nexus 4 Challenge: Day 1
Nexus 4   Solavei vs Straight Talk -speed tests. Set up. MMS. number porting
Nexus 4 Solavei vs Straight Talk -speed tests. Set up. MMS. number porting
Enable LTE on the Nexus 4!
Enable LTE on the Nexus 4!

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