Wood Burning Stove Trial

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epicstove: I've never lit a fire from the top. How's that work, anyway?

Christopher711: The one made out of two coffee cans?

hackenalex: the thing i hate about wood burning stoves is that u smell like hell when ur done cooking

gibsongod123: you live in denver, so where were when you tested the stove?

Jason Klass: Yep. I have a video on it and you can get instructions on how to make one from Jim's site.

drail80s: Thats the great part of camping and one of the best parts the wood smoke smell Thanks

algern0ne: All cans that once held food will have a coating on the inside. Probably nothing to do about that except to let it burn off the first time. Something that may not matter to back-packers, but once the coating is off the clock is ticking. After 3 to 6 months of use the parts near to the fire will rust out and collapse. Not a problem with a DIY cheap can, but consider this if paying $25+ for any food-can based stove (rocket stove, Falk stove, etc.)

kylewp: Fire burns upwards, therefore you always light a fire from the bottom. It wouldn't work well at all if you dropped the match in the top.

seantheman2: i made one lyk tht last year it was fun n i shot a bird w/ my sking shot n went fishing w/ my dad n coocked a nice tasty fish with sum oliv oil it was gr8:)

1hackerwannabe: you have a poor stove design that big hole should be at the bottom side of the can or you can just get three stones with the same height to form it like a tripod and just light all the wood at the center so you don't have to bring that all along while you're trekking

Allen1901: Cool Video. I made one of these stoves, but instead of cuting out the entire top, I cut out just enough to hold a threaded ring from a large mouth "Mason" canning jar. I inserted the ring into the can upside down (threaded side up).It holds a Heineken beer can perfectly. Cheers!

chrissept21: try shortning the can to bring the pot closer to the heat and it will cut back on all those crazy flames lol

TheBeebopper: I've tried this and not had much joy with damp wood. I think though if you wish to persist with this you will find a large windbreak beneficial.

Jason Klass: So far, I think I like the Jim Falk Compact Wood stove best because you can keep feeding it and keep it going for a really long time.

David Sarti: who invented that stove??? I think you should look up hobo stoves those have been around for 100 years

Rhizomio: Spend money. Get a Kelly kettle.

syst3m08: 5 stars

biguglygadgie: who is jim falk

syst3m08: how come you lit it from the bottom instead of the top?

bornfromground: hell smells good then... good news!

Paul07901: I've tried something very simular to that with a larger coffee can. Sort of agree with solobackpacking message; because what results is the ashes fall/collect in and around the bottom of the air intake holes.

solobackpacking: That design would produce a lot of smoke due to lack of oxygen.

Jason Klass: Because that is how the inventor said to light it.

Christopher711: Jason , which one do you like the best and why?

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Wood Burning Stove Trial 4.6 out of 5

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Wood Burning Stove Trial
Wood Burning Stove Trial
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