Massive SEO & Social Media Changes Ahead!

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Spook SEO: You always have interesting content for your videos, Michelle! I am always getting a lot of information from your uploaded videos. Please continue to share your knowledge with us by upload more videos talking about seo and more. Anyway, I always appreciate how pretty you are. More power to you! Thanks for this video.

ChrisW1234567: Google doesn't index Facebook pages. I'm not sure why you're stressing the importance of Facebook, with regard to Google, but your information is not correct when it comes to Facebook and Google. MSN/Bing owns a large part of Facebook so Google is not going to send traffic to Facebook fan pages. Rand Fishkin, of SEOMoz spoke about this during a webinar that was given through PRWeb. It is widely known that Google does not index anything from Facebook.

Mark Howard: Thank you Michelle for giving me hope that all the energy I have spent on creating useful and factual fan pages has not gone to waste! The move towards internet sites that provide useful information that is unique and written by experts that know what they are talking about can only be a positive one. Well done Google!

MoOtJeMan: Milf alert :D

Phillip Galey: Say, Michelle, I wonder if, you'd work up some ideas about a situation in say, 0-12 in which there's enough sunspot activity to set back the high-tech nations such that, some nation, say, China took occasion to invade this continent—the person with a saw would be 1,000 yr. ahead of the guy with only an axe—any ideas on how could I market my dad's collection of mechanical watches, hand tools, etc.? tnx

bncimarketing: Excellent information Michelle. Social Media is critically linked to SEO. These are the things we all have to plan and implement for our web properties. Thanks for posting and sharing.

Molly Dalbec: Thanks Michelle! I always learn so much from you;) I actually forgot about the Fanpage thing so looks like it's time to ramp up that page! Have a great day!!

Andrew Bridges: Thanks for the great advice Michelle! We really appreciate it and look forward to social media's role over the next year!

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Viral Marketing
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