2000 Ford Focus 2.0 DOHC - Engine Randomly Dies - FIX?

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Cody Johnson: @Dan Walters to correct your correction it would be my dad and I not my dad and me 

Bobby Brady: However, the truth is that Ford is very much the same as Chrysler. They both make great trucks and vans but your really don't want one of their cars. In the case of Chrysler, their cars are undependable and short lived. In the case of Ford, their cars are noisy and just full of little quirks.

Bobby Brady: These early Focuses, from the base model to the top of the line need premium gasoline. Get a manual and read it. Use no less than 87 octane, and never let the gas gauge go below 1/4, allow about 500 miles for the computer to reset, and all of the problems (rough idling, stalling, hesitation, etc.), disappear like magic. This includes the dreaded 2.0 SOHC engine.

Dan Walter: "My dad and me".. PO LEEEZE.. it's never, "Me and my dad." no matter what you hear in all the self-centered songs today (and television). English 101. Besides that.. thanks for the video Chris!

Christopher Banacka: @SIBUK Glad i saved someone some time :D Hope that fixes it! Just remember to have help or use tools to lower the gas tank, there are eletrical cables and stuff that you dont wanna tear...

MoBass601: Mine does the same thing just only when it's been running for a while seems like it's a fuel saving feature but i'm not sure

petev123456789: yep that makes sense cuz the polarity of driving on the left hand side of the street and writing in all caps tends to do that.

bloodchuy: @viper19861986 did you put cold air intake to your focus? and did you have to change anything alse to get the intake working? let me know if the intake will be a good idea cuz I want to do the same thing on my car..........

OliTheresAnnPatty: totally wish i would have found this video when i had my focus. i let it go when i was having this problem and couldn't solve it. i love that car. i had mine for 4 years.

missinghendrix2: Randomly dies issue. Its a $13 Relay "Fuse" R24 or R25. split second cutout. Gauges die and come back.

petev123456789: lol ford's do suck kinda tho. In MN the rust to crap worse than anything

Christopher Banacka: @elpasomusicent Everyone's default answer, and mine, a backfire?

prayfortruejustice: Check the vacuum line that connects the PCV to the back of the engine under the throttle body.

Christopher Banacka: That was one of the first things i checked, that but that wasn't it. Because this would happen at 3000 RPMs going down the highway too.

Freddy Garza: It looks like your wireset are pluged in wrong.

Christopher Banacka: Never looked into that.

Christopher Banacka: The fuel filter is something i replaced, but it didn't fix the problem. In the end it was the fuel pump's filter. The system goes... fuel tank > fuel pump housing filter (0 shape) > fuel pump intake filter (a filter sock) > fuel filter You have to remove the gas tank and stuff to get to it. But the two fuel pump filters were just covered in crap. Look at the info for the myspace link and you can see the pictures of it. But its been around 1,500 miles and no random stalls or surges.

whatchaknow100: change the whole damn car before it get you killed like me and others who complained about the same thing ,ford dosent care about my or your safety ,read about the recall on these and you would see that some people were actually injured as well cause of the same problem ,I was almost killed twice ,after getting a new fuel pump and filther and igniton coil ,it still stalled out on me ,im done wit it ,im going to get rid of this piece of crap before ford kills me ,advise you to do the same

Christopher Banacka: @xxxribsxxx Yes that was a problem for the 2000 focus but mine was not in the recall group. This is not the fuel filter but this is the fuel pump filter. This involved dropping the gas tank down and taking it apart. The fuel filter would take like 15mins or so for someone like me, a newbie. The fuel filter is OUTSIDE of the gas tank in a little harness, very easy to get to once you jack the car up a few inches.

Christopher Banacka: Not sure if this video or another, but in one i did mention the coil packs, and i did replace them at some point. I actually tested them with a multimeter, and it was good, then a week later it actually broke.

MrEvoPhil: the air filter mod gives you 30 extra horses. :D

kevinellis92: ford makes good trucks, ford cars on the other hand, not so much. they will run for ever, just have a lot of problems with vibrating and other annoying crap.

reddog694uk: IAC Valve, Idle Air Control Valve ?

HardRockRecords: this ended up being what the problem was , a combination of new spark plug wires and this worked! thanks for mentioning this ... your a "life saver" , Turns out that line was really gummed up .... i made my own contraption with some spare line i had around and she runs like a dream ..... feels like the car is brand new again. thanks again.

Forddude17: Hello there, I am currently the owner of a 2001 Ford Focus ZTS 2.0 DOHC 5spd. After many trips to the shop because I am not that skilled with cars and after spending like 2000 on it someone finally mentioned the mass air flow sensor. my symptoms in the car were severe drop in mpg's and random fits of stalling when I took my foot of the gas. It happened one day then it was ok the next it went on for a week or two on and off until we replaced the mass air flow sensor and the idle control sensor

benlowes69: Sorry, just read you sold car.

Alexn1067: okay, whatever you say tool

James Able: Screw you, dill hole. Go play with yourself. Do something constructive & shove a Honda up your ass.

diosa loca: If it was a HONDA it would still be bulletproof, not this Ford piece of crap.

Jack Schitt: YEP. THAT'S FORD FOR YA Fix Or Repair Daily THE GREAT DR. ASS HAS SPOKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Fruit Guy Films: Did you fixed the problem?

SIBUK: Awesome video bud. I have a Ford Mondeo that has similar symptoms to yours. Its not quite got to the stage where it stalls yet, but when it idles it is slightly bumpy. If I rev the engine and let the revs drop they go all the way down to about 350 and it almost stalls before picking up again. It seems to drive ok normally, but if I put my foot right down it actually seems to lose power slightly. I changed the normal filter and it made it a bit better, but ima change that pump filter now :)

skram30082: My last post on this issue... My car has NEVER failed to restart , and I'm so adept at it that I hardly lose any speed. When it happens I'm always slowing down for a light, a stop sign, or to make a turn (when I'm going about 20 mph). Good luck. Other than this issue, it's a reliable car. It has never stranded me.

Alexn1067: dude, its an old car with a lot of miles.....replacing worn out components is of no means indicative of a bad design or poor quality.....stop being an ass

Christopher Banacka: Sorry about that, i closed out my myspace months ago. I have updated the video info with the picture link!

SIBUK: @viper19861986 hi bud! I almost forgot about this video :) I just wanted to let you know that I sorted my problem and it almost defies belief. There was no gunk in my tank, but the fuel filter was FILTHY! When I looked, it had never been changed in 11 years even tho the car has a full service history. It had gone rusty and the filter had choked up on its own rust. Unbelivable. The problem is 90% solved, but Im considering having my injectors cleaner because some always gets through the filter.

SIBUK: @viper19861986 My filler tube filter and the sock on the fuel pump were both perfectly fine and I couldnt see any gunk in the tank, but the actual fuel filter was REAL filthy yeah :)

Jeno Tamas: Chris. Next time before all the work just put a gauge on the rail and run to windshield from outside and hold down with wipers to keep at eye shot. Runs it up long hills and what for a drop in pressure , there a vac hose and electronic sensor where the UFO disc clips onto rail (orange clip at line and reg connect.) good job on the diag , Most techs would bounce that. I just found the disc leaking off throttle a little on a customers car on ford discontinued it. Great Motor, I've had three Focus

thatgudontastreet1: @viper19861986 i got to crap

Christopher Banacka: @whatchaknow100 Maybe my issue wasn't the common problem, cause since this video and cleaning up the fuel pump filter, no issues with the engine randomly cutting off or losing power or anything. Yeah ford wasn't much help, but i could care less about "service" I want a car that works, and the issue was NOT their fault, lots of things can cause a filter to get dirty. (note: i personally like honda cars :D, just dont like people dissing a full company)

smalltownkid2004: @viper19861986 Haha I love it man.. and whenever I get a new car I think Im just gonna keep her around lots of memories. Ive had it since I was 16 and Im fixing to be 24. I think my Fuel pump needs to be replaced she spits and sputters if I REALLY get on it or will just seem like she can't get the full power sometimes. All the parts are what it came with new except the o2 censor and housing. All belts pumps and everything are factory except for the fuel filter.

dogshagga2: there was a ford recall for this problem. if you take it to a dealer and tell them the symptoms and the recall ref (google it lol) they will change it free of charge!

Renee Pettway: I have a 2000 Ford Focus ZTS, and mine does the same thing. It used to shut off on me just before it hit E, no gas light or "low gas" warning or anything. Now, its shutting off around a quarter tank. If my gas gets to be that low and I try to accelerate onto a highway ramp or something, my car hesitates/jolts, and even stalls sometimes. I'm pretty sure its the fuel pump, but I'm really hoping its not; so I'm gonna replace the fuel filter first and pray that works.

Christopher Banacka: Just remove stock airbox, and the short ram air intake fits. This is a K&N intake and costs like 100$ new with a slightly dent on it. It helped HP a tiny bit, MPG a tiny bit, and sounds nice.

Christopher Banacka: @freddychaos1990 O.o really? explain? hahah cant check now, car was sold a month ago and the guy pulled the engine

mell0w89: Yea my mom just gave me hers 2000 ford focus and it keeps dying out...they thought it was the pcv assembly because i guess it had a big hole in it but it keep dying...I just bought a fuel filter to see if that will help any because my gas does get used up pretty fast. So you replaced the fuel FILTER right?

Ben Lowes: Ignition Control module??

Christopher Banacka: May do it. As i said in other comments, i have sold the car. But the guy i sold it too said when he tore apart the car to scrap it out, the fuel pump filter was all dirty again. So i think just the old fuel tank was just contaminating the fuel pump filter over again. Not sure how you would deal with that other than just getting a new fuel tank. Good luck, and let others know if that was your problem too. Hate to see good cars like this have to go away :{

SagerJacobsInc: I'm about to get a ford focus that has a similar situation. My girlfriend took it for a test drive and it started up, she backed out of the drive way and it "died". She had to turn off the car, put it in park then turn it back on and the car turned over, and she drive it around the block. Fuel pump problem...maybe? How much for a shop to fix it if you know? Let me hear your input please. Thanks!

don burt: man change the harmonic balancer you'll find the rubber support is slightly worn this then sends a false signal to the crank angle sensor,put a new sensor in also

Hair Do: Thanks for the tip. I do know it's hard to earn money. But it is much better than working minimum wage at mcdonolds. Being an hair stylist does get tips and I end up making decent money. Plus it allows me to be creative sometimes and make customer's dream come to reality.
2000 ford focus 2.0 DOHC - Engine Randomly dies - FIX? 4.1 out of 5

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