2000 Ford Focus 2.0 DOHC - Engine Randomly Dies - FIX?

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Derek Gardin: Probably the pcv hose where it attaches to the intake manifold near the firewall. It collapses when you rev it . I know it's an old vid but it may help someone else

Myron Hill: I need help witt mii 03 ford focus zts

nicholas pancoast: 2002_05 are duds, better off just taking the radiator cap off and throw a new car under it.

Brad Petersen: How do you not have the mass air flow adaptor connected to your cold air intake? that square post on the tube is just open air flow then

Rahim Willems: i picked my car from parkinglot after work it was normal i ride when the car reach 80c i hear the engine begins to knuckle when need to stop to turn, the car died and i need to wait for 10 sec and start again but in dont know why the car died when i need to stand still for turn the car is automatic

SANTA MUERTE: if your a part changer u gon waste lot of money..test and then replace..things I would check..fuel preassure, tps, constant crank and cam signals, and impur out put computer signals

harry raehausen: Did you lose electric power also when it dies?

Al Hamus: My 2005 focus is stalling I found a area where the battery is dripping acid once and a while on part of a wiring harness right where it plugs together to the right side of the battery box it looks very crowded. I would think this is an issue at least its a good place to start the harness really looks bad it must have been doing that for a while.

Steve Miller: What's the shiny disc between the air intake and the jug on the passenger side of the engine?

Jeremy Rothgeb: I have an 03 zx3 moded out and have been having this issue and watching this video just helped me. It is most likely to be the idle control valve, with all of the things you listed you have done to stop it and everything I have done to mine to try to stop it basically leaves that to play with. So thank you I will be getting mine fixed today.

Christopher Banacka: @Arif Elassal 
That is the one i picked up, it has been like 6 years but it was this one i think.

Arif Elassal: What's the air filter called I'm trying to get the same one !!!

b smith: the idle control valve needs cleaning or replacing

Chris thursby: its not a filter on the fuel pump its a screen that the fuel passes threw and does act as a filter but the fuel filter is under the car and is in a fuel line usually located bolted on the frame 

Cody Johnson: @Dan Walters    to correct your correction it would be my dad and I not my dad and me  

Dan Walter: "My dad and me".. PO LEEEZE.. it's never, "Me and my dad." no matter what you hear in all the self-centered songs today (and television). English 101. Besides that.. thanks for the video Chris!

Matty Smoove: check you vacuum hose that goes into your intake manifold. you'll hear a hissing noise. follow the noise. no spray needed unless it's coming from the intake itself. then you'd have to spray the gaskets. i have a 2000 ford focus and it was a vacuum hose with a big ass hole in it. i'll post a video later.

The Fruit Guy Films: Did you fixed the problem?

Street48: It's weird, but my car used to do that, until a track-day, when I filled up with mid-grade gasoline, and managed to reach 160km/h. I had no problems since then, I guess the pressure required to run at such speed cleared the fuel line.

Jeno Tamas: Chris. Next time before all the work just put a gauge on the rail and run to windshield from outside and hold down with wipers to keep at eye shot. Runs it up long hills and what for a drop in pressure , there a vac hose and electronic sensor where the UFO disc clips onto rail (orange clip at line and reg connect.) good job on the diag , Most techs would bounce that. I just found the disc leaking off throttle a little on a customers car on ford discontinued it. Great Motor, I've had three Focus

2000 ford focus 2.0 DOHC - Engine Randomly dies - FIX? 5 out of 5

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