Samsung Galaxy S (How-To Unbrick *USB JIG Method*)

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Clan Legion: Please!Please!!Please!!! Help...
My j1 mini prime death when I delete my os using twrp...
I showed 4 5 repair centres but they don't able to repair...
My phone is total fine from hardwear side..
But softwear it's gone no download recovery.not open just black screen.even not showing or dected on pc..
I installed all all drivers on my pc but nothing happens..

Donald Lemoine: Hey XDA Fans! Get your own USB Dongle Jig Here -

stephen tobias: Great electronics Idea i need to learn more about this thanks

Sergejs Frolovs: This work on S3 GT-I9305?

Marc Arevalo: hi is this work on any samsung 'cause my phone got bricked too and its a samsung s4 active thanks

Pfirtzer: I have a samsung tablet gt-p5110which doesn't have 3 buttons, nothing works flashing with odin either. After a 'succesfull flashing nothing same picture like on that phone. The charger of the device has a wider connector, I assume that this would work also if you get a connector like the one I have? Can I ask why you cut the usb open, isn't it sufficient to solder the resistor to ground wire id wire of your usb ? It makes it a little difficult to solder it to the pins.

Carl Gongora: can i use 330k ohm ?

zakrya elaneizi: vo yvy

Sz Ki: My phone the Note 2, suddenly won't power on even with new batteries or
being plugged in. It was doing the power itself off thing for a few
weeks before finally not starting up at all. Is that what you called
hard bricked? Can you tell me if this device will work for me to access
my phones internal stored contacts, or will this only work for phones
that power up but don't go beyond the boot screen?. Would appreciate
input from anyone that knows. Thanks.

Stefan Bachrodt: So you recon this will work even if the charging LED doesn't come on?

W. Villas: Hi,
As I don't speak english very well, I didn't notice if you mentioned in the video, but my question is:
Can't the resistance be formed by just one resistor?

anthony aquino: Thank You! This really helps me OMG!

HtraP: i have a gt-i8552 will the jig work with it?

Maria Wheatley: does this work on the captivate if the computer doesn't recognise it? Will it allow Odin to recognise it when the computer doesn't recognise the phone?

Steve C: After getting it in download mode then what do you do?

Florent D: Hello !
everykind of 1 Ohm resistance should work ? or a specific one ?
And could explain me the goal of this one ?
Thank you so much

Asuma Sarutobii: yo bro I'm using a Sony Xperia e3 which got bricked while flashing a wrong custom recovery file.... will this work

Nenad Nesha: tnx buddy for that.
but i have little problem,when i try to flash with odin ,failed and after that i cant power up phone,no response on buttons.
any suggestion?

Paul Warner: hey mate what fabric is the resistors, what watige

Moises Martínez: Bro ayuda!!! estaba flasheando mi s4 sgh i337m con la stock canada 5.0.2 pero mi sobrino movio el cable sin querer cuando iba a la mitad mas o menos y el odin marco FAIL, el detalle que ahora puedo entrar a modo download pero windows ya no me reconcoe el dispositovo da codigo 29, tampoco el odin, por lo tanto ya no puedo flashear, ya lo lleve a que le cambien el centro de carga completo pensando que se daño el puerto usb pero segun el tecnico esta bien, que puedo hacer?? mil gracias.

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Samsung Galaxy S (How-To Unbrick *USB JIG Method*) 5 out of 5

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