Nike Fuel Band Broken - How To Fix!

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Сергей Донских: God dammit! It works.

Ziyad Meeralam: great ,did not expect this to work but it did. thank you man cheers

jordan clark: Wow it actually worked I really thought this was just some bs vid but thank youuuuu

S-P Bouch: Wow you are the man

Brahm Kornbluth: Wow, this totally worked… thanks for posting!

Cassie Olson: Thanks so much! I literally am having this issue and thought it was just dead at first, but after charging for a full evening (over 8hrs.) it still didn't work. So glad I looked this up before calling Nike themselves. :)

Matthew Bongiorno: Thanks for the help!

Denn Galloway: GENIUS. That did it. Thank you

Tracy Wang: Thank you! It fixed the code 801 error on my first gen fuel band :) *Update: unfortunately the fix didn't last long, 8hrs later it stopped working again. I guess factory reset doesn't solve the code 801 error.

Jiří Zigal: You have my thanks

fireresq7: Dude you are the man!!! It actually worked! I had to click on the Nike Fuel Band logo to get the option to pop up!

Speeedcrack: Man, you`re great. It`s so easy :D Thanks for that video man :)

Angela Hey: I think my battery might be dying with error 801- tried the trick and it hasn't worked so far, despite setting to Factory Settings. Maybe I'll try another day or on another computer (It probably doesn't like me syncing on both Mac and PC, as well as iPhone). 

RJ Clarke: Totally worked! Thanks.

Matias Hagelberg: Thanks man !

Felipe Acquaviva Camazano: Youre better than Nike!

Tim Saunders: Great video, worked for me!!! Thank you very much!!


Kevin Collins: Just called, told them the code 801, no freaking help! Tried to sell me a new one for $150! Thank you so much for this video!! Take care

Martin Jackson: Worked a treat

Gabriela Padilla: Thanks a million! I did exactly what you said and it worked perfect! THANK YOU!!!!

Julio Zendejas: Thank You for this! <3

Tudor Lapusan: You are good man. I had a 801 error and now it's working ;) Nike official site says that it has to be replaced : I was lucky that I found your video. Thanks !

Malitha Kannangara: seriously man it works... Thanka a lot

Sherri Isaacson: Awesome, thank you for posting!

Paul Weir: You my friend are a legend, thanks for uploading this, i was gutted when mine kept freezing when the app opened after purchasing it. The restore to factory settings only became visible when i clicked on the Nike logo though at the top left once my wifi connection was disabled. Either way its working great now and thanks again.

Wlamir Hiroshi Tuco: It won´t work because the app asks to update to firmware which will never finish. It gets stuck at the very end of the installation and nothing happens. Is there any other way to factory reset the device? My Nike Fuelband is dead and won´t turn on.

InKY09: Thank you ! This fixed Error 802 and kept all my data.

Cameron Livermore: step one... grow handle bar mustache 

oneill0403: my button appears to be stuck? dk what happened..I woke up and yeah

Robert Overzee: Merci beaucoup ! I was stuck with my newly bought Fuelband and found no help on the nike web site. You saved the day!

James o: You couldn't pull over to make this video?

Jeremy Sciarappa: Remove your Fuel band from your computer. Disconnect your ethernet cable from your computer and turn off wifi. Plug in your Fuel band then click factory default. Disconnect your Fuel band, now plug in your ethernet cable or enable wifi. Now plug your Fuel band in, it should work.

Tevin Davis: My button won't work

Kathryn Pingry: You rock! Thank you so much

iPinoyTech: I tried resetting the fuelband without the internet but it says it couldnt connect to nike plus. What am i doing wrong?

Abdulaziz Alghamdi: it did not work

scanner2k: damm!! you are a eric roberts in monsters amd vamp films.....a worked perfectly

Jeremy Sciarappa: No problem, glad I can help!

sultan BG: not working :/

Scorpiiious: Would you mind writing the steps in the description? Sorry :X

Jeremy Sciarappa: Great! I'm really happy it worked for you :))

smoka: giss32: I think in your scenario, the button was just fine but the software wasn't registering the button click, which is why the software reset worked. MrZoMBoL is probably having the same issue I am right now where the button is actually defective (you don't feel it click when pressed). This started happening to me after 6 months of owning the Fuelband, so luckily it's still under warranty. I'll be calling Nike support on Monday.

Jeremy Sciarappa: Sorry...try again?

T44LAL: Thanks bro, works like a charm :)

Jeremy Sciarappa: No problem, glad it worked for you!

Chris Parker: That's whats happening to me right now. Were you ever able to fix it?

Jeremy Sciarappa: You're welcome!!!

Anfrji07: my nike fuelbnd doesnt pair up with my ipod 5 it says tht there is n error everytime i plug it in my mac

xplinux22: Dude, I am in love with your moustache.

Nike Fuel Band broken - how to fix! 4.4 out of 5

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Nike Fuel Band broken - how to fix!
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